All Of Your Lies

Why must I take the blame for what you did?

Why does everyone assume that I didn't care?

I didn't use this as a means to an end,

I tried to do what I believed was right.

But you have them fooled with all of your lies.

They think that I was some sort of monster inside.

I didn't mean for anyone to be hurt,

But you've twisted the truth now that I've died.

You are the one that they should fear.

I tried to convince them when I was still here.

But you had them all entranced in your stories;

They never suspected your inevitable betrayal.

Curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal!

You killed them first, and then you killed me.

You couldn't have everyone hearing the truth.

You lied to the world; cast the blame on us;

And you were rewarded for what you did.

They'd never hear the truth of what you did.

But don't feel too welcome, someone will find out.

And they will destroy you, and they will find help.

And if I can help them, I won't stop 'til you're dead.

And if I can haunt you, you should hope to be dead,

Because you deserve no less for all of your lies.

You planned to destroy them from the inside.

How could you have been so cruel?

And how can you live with yourself?

You've got everyone fooled, but that changes nothing.

You've got a heart, and it will be eaten away.

You'll never forget the wrong that you did,

And when you're destroyed, remember this:

I warned you that nothing would come of this.

Nothing good could come from this!

I knew you'd regret your actions one day.

I told you, and then you laughed in my face.

At least I knew what I did was wrong.

At least I never tried to rob myself of that thought.

I always regretted making that choice.

I didn't want you to make that choice.

But now it's too late for you to renege.

And you've just managed to throw mud on your name.

They will remember the monster inside.

They will remember all of your lies.

A/N: Well, that was... odd. I've no idea what it's actually about, and I wrote it. Sigh. Dedicated to Theia 47, for no specific reason. Just... 'cause. Oh, and there is a Firefly reference in here. Thanks for noticing.