The Silent Secrets of Inaba

A Persona 4/ Lux Pain crossover


I do not own Lux-Pain, Persona 3 or 4, Harry Potter

(Reference), nor any of the series related to it.

Chapter 1

To Inaba

After the events on Kisaragi City, Atsuki Saijo and the rest of the people on FORT continued helping the world from the threat known as Silent. Their next mission is on Inaba, in northern Japan. As reaching their destination Atsuki and Liu Yee, a fellow worker at Fort, heard two women talking.

Women 1: "Did you hear about the Midnight Channel?"

Women 2: "The one that was out a year ago?"

Women 1: "Yeah that one. It appeared last week."

Women 2: "Really? I hope I can check who my soul mate is…"

After the two women departed, Atsuki thinks that may be related to the mission. When he reaches his new home for the mission, Nola calls in for the briefing.

Nola: "Hello, Atsuki."

Atsuki: "Hi Nola."

Nola: "Reached over there quite well, I suppose?"

Atsuki: "Yes, and I've already got some info."

Nola: (surprised) "Oh you do? What is it about then?"

Atsuki: "Something about some Midnight Channel."

Nola: "Let me look it up for you."

After some minutes, Nola returns with some info.

Nola: "Ah yes, there it is: Last year was reported some mysterious murders in the area. It is supposed to be chained with the mysterious Midnight Channel. It is said that is available at midnight on rainy nights with a turned off TV set. It shows you your soul mate."

Atsuki: "Yes, I overheard these ladies talking about the latter"

Nola: "But it continues. The Midnight Channel did not show the soul mate, it was the person who was next to die. The police started the investigation on March of last year but the case was solved around December by some teenagers, around 16-17 years old. Their names are here too."

Atsuki: "Can you tell me their names?"

Nola: "Okay. First, Seta Souji: he moved here for that year because their parents were working overseas. He was left with his mother's side uncle, Ryotaro Dojima, a known officer here in Inaba. He has a daughter named Nanako, around 11 years old."

Then, in the background is heard some quick footsteps.

Natsuki: "Oh great! I want to meet her! Can I, can I, please Nola? I can get a field job!

Nola: "Can you shut up your mouth for a second? I'm trying to give a briefing here!"

She scowls at Natsuki. Natsuki starts to run away.

Natsuki: "Okay you old hag!"

Nola: Oh god, she's getting annoying. Okay. Next is Yosuke Hanamura. His father was from Tokyo. He moved here because he got a job for Junes, the mall at the North Shopping District. Then there's Chie Satonaka, a girl who has a great friendship with Yukiko Amagi, daughter of the owners of Amagi Inn. She was targeted last year. Also there is Kanji Tatsumi; his mother is the owner of Tatsumi Textiles at Center Shopping District. He supposedly defeated a whole biker gang in the middle school. He was also targeted."

Nola breathed and continued.

Nola: "Here's some Rise Kujikawa, who was an artist 6 months before the incidents at Inaba. Rise retired from being an artist and started to work at her family's restaurant. She was also targeted. Then there's Naoto Shirogane, a girl disguised as a boy to be a detective, because as a girl they didn't believe in her potential. Somehow she was targeted too. And here's some Teddie guy. Not so much information on him. Only that he is the mascot and an employee of the Junes branch here at Inaba."

Atsuki: "Okay, this is great. I'll start preparing for the next day."

Nola: "One moment Atsuki. Tomorrow you'll be going to Yagosami High school. You'll be starting senior year now. You can get info like last time."

Atsuki: "Okay Nola. Then after school what I can do?"

Nola: "Then you can explore town and hear around for info."

Atsuki: "OK see you tomorrow."