Ok, well I've never written smut before, so this is going to be interesting, to say the least. And this is pretty kinky (by my standards anyway) so, well... I'm sorry. Don't worry, I'm just as scarred for life as you are.

I apologise for what you're about to read. And it's probably full of spelling and grammar errors because I wrote it while watching TV.
Oh, and Canada x Prussia is my favourite Hetalia pairing.

Matthew gave a muffled groan as he was flung backward onto the red and white comforter that adorned his bed, wincing slightly as his arm smacked against the headboard. Glancing back to the direction he had been thrown, his eyes met those of his lover; blood red and gleaming with lust. Seeing the bulge in the man's groin, he licked his lips, eagerly awaiting the pleasure he was sure to receive later that night. Gilbert, catching his heated gaze, smirked, revealing rows of gleaming white teeth. Striding up to the young man on the bed, Gilbert forcefully grabbed the younger man's crotch, plaming Matthew's growing erection. Matthew threw his head back, moaning at the friction and grinding his hips into the touch. Gilbert removed his hand, smirking and chucking lightly at the small whine that escaped Mattie's lips.

"Nein"Gilbert softly admonished, cupping Matthew's cheek and pressing a chaste kiss to his lips before pulling away. "Tonight, you are mine."

Matthew shivered, loving the power the albino had over him. Silver moonlight shone in through a small window, the thin stream of light pooling on the bed and defining Matthew's toned muscle as he writhed on the bed in anticipation. Gilbert reached up and grabbed his hands, pulling them up the the headboard. Matthew watched in anticipation as Gilbert reached into a bedside drawer, withdrawing several pieces of rope, various 'toys' and a large bottle of lube. Gripping Matthew's hands more firmly, Gilbert secured them to the headboard, leaving enough slack that the ropes wouldn't hurt his lover, but tying them tight enough that there would be no possible escape. As he finished with Matthew's hands, he trailed his fingers down his sides, nipping at his collarbone and jawline before peppering light kisses down his body. Matthew groaned at the sensation, straining quietly against the ropes and silently pleading with his lover to just get on with it. Gilbert trailed his kisses lower, purposely avoiding the one area which Matthew craved his attention most, tracing thin lines down his legs with his nails before grabbing his left foot spreading his legs apart. He teasingly wove the rope around Matthew's thin ankles, smirking as Matthew raised his head to give him a look that clearly said, 'hurry the fuck up or it's your ass tonight.' Smirking slightly as he recalled how dominant the Canadian could be, Gilbert finished tying his ankle to the bed post, moving to give the other leg the same treatment.

By the time he was finished, Matthew was writhing on the bed, groaning impatiently. Gilbert stopped to admire his handiwork; the Canadian was tied spread-eagle to the bed, lying on his back completely exposed with his partially hardened cock bouncing slightly on his stomach each time he moved. Finally he moves, crawling over to his lover and straddling his stomach, he leaned down until his nose was mere centimeters away from the Canadians'. "There's no point in struggling, you're not going to escape and you know it. You've been very naughty today, teasing me all throughout dinner. Hell, we were in a five star restaurant, with Felacino and Ludwig no less!" He leaned in closer, feeling the Canadian's warm breath against his cheek. "But you didn't care. You probably didn't notice how they were watching you, watching as you put on your little show." Crashing his lips against the Canadians, he nipped at his lovers' lip until he was granted entrance, sparring with Matthew's tongue for all he was worth. Pulling away, he continued, "You have no idea how much I wanted to take you right there at the table. Or maybe you did."

The Canadian smirked at this, gazing at Gilbert through lust filled eyes, gasping slightly as Gilbert kissed him again, closing his eyes and moaning softly into the kiss. Gilbert finally pulled away, watching as a small strand of saliva connecting their mouthes thinned and broke. Smirking at the bound Canadian, he ground back against his lovers' substantial erection, watching with undisguised arousal as Matthew threw his head back and moaned at the feeling, bucking his hips up in a desperate plea for more friction. "Not tonight, pet." Gilbert rolled off of the Canadian, ceasing all contact between the two as he rummaged around through his and Matthew's drawer, pulling out several items and placing them to the side with the lube and the rest of his 'toys'. "Tonight, I'm going to make you beg me to fuck you. You're going to be moaning my name non-stop, and maybe, if you're lucky, I might listen."

Matthew couldn't help but shiver at his lover's words. Looking over to meet the albino's gaze, he realized with a tinge of embarrassment that Gilbert was fully clothed. Scrambling for a response, anything to let the conceited albino know that we wasn't fully dominating the situation, he managed to pathetically spit out a weak, "fuck you."

Gilbert just laughed, climbing back on the bed to play with Matthew's hardened nipples, eliciting another groan from the blond. "That's exactly what I intend to do." Matthew mentally smacked himself; he'd set himself up for that one. He shakily drew in another breath, hoping to retaliate, when Gilbert reached for the pile of 'toys' he had collected and grabbed a ball gag. "Oh Mattie, why are you always so stubborn? You shouldn't talk back to the awesome me if you're not prepared to face the consequences." Matthew instinctively clicked his mouth shut upon seeing the gag, whereupon Gilbert chuckled again. "You know you're going to have to submit to me eventually, why not get it over with now? That will make this a lot easier on you." Matthew shook his head, glaring at the conceited albino as he growled softly in his throat. He did not like being gagged, and Gilbert knew this, which was probably why he was wearing a stupid grin on his arrogant face. Matthew hated the degradation that came with being forcibly quieted; he was quiet enough already. A gag just made him feel weak, slutty, and helpless. With this in mind, he clenched his teeth together as his so-called 'lover' sighed dramatically, "Well, I guess we're going to do this the hard way."

Gilbert reached back to the pile of toys, selecting a small bullet-like object and coating it liberally in lubricant. Even though the toy was no thicker than a finger, he wasn't about to cause his lover any unnecessary pain. Eyeing Matthew, he asked again, "Are you seriously trying to disobey the awesome me?" Upon receiving no response aside from another muted growl, he smirked. "I was hoping so." Reaching between Matthew's creamy legs, he stroked his growing erection, gently pumping the shaft while he slid his thumb over the head on every upstroke. Matthew stifled a moan, throwing his head back and revealing the tender flesh of his throat. Gilbert leaned forward, still pumping Matthew's cock, and bit at Matthew's throat, nibbling gently at the junction between his neck and collar bone before sucking tenderly on the area, leaving a large red mark. Glancing up to Matt's face, he found his lover biting his lip to keep from moaning. Gilbert felt slight annoyance well up in his chest. He hated it when Matthew tried to hold in his moans. The Canadian was always incredibly responsive in bed, his sensitive body and the noises he could elicit just a few of many things he loved about him. Satisfaction soon replaced this feeling as he realized he would have his lover screaming his name in no time.

Pulling out of his small reverie, Gilbert proceeded to tease the Canadian. He licked the shell of Matthew's ear before sliding the small bullet into his unprepared hole, pushing it deeper to rest against his his prostate, marveling at the way Matthew's velvety muscles tensed against the intrusion. Withdrawing his hand from between his lover's legs and wiping the excess lube on Matthew's weeping cock, he stared back into Matthew's defiant eyes. Picking up the gag in one hand and a small remote in the other, he smirked. "Nervous?" Matthew shook his head, glaring daggers. Gilbert cackled, "You should be!"

With that, he clicked a button on the remote, watching as Matthew's face contorted in pleasure at the gentle vibrations. He bit down hard on his lip, scarlet blood beginning to drip down his chin as he fought to keep his body from reacting. Gilbert watched for a few minutes, feeling merciful, before turing the vibration up fully with a devious grin. The result was instantaneous. Matthew opened his mouth in a silent scream, bucking and twisting in a desperate attempt to escape the overwhelming sensations that coursed through his body. Seeing his opportunity, Gilbert forced the gag into Matthew's mouth, brushing his hair back away form the thin straps and clicking it into place before stepping back to watch his lover writhe in his binds. Pale, sweat soaked, skin gleamed in the moonlight as Matthew fought to get away, tears streaming from his eyes as his body tried to process the overdose of pleasure that was forced upon him. He could feel himself reaching his peak, the pleasure building and building when suddenly, the vibrations stopped.

Matthew screamed against the gag. He was so close! Looking through bleary eyes, he saw Gilbert grinning maniacally above him, watching him in his agony. He whimpered softly, pleading with his eyes. Gilbert just shook his head, reminding him in a sing-song voice, "No, you don't get to cum until I say, remember?" Matthew let his head fall back against the bed again, whimpering in need. He heard a rustling noise followed by a slight pressure on his aching cock. Bucking into the cool, metallic touch, his hazy mind tried to process what exactly was teasing him. Finally, he raised his head to look at Gilbert, whining pleadingly at what he saw. Gilbert smirked before snapping the cock ring onto Matthew's erection, ignoring the muffled protests coming from the Canadian. He flicked the remote on again, watching his lover scream against the gag as the pleasure consumed his body. Without giving him time to adjust, Gilbert rolled off the bed and sauntered over to the drawer again, pulling out another remote and waving it teasingly in front of Matthew's panicked eyes. "You know what this does, don't you?" he cooed, watching his lover writhe on the bed, pleading against the gag. Gilbert turned around, walking toward the door, clicking the remote as he did so. Another agonized scream was forced back by the gag as the cock ring began to vibrate.

"I'm just going to grab some of those leftover pancakes Birdie, so don't miss me too much." Matthew shook his head frantically, tears streaming from his eyes as he silently pleaded for the Prussian to stay. Gilbert turned and walked back towards the bed, amusedly watching his lover's obvious distress. "Aw, is something wrong?" Matthew wanted to scream. The sensations were too much, he could feel himself getting close, but each time he tried to orgasm the cock ring kept him from doing so. The pleasure just kept building and it was too much for him to bear. He could feel the panic creeping up his chest as he imagined being forgotten and left for hours in this state, forced into unbearable pleasure and yet denied release. Gilbert, sensing his panic, cupped his face in his hands and kissed him gently on the forehead, silently reassuring him that he would be back. "Don't worry love," he whispered. "I'll be back before you know it to continue our game." Striding towards the door, Gilbert called back, "Tell you what, I'll even skip the pancakes. Alfred's just pulling into your driveway now, so it's not like I'll have time to eat them anyway." Seeing the look of panic on Matthew's face, he added, "He texted me a few minutes ago. He's just picking up a few of his comics and he'll be gone, don't worry." Matthew began to fight against his restraints again, bucking and twisting and rubbing his wrists raw in a vain attempt to free his hands. "Just think of it as an incentive to be quiet," Gilbert smirked before heading downstairs to the kitchen, leaving his lover to his fate.

Matthew panicked as soon as Gilbert's frame disappeared from his line of sight. Bucking against the restraints, he tried to cling to few rational thoughts, to find a way out of his situation. All the while, the vibrations on his dick and in his ass seemed to grow stronger, and the overwhelming pressure on his weeping cock only intensified, and he soon found himself lost in the sensations. He found himself mentally thanking Gilbert for the gag, because as degrading as it seemed, at least he was quiet, and hopefully his brother wouldn't be able to hear his muffled moans and screams. With this last thought Matthew's eyes fluttered shut, his mind focusing solely on the pleasure that consumed his body.

When Gilbert returned to Matthew's room, he was expecting his Canadian lover to be in a state of sexual torment, to say the least. He had only been gone for about 10 minutes, but he knew that 10 minutes being forced to react and denied release would feel like an eternity to his lover. However, nothing could have prepared him for the sight that he was greeted with upon entering the room. Matthew was lying on the bed, restraints stretched taut, back arched, eyes shut tight, tears trickling down his cheeks from the pleasure. His shuddering breaths could be heard easily; Gilbert was surprised he hadn't heard him downstairs. His entire body was shaking from the strain, small beads of sweat were gathering across his creamy skin, and a thin trickle of drool dripped down his chin from the gag, but Gilbert hardly noticed this. His attention was immediately drawn to Matthew's cock. It was fully erect, dripping pre-cum, dripping trails of sticky liquid across his lover's chest each time he bucked out of ecstasy. Dragging his gaze back up his chest, Gilbert noticed his peaked nipples begging for attention, and on impulse, he reached out with both hands and twisted them. Matthew arched off of the bed, his soft violet eyes flickering open to gaze lustfully at those of his lover, a soft mewling escaping through the gag. Smiling softly at the sight that greeted him, Gilbert clicked off the vibrators, watching as Matthew visibly relaxed, a sigh of relief rushing from his lungs. The burning pressure on his cock was still there, but at least it wasn't building.

Gilbert ran his fingers through Mattie's soft blond hair, stopping when he reached the clasp of the ball gag, tracing it briefly with the pads of his fingers before undoing it and pulling the gag from the blond's mouth. Gently stroking Matthew's cheekbones, he watched as he twisted his head to the side, stretching his sore jaw. "You okay?" Gilbert asked, more out of courtesy than anything. Matthew nodded, croaking out a quick, "That all you've got?" while weakly smirking at the Prussian.

Gil smiled back before tracing his hands back down the Canadian's body, relishing the heat that seemed to rise off his skin in blistering waves. He finally came to the base of Matthew's cock, engorged with blood and ready to burst. He nuzzled the soft blond hair at the base before licking slowly up to the tip, smirking as the Canadian gasped and arched into the sensation. He paused for a moment, licking up and down the other's cock, enjoying the soft mewls he received, sucking lightly on the tip before pulling away, ignoring the Canadian's whine of protest. Trailing his hands down toward the Canadian's rear, Gilbert removed the vibrator, smacking his inner thigh roughly with the palm of his hand when the Canadian convulsed slightly at the feel of the hard object leaving his body. "You really like this, don't you?" Gilbert asked, smirking at the bound Canadian who shook his head in response, glaring weakly. "I think you do. At least, that's what your body says." Gilbert punctuated his statement by gripping the Canadian's cock roughly, jerking up and watching the as the Canadian's eyes closed and a small scream escaped his lips.

"G-Gil, please". Gilbert smirked evilly at the extremely pliable Canadian on the bed, waiting for the opportunity to begin the next stage of his punishment. He roughly stroked his lover's erection again, wanting to hear the blond beg.

"Gil, hurry up dammit!"

Gilbert rolled his eyes at the response. Clearly the Canadian still had some fight left in him. He'd fix that soon enough. Rolling off of the bed, he sorted through the extensive collection of toys he had gathered. The Canadian was fairly dominant in bed, so it was rare that Gilbert got the chance to subdue him. He knew that the lithe blond treated sex much like hockey, in that he hated being dominated. However, he was very adaptable, so in situations like these he would often make it his goal to fight Gilbert as much as possible, regardless of the punishment he would have to endure. Gilbert had to admit, the Canuck had more fight in him than he'd originally thought, which only made things more amusing for the albino. Grabbing a blindfold, riding crop, lube, and a medium sized vibrator, Gilbert returned to the Canadian's side.

"You know you shouldn't talk back to me, love. Now you're going to have to be punished." He pressed his lips to the Canadian's, nipping and sucking until he was granted entrance. Pulling away after a few short moments, he gently tied the blindfold around the blond's eyes. With a smirk, he trailed his calloused hands down the others' sides, pausing to coat three fingers in a generous amount of lube. Reaching the Canadian's puckered entrance, he slipped a digit inside, quickly stretching the opening to accommodate another, loving the feeling of Matthew's velvety walls tightening around him. Scissoring his fingers inside his lover's entrance, he curled both digits upward briefly and was rewarded with a shuddering gasp from Matthew. Smirking, Gilbert proceeded to knead and massage the area, revelling in the moans and whines coming from the panting Canadian below him. Withdrawing his fingers with a small pop, Gilbert looked up to his blindfolded lover. His face was flushed with need, the only sounds present in the room were his shuddering gasps as he fought to control his body. "Oh Birdie, look at you. I haven't even fucked you yet and you're trembling beneath me, begging like a little slut. You like being called a slut, don't you? You act like an innocent little bastard, but I know the truth. You're practically begging me to shove my big, thick, cock into your tight little ass and fuck you like a whore." Gilbert watched as Matthew shook slightly harder, his cock aching with need.

Matthew shook his head, muttering a muted "Arrogant bastard." He hated himself for reacting to Gilbert's taunts. He was Canada, and he was not going to fall for this. As soon as he was untied, he's have Gilbert bent over the bed and fuck him throughout the night. Revenge would be sweet.

"I'm sorry, what was that? I was going to go easy on you tonight, but apparently, you want to be punished." Without giving him time to reply, Gilbert picked up the vibrator, quickly rubbed some lube on it, and shoved it into Matthew, twisting it until it rested against his prostate. Matthew keened at the sudden entry, loving the burning sensation as he was stretched, unconsciously bucking into Gilbert, begging for more. Twisting the knob at the base, Gilbert watched as the toy sprang to life. Matthew moaned at the sensation, rolling his hips and grinding into the air as the strong vibrations caressed his walls. Rolling off the Canadian and ignoring his lover's needy whimpers, Gilbert picked up the riding crop.

Smirking, he cracked the leather against the Canadian's thigh, watching as Matthew instinctively flinched away, only to be held in place by the thick ropes. His face contorted as he tried to process the pain and pleasure that battled for dominance. Gilbert smacked his other thigh, watching as the Canadian clenched his jaw shut in a futile attempt to muffle his moan. Trailing the crop up his chest, Gilbert smacked his nipples lightly before straddling the blond. Unzipping his pants, he pressed the tip of his erection to the Canadian's lips, groaning slightly as his small pink tongue tentatively licked the tip. "Suck." he commanded, revelling in the power he held over the normally feisty blond. Gilbert moaned as Matthew took him inside his mouth, swirling his tongue around the albino's thick shaft. Pushing forward, he groaned again as he felt Matthew relax his throat to take him farther in. Thrusting slowly, Gilbert marvelled at how skilled his lover was, and secretly wondered what Alfred would say if he saw him dominating his precious little Mattie in this manor. He'd probably try and kill the albino, that or hide in his bunker and pretend nothing ever happened. Removing the blindfold, Gilbert forced himself farther down the blond's throat, marvelling at the warm tightness that surrounded him. He looked down when he felt teeth graze the underside of his shaft, taking in the warning look the blond gave him. Gilbert chuckled, "Tonight you're mine, pet. You don't get a choice in this." Seeing Matthew's look of shocked anger, and feeling the teeth scrape a little harder on the underside of his shaft, he tapped the riding crop against Matthew's bound cock, noting the sudden look of panic that crossed the blond's face. Yes, he could bite the albino, but Matthew didn't feel up to the torture that was sure to ensue if he did. The scraping sensation stopped, although Matthew's angry glare remained as he thrust slowly in and out, stroking the his lover's hair as he did so. Finally, he pulled away, watching as Matthew panted from lack of breath.

Reaching between his lover's legs, he roughly twisted the vibrator, watching as Matthew bucked away from the sensation, trying to escape the pleasure. He slowly pumped it in and out of the Canadian, watching as his chest heaved with the sensations, straining to control his lust. He gradually picked up speed, ramming the Canadian's prostate on every thrust, watching as his face contorted in pleasure. "Gil! Ooh Gil I'm so close!" Matthew keened, meeting Gilbert's thrusts as much as the ropes would allow. Gilbert reached down and bean to stroke Matthew's cock with his free hand, panting slightly as he watched his lover writhe in ecstasy. Matthew was rocking back on the vibrator's thrusts as he tried to buck up into Gilbert's hand, the pleasure consuming his body. "Gil!" He cried as his back arched. Matthew was so close, the sensations kept building and building... when...nothing happened. He tried to orgasm but it was forced back by the cock ring. The pressure on his cock was steadily increasing, becoming almost painful. Screaming in frustration, Matthew glared at Gilbert. The albino was still pumping the vibrator and teasing his cock, smirking at the look on Matthew's face. He wanted to cum, he needed to cum so badly! He tightened his grip on Matthew's cock slightly, ramming the vibrator into his ass with a little more force, and Matthew bucked again, his pupils dilating as he was denied release again. The pressure on his cock was becoming unbearable. "P-please Gil?" he whined, convulsing as his prostate was his by a particularly strong thrust. Gilbert ignored him, continuing with his torture for a few more minutes until he noticed the Canadian had stopped moaning. Mindless with lust, Matthew looked at Gilbert through hooded eyes before whispering, "Please, Gilbert...please?" He could barely form a coherent sentence. Gilbert snapped at this point.

Pulling out the vibrator, he positioned himself at Matthew's entrance. Coating his cock with lube, he looked to the Canadian on the bed. "What is it that you want?" He smirked, wanting the Canadian to say it. Matthew's eyes fluttered and for a moment he wondered if he was going to pass out.

"Gil, please" He could barely form a sentence. Gilbert smirked, reaching over to the pile of toys still left on the bed. "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're asking for. I'm afraid you'll have to try harder than that." Reaching down, he selected two vibrators and held them up to the Canadian's face, a mock pout poorly concealing his evil grin. "Now, in the meantime, which should I use first? Oh, decisions, decisions."

Seeing the vibrators, Matthew broke. "No, please," he whispered. "No more toys, please Gilbert, I can't take it."

Gilbert smirked. "Well then, what do you want?" he asked, enjoying Matthew's pleas.

Tears beginning to bead at the corners of his eyes, Matthew turned his head to the side in shame. "G-Gil, please, I want you... I want you to fuck me."

Gilbert leaned down to kiss Matthew gently on the lips, stroking his cheeks and hair as he did so. "With pleasure."

With that, he thrust into Matthew, enjoying his lover's screams. Matthew was unbelievably tight, his walls clamping down on his cock for all he was worth. Gilbert thrust forward, hitting Matthew's prostate dead on, enjoying the long moan that erupted from Matthew's mouth. Picking up speed, he knew it wouldn't be long until he came. Reaching down, he began to pump Matthew's shaft in time with his thrusts, swiping his thumb over the weeping head on every upstroke. Matthew was in heaven, Gilbert's large cock felt so good rubbing against him in all the right places. He bucked back in time with the albino's thrusts, keening and whimpering as his prostate was hit repeatedly. Gilbert's cock was big, much bigger than the vibrator, and he could feel himself stretching with every thrust to accommodate his girth. He clamped down on Gilbert's cock, praying that the albino was close. Matthew was shaking, the cock ring forcing back his near-perpetual orgasms, release being the only thing that mattered in his lust-driven brain. Feeling the albino speed up his thrusts, Matthew let out a whine, "Please Gilbert, the ring!" Gilbert looked down through his frantic thrusting, toying with the cock ring as he neared completion. He thrust into Matthew one last time, feeling the pleasure overwhelm him, and flicked off the cock ring, watching as Matthew's mouth opened in a silent scream.

Matthew's eyes rolled back in his head as he felt Gilbert release inside him, snapping off the cock ring, his warm seed coating his insides. Matthew's vision turned white as the overwhelming pleasure hit him, the feeling of being denied so long only amplifying his orgasm. He could vaguely feel Gilbert gently pumping his cock, milking him for all his was worth, as he tried and failed to process the overwhelming sensations that flowed throughout his body. Finally, he collapsed on the bed, his vision going dark.

Gilbert gently withdrew from his lover, chuckling softly as he realized he had passed out. Grabbing a towel, he gently cleaned them both up, untying Matthew and placing him beneath the covers of his bed. Gilbert cleaned the toys and put everything away before sauntering back to the bed, crawling beneath the covers and pulling his lover to his chest, holding his limp form gently. He lay there for a while, watching the starry night sky through the window before he felt Matthew shift against him. Looking down into a pair of violet eyes, he smiled gently. "Was it good?"

"Yeah." Matthew replied, smiling back and curling closer to the albino.

"Good." Gilbert nodded, stroking Matthew's hair softly.

Matthew closed his eyes, clearly exhausted from his ordeal, and pressed his forehead to Gilbert's chest. Gilbert closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around the lithe blond curled in to his chest. Half asleep, he could barely make out the whispered, "I love you."

Grinning triumphantly in the darkness, he kissed Matthew softly on the forehead. "I love you too."

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