Author's Note: I've never written a poem, but I've enjoyed the few poems that have been published on this site
so I wanted to give it a try.
For some reason, I think that limericks are a good fit for Voyagers!
Well anyway, here goes nothing!

Limerick Fun For Episode One

Episode One - The Pilot: Told in Limericks

Jeff listened at the door of his room
To the plans to go to Cancun
They thought him a pain
That was so plain
Then he turned to stare at the moon.

But a miracle landed outside
Climbed in the window so wide
And a pirate was there
Came out of nowhere
Then Ralph attacked him, or tried.

On the banks of the Nile they were
And Bogg did land on a burr
When Jeff found the child
Bogg stopped being riled
Though his guidebook was kept by the cur.

The boys stopped trying to walk
On the beach at Kitty Hawk
Bogg said something mean
Jeff ran from the scene
Then they sat on the rocks to talk.

The bicycle shop was a mess
From the Wright Brothers fight I guess
Agnes was smitten
The letters were written
And sent to the proper address.

He sailed off the cliff in the plane
And heard Jeff call out his name
At the end of the ride
Jeff knelt by his side
And he never would be the same

They landed alone in the hay
The Red Baron was there that day
And Bogg never lied
Jeff stayed at his side
And it's always been that way.

The End 8^)