His Mouth is Smart in Worlds Apart

Into Siberia, the wind and snow
Keep moving, hold on, til we can go
Omni's not right
Winds got a bite
Then warm, in a war zone, oh no!

The desert was hot, the temperature soars
Someday I'll deal with that smart mouth of yours
At the wagon we'll stay
Then behind hay
As soldiers were fighting a war.

Those guys like Arabs, are dressed
We sure did land in a mess
It's no fashion show
Say what you know
It's Lawrence of Arabia I guess!

Then Bogg was caught, a mistake
And the Code, he decided to break
Threw it, he did
Save yourself kid
And hoped that Jeff would escape.

I can't leave you! His fear was stark
But the smoke was making it dark
Knew what to do
Coughing, he flew
Unconscious in Menlo Park.

Woke up and tried to get back
But Tom gave the omni a crack
Took it apart
Broke Jeffrey's heart
You wrecked it! I'll never get back!

The omni was disassembled
Jeff held his breath and trembled
Mr. Morgan pulled out
But Jeffrey had clout
His argument, the money reassembled.

On what seemed like the millionth try
Edison gave up, with a sigh
If Bogg were here
I'd have no fear
And Jeffrey started to cry.

When it lit, they hugged, the whole crew
Then Tom made the omni like new
Now very clean
A time travel machine
Then back to Bogg Jeffrey flew.

Took a long time to get back, I see
You'll never guess what happened to me
Later, for now
We have to learn how
To get out, so Lawrence is free.

They watched the first streetlight aglow
A beautiful site, what a show!
Jeff was proud
Bogg said aloud
The Omni works great now, ya know?