Yay! Here's the sequel! Can't wait to write about a preggie Ulqui, and a Grimmjow hell-bent on getting a boy. [bit cliche that the 'man' wants a boy]

Summery: Szayel makes an injection, by request of Aizen, that will get himself, Gin, and Ulquiorra pregnant, and now the three have to deal with the 'joys' of pregnancy.

Pairing: GrimmjowxUlquiorra. AizenxGinxSzayel.

Rating: M [This chapter] Language. Sexual Situations.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Bleach, but I DO own the babies that are going to be popping out! *pop pop*

Another One To Love

Chapter 1

Ulquiorra sat on his bed reading a book, and enjoying the quiet after Aizen had him working very hard all day. It had been a month since the cuatra and sexta had first expressed their feelings for each other. They now considered themselves lovers, and had many long nights of nothing but incredible sex, which Ulquiorra couldn't get enough of from the skilled sixth. Although he had been denying Grimmjow sex a lot lately, because the sexta felt the need to call the cuatra his 'woman', which they both knew he definitely wasn't.

His bedroom door swung open suddenly, crashing harshly into the wall, and Ulquiorra sighed. So much for quiet. Grimmjow stomped into the room looking pissed, but his face softened when he saw the cuatra.

"Hey Ulqui. How've you been?" The sexta smiled, and he jumped onto the large bed, crawling towards his lover, and kissing along the hakama that covered pale legs.

"Don't you have your own room to go to?" Ulquiorra sighed again, placing the book down on his bedside table.

"Yea. But why would I go there, when you're in here?" Grimmjow smiled again, moving up to kiss his superior's nose.

"That doesn't mean you can come here. What if I want to relax, alone?" Ulquiorra's hands came up to lightly push on Grimmjow's chest, but he didn't struggle hard. He didn't really want Grimmjow to stop, or leave.

"Sorry babe, but that dream ended the first time you let me fuck you." Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes, his nails digging into the toned chest. Way to ruin the moment.

"Will you please watch your language? Otherwise you will be in your own room, wrapped in bandages."

Grimmjow pecked Ulquiorra's lips. "I'm sorry Ulqui. It's kinda hard to get used to." His lips met with the pale ones once again, this time more passionately. Ulquiorra's hands ran up Grimmjow's chest to his shoulders, then moved further up to entwine with the aqua hair, while their tongues met in their mouths, rubbing and twirling around.

Grimmjow leaned back on his knees, so he wouldn't need his hands for support. Ulquiorra sat up with him, bringing his legs out from under the sexta, and instead sat on the larger man's thighs. Grimmjow's hands came up to unzip Ulquiorra's jacket, and the cuatra released an arm from Grimmjow's hair to get it out of his long sleeve, before re-placing it, and doing the same with the other.

The sexta followed after his small lover, shrugging his jacket off, and rocking his hips up, creating joyful friction against their erections.

They broke away from the kiss, breathing heavily, and Grimmjow smiled, running his hands up and down Ulquiorra's sides.

"Fuck babe, you're so fuckin' hot." He purred, and nuzzled his superior's neck.

"Do you ever listen to me?" Ulquiorra sighed in irritation.

"But you are." Grimmjow nipped at the pale neck, making Ulquiorra moan quietly.

"That is the last time I will allow such profanity to leave your mouth while you are in my room. If it happens again, I will not even allow you to enter into this room, never mind doing these kinds of things to me." Ulquiorra scowled, but it was soon gone as Grimmjow's tongue circled the bite mark it had made on the cuatra's neck, before the wet muscle traveled down to the small hollow hole, licking around the edge of it. The sexta grabbed his lover's hand, and led it down to his own hole, where the cuatra gladly traced his pale fingers around it. He moaned quietly as Grimmjow's tongue pushed harder into his skin.

The sixth pulled away, looking at his small lover and smiling. "You're so hot." He growled, kissing the fourth again.

Ulquiorra didn't answer, but instead rocked his hips, once again causing friction between them, and Grimmjow purred in delight.

"What are you waiting for?" Ulquiorra finally whined, growing irritated with Grimmjow's slow movements.

"Alright, alright. Calm down babe." The sexta smiled, and roughly pushed Ulquiorra off of him. The cuatra fell back onto the bed, watching and helping as Grimmjow pulled off his hakama. The sexta stood up, and was just about to undo his own, when there was a knock on the door. Grimmjow turned around, glaring at the door, while Ulquiorra covered himself with the bed sheets.

"What is it?" The cuatra asked.

"Aizen-sama wants to speak with you." A voice said from the other side, and Grimmjow turned his glare to Ulquiorra, who was now getting dressed. The cuatra still didn't fully remember what had happened the month before, but Grimmjow sure did, and he didn't like when Ulquiorra went to meet with Aizen alone, he feared that something might happen between the two of them again.

"I'll walk you there." Grimmjow grabbed his jacket, and threw it on.

"I am not helpless, so I do not need you to escort me around." Ulquiorra walked to the door, and closed it, leaving Grimmjow to growl, and pray that Aizen wouldn't repeat the past.

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