By a stroke of luck, I got to babysit my nephew, and my older sister was gone all night so I used her computer to type fast, and upload! Anyway! Last Chappie! Hope ya enjoy! I know it's short, but I think it's cute! I'm writing a third part to the series, so be looking out for it!

Summary: Szayel makes an injection, by request of Aizen, that will get himself, Gin, and Ulquiorra pregnant, and now the three have to deal with the 'joys' of pregnancy.

Pairing: GrimmjowxUlquiorra. AizenxGinxSzayel.

Rating: M [This chapter] Language. Breast-Feeding.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Bleach.

Another One To Love

Chapter 11

Ulquiorra had been sleeping in the bed, when the crying started. He sat up, rubbing his eyes, and walked over to the bassinet, but the baby wasn't in there. His eyes widened, and he was going to call for Grimmjow, until he looked back towards the bed, and noticed the sexta. He was sleeping sitting up on the bed, and the baby squirmed in his arms as she screamed in hunger. Ulquiorra walked over to the two, and kissed Grimmjow's forehead. The sexta had hardly put his daughter down ever since she was born, and he definitely spoiled her as much as he could, even though she was only three months old.

Ulquiorra picked the screaming baby up out of Grimmjow's arms, and let her begin eating while Grimmjow slowly awoke.

"You hungry baby girl?" He cooed to his daughter, and kissed her head, before standing and stretching.

"If you were tired, why didn't you just put her in her own bed?" Ulquiorra asked. "Do you do that every night?"

"Yeah." Grimmjow said, kissing his lover, then pointed to the bassinet. "I don't like that thing. She's safer sleeping in my arms."

"If you say so." Ulquiorra sighed, and lifted the baby upright, so he could pat her back.

"Oh fuck! I don't wanna go to work!" Grimmjow whined, pulling on his uniform.

"Unless you're willing to go through what I did for nine months, I don't think you're going to get a break from work." The cuatra rocked the baby as she squirmed, before she burped. "Good girl Midori."

"Like fuck that's gonna happen!" The sexta yelled. "There's no fuckin' way I'm gonna be a fuckin' bottom!"

"That's all you'd be worried about?"

"Pretty much. I can handle the fuckin' pain!"

"I thought I could too, until I had to push our daughter out." The cuatra scowled, and allowed Midori to eat again.

"Whatever." Grimmjow walked back over to the two, and kissed his daughter's head, before doing the same with Ulquiorra. "See you later." He waved as he left.

The cuatra sat on the bed, and looked down at his little girl. "That's your father." He sighed, while the baby stared up at him, and continued to eat. Her legs fidgeted, and her hands were patting Ulquiorra's chest, making him shake his head. "You just can't stop moving, can you?" Midori continued to squirm, but released Ulquiorra's nipple from her mouth, and he lifted her upright to get her to burp again. He held her close, and kissed her cheek, before he whispered to her. "I love you sweetheart."