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Freddie's POV

"Hey Spence, is Carly home?" I called, walking into the shay apartment.

"Nope." He said, stepping out of his room covered in blue paint. I didn't bother to ask why, knowing it would be something crazy.

"You mind if I wait in her room? I need to talk to her."

"Sure thing, kiddo." He turned on his heel, and went back in his room, shouting something about Socko, revenge, and a catapult. I knew it would be crazy.

I headed up top Carly's room, grabbed a pink rubber ball and laid down on across her bed. I threw the ball up, caught it, and then threw it again. I kept it up, thinking about why I was here and what I was going to ask her. I laid there almost 10 minutes before the door opened.

"Hey C-…Freddie? Now this is sad. You've gone from peeking out your peephole to actually waiting in Carly's room? Wow."

I said nothing.

"What, no stupid come-back?" Asked Sam.

Again, I ignored her, and just kept tossing the ball. Sam stomped over to me and grabbed the rubber ball. "Yo, Freddork, what's your problem?"

I sighed. "Nothing, I just need to talk to Carly."

"About what? How you love her but she'll never love you back? Ha." She laughed and her face gave away what she was going to do next. My hand shot up to block the ball a second before and the ball bounced off my hand, rebounding and hitting Sam in the face. She stepped forward menacingly.

All I said was "I'm not in the mood, Puckett." But something in my tone must have told her to back off because all she did was mutter a sarcastic "Sorry" and left, leaving me alone again.

Another ten minutes had gone by when the door opened again.

"Hey Freddie." Carly said cheerfully. "Spencer said you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah." I said sitting up and moving to the edge of her bed. "I wanted to ask you-"

"If this is about the spring dance I'm sorry but-"

"No, it's not about that." I leaned forward. "Listen, so you remember that dare we did for iCarly, with the pink bunny suit?"

"Of course I do. That's when you-"

"Don't say it. Remember how after, we… were together … for like, two days, but we decided to wait until everyone had forgotten about … the accident?" She nodded. "Well it's been forgotten." Carly suddenly looked uncomfortable.

"Look Freddie, right now-"

"I'm not gonna ask you out. I just want to know if you think there's ever a chance you'd ever say yes."

"I- I don't know, Freddie. I need time to think. Can I… get back to you?" She smiled uncomfortably.

I considered. Her thinking about was a …good sign, I guess. But I had come this far. I couldn't wait to find out. I needed to know. "I'm sorry, no. I need an answer. I need to know if it's worth waiting for.

"Freddie, I don't know."

"I need an answer." I repeated. "It's either yes or no. Not in between."

"I can't give you one. I don't know how I'll feel."

"Okay then. So no."


"If it's anything but yes, it's no." I shrugged and stood up. Carly looked sad and apologetic. "I'm fine. I'm not mad or anything. Now I know." I put a hand on her shoulder "Really. I'll see you tomorrow."

I got all the way to the door before she stopped me. "Wait."

"Yeah?" I turned to look at her.

"Why now? Why all of a sudden are you worried about what might or might not happen?"

"It's just.. I don't want to have to decide between you and S…omebody else."


"No one. I really should go. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye."