Vlad Plasmeus floated by his lab computer watching as words and numbers went up and down the screen. Suddenly a meow was heard, Vlad looked and saw his cat Maddie, "I know Maddie," Vlad said pretending the cat was talking to him, "But I must know why Danielle survived the longest."

Maddie meowed again and jumped off the monitor she was standing on. Vlad once again turned to the screen getting impatient. Finally there was a beep and a hologram of a woman with shoulder length brown hair, violet eyes and a blue jumpsuit appeared, "Analysis Complete" the hologram said holding a piece of paper.

"Thank you Maddie, now tell me just like I programed you to," Vlad said smiling taking the paper.

"Jack Fenton is an idiot, I'm glad I serve you," the hologram said smiling.

Vlad smiled, "Thank you that is all," Vlad said and the hologram Maddie smiled and vanished.

Vlad looked at the paper and his eyes went wide. Then an evil smile crept onto his lips, "Well, well," Vlad said, "This certainly explains a lot, and if what Clockwork said is true then I'll soon be the ruler of the Ghost Zone and the Earth!" Vlad laughed evilly.