Chapter 9

1 week later…

Danny, Sam, Jazz, and Tucker were walking towards Fenton Works after school. Danny and Sam were holding hands while Tucker and Jazz did the same. When they entered the house Danny and Sam were tackled to the floor by their daughter, the newly named Danielle Jane Fenton (Sam agreed to the last name because, thanks to Clockwork, she knew she would be marrying Danny). Danny and Sam laughed and hugged Dani and got up of the floor.

Dani now lives with Danny because, as Sam's grandma predicted, Sam's parents wouldn't let Dani stay with them. So in order to stay close to both Danny and Dani the Fentons allowed Sam to stay with them. Maddie and Jack had finally found out that their old collage friend was half ghost and that he wanted Jack dead, Maddie as his wife, Danny as his son, and who knows what with Jazz. So in other words there's a new public enemy #1.

Dani waited patiently for her parents, aunt, and uncle to finish their homework. When Danny and Sam finished Dani flew up to them, "Tag!" Dani said touching both Danny and Sam then flying away.

They turned and smiled, "Oh, sneaky little thing aren't you?" Danny said transforming and flying after Dani.

"She gets that from me," Sam said transforming as well and following her boyfriend and daughter.

"Hey!" Jazz and Tucker yelled, "No fair!" they said running after them.

All the running got Maddie and Jack's attention from the lab. They poked their heads out of the lab door and saw three kids flying and two running, "Gottcha!" Danny said grabbing Dani.

"Ah!" Dani laughed.

Maddie and Jack laughed when Sam flew into them causing them to fall right on top of Jazz and Tucker. Everyone laughed then, "Tag!" Dani said touching Jazz.

"Oh no you didn't," Jazz said running after her ghost niece.

Danny, Sam, Tucker, Maddie, and Jack laughed and ran/flew after the two. They continued to play tag until the sun went down, or until it was time for dinner.

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