DISCLAIMER: I'm only gonna say this once: I do not own Danny Phantom. If I did, new episodes would still be coming! (And I'd redo season three...) Okay, on with the story! ^_^

Timeline: Amity Park, 2 Years After Phantom Planet

Part 1:

Soft white particles drifted down, the wind bolstering them until they landed in his snowy-white hair. Though he didn't feel them, he still shook his head to rid himself of the snow. If he stood there too long, he might soon be covered in the stuff, and he really didn't feel like turning into a snowman at the moment.

Turning, Danny shoved his hands into his armpits as he slowly walked away from the cemetery, leaving the slightly snow-covered stone behind him. He'd never liked the holidays anyway.

But this year would be different. He'd promised, after all, that he would do better.

He ignored the people passing by, knowing they wouldn't notice him anyway. He slowed as he got to the downtown part of Amity Park, and began idly window-shopping, waiting for the right moment.

There. He stopped abruptly, and gazed into one particular store that he would not remember the name of later on. It was hard enough just being here without having to worry about remembering things too. But he couldn't let the memory fade just yet; he raced home and straight into his room, quickly grabbing his small stack of cash, a jacket, and some old clothes before heading out yet again.

Lucky they didn't change anything yet… Danny thought, allowing a small smile to creep to his lips. It felt strange, as though it didn't belong anymore, and his expression became stoic once more. He thought no more about it as he entered the store.

Rushing into a dressing room, he quickly changed into his regular clothes, pulling them over his jumpsuit. Taking a deep breath, he tried to relax and focus his energy on staying tangible. With some satisfaction, he waltzed out into the crowded store.

After gazing at items for a few hours, he walked wearily to the register. Just a little longer, he thought, handing the cashier his money. He walked lightly through the doors, barely noticing the strange and sympathetic look the cashier was giving him. Shrugging it off, he removed his regular clothes as soon as he was alone, and stuck them in his bag along with all the gifts.

I have to make this quick if I want to be here any longer… Danny once again flew home, pleased to find that the dawn of Christmas Day was just breaking, which meant his family would be up soon. It was strange to see the time pass, with the sun rising and setting. Again, a small smile touched his lips, and this time, he let it stay. He had to be cheerful for them, anyway, and the thought of seeing his family and friends warmed him.

By the time he reached his house, he was barely able to keep hold of the bag in his hands. His smile reversed, and he frowned, his brow scrunching from the effort.

Quickly, he entered the house and lay the presents down on the counter. He focused on the task: wrapping the gifts. He couldn't let his mind wander, not just yet.

About a half hour later, he stood smiling proudly down at his handiwork, and then took the gifts to place under the tree. He knew they would find them if he stuck them in the back. Each had its own little note. Knowing Sam and Tucker would be by later, he just left their gifts with his family's. He was too tired to make any more trips anyway.

Glancing at the clock, he sighed. He wouldn't be able to do it. Sadly, he flew tiredly back down to the lab, and back through the portal doors. The shut nearly silently behind him, as though sensing he didn't want to wake the others.

Maybe next year… he thought morosely.