Yeah, this is me trying to get back with writing after school and original works. Also, a little bit of holiday craze thrown in here. Besides, this has always been a good movie to me as a kid, and, like many fanficers, I had to try my luck at it. Enjoy and leave some crit!


"Happy birthday!" It was, technically, the first thing to come to mind. The second thing he realized was that he had indeed spoke. "Hey! I said my first words! But, but snowmen can't talk."

Chuckling, somewhat giddy with the idea of supposed life, he looked down at the ring of children standing before him. "Alright, come on now, what's the joke? Could-could I really be alive?"

" I mean, I can make words, I can move," He confirmed that be stomping his foot on the snow-padded ground, "I can juggle," Again validated when a child gleefully tossed him a line of snowballs, which he was able to juggle one-handed. Something about this was making him feel excited, that he could do all these things. Did it mean he was, indeed, alive?

"I can sweep!" The broom bristles were brushed enthusiastically over the snow to prove the point.

"I can count to ten!" Frosty thought aloud, counting on his fingers. He managed to get to five before he began to switch the numbers around.

"Well, I can count to five." He amended sheepishly, before laughing.

"What'd you know? I'm even ticklish! In fact, I'm all living! I am alive!" The snowman paraded over the snow, the joyful looks of the children only fueling his eagerness.

"What a neat thing to happen to a nice guy like me."