Turns out, things had come together after he'd melted. Santa Claus had come, bringing him back together and helping in sending off the magician that had been following them earlier.

The best part of all of this was that jolly old St. Nick himself was more than happy to bring Frosty to the North Pole, and bring Karen home. According to him, it wasn't too far out of his way.

Still, while Karen had been ecstatic and happy as a clam the first few minutes of the ride, she had fallen silent, and was resigned to staring off into the expanse bellow them as they flew. Frosty couldn't help but notice the sudden change in her mood, but while it worried him, he lacked the conversational finesse to come out with it. However, he hadn't really needed to; when they landed on the roof of Karen's house, the whole thing came to a head.

Karen had…hesitated to get off the sled, dragging her feet the whole way, and glancing back. Finally, as though the girl could stand it no longer, she ran back, throwing her arms around the somewhat bemused snowman in a hug. Somehow, even without outright saying it, Frosty understood; she was upset to see him go.

All at once, something made itself clear to the snowperson. This did seem like goodbye. They would be whole continents apart, across oceans, if he was to understand how far away the North Pole was from here. He and Karen, the person who he had carried through a freezing forest, and had been with to see him come alive [twice!] would be separated, probably for good.

He couldn't help but hug her back, with all the warmth a snowman could offer.

Still, he did have to put her back down on the roof eventually, too soon for him, and Santa made ready to go the rest of the trip to the North Pole. As they flew away, Frosty watched Karen's figure grow smaller and smaller, her arm waving wildly as he waved goodbye in return.

Return…that was it. This wasn't a permanent goodbye.

He'd be back again someday.

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