You should have known. You should have known that Rose would be taken from you. She was a danger magnet, you couldn't leave her alone for five minutes. How could you fall in love with her?

You could never have given her anything. You could never have given her the life she wanted. No children, no home and no settled life. You couldn't even admit your feelings. What right did you have to love her?

Rose. A part of himself would always blame himself for her. But he couldn't truly regret falling in love with her.

She was beautiful. Her soft blonde hair and bright hazel eyes made his heart skip a beat. Her smile was like the sun.

His own personal sun. She warmed him. When he was upset, she rubbed his shoulders and told him he was wonderful.

She teased him and made him laugh. Their witty banter kept him on his toes. When she was angry, she wrinkled up her nose in a way that was so adorable, he just wanted to grab her and kiss her.

But she was too bright to hold down. He took her away from the world she knew. Was it really worth it? Could she ever do anything other than hate him now?

He wished it was different. And yet he wouldn't change anything except the ending of his story. How could he possibly want to?

Because you don't choose who you fall in love with.