Another one from the WitFit challenge.

Word prompt: Tart

Dialogue Flex: "Why are there so many choices?" she asked.

I don't own Twilight. Unbeta'd, just the way it's supposed to be. ;)

This fits in 1929 Chapter 11. Bella's POV.

I watched Edward as he left on his errands, a jaunty bounce in his step as he turned from Rose's path to the sidewalk. I half-expected him to cut a caper. When I couldn't see him anymore I closed the door and, while I didn't dare attempt a caper myself, I did perform a small jig. There may have been a little bit of squealing too.

When Edward came back we were going to...

Oh I had so much to do before then!

I dashed off the letters necessary to clear my conscience and, with that weight off my shoulders, turned to more pleasant preparations.

Should I wash my hair? Hmm, not enough time really.

Change the bed's linen? Now that there was time for. In fact, it was completely necessary since the sheets just had to be full of sand. I spared a moment to think about the reason my clothes had been full of sand which led to thinking about the delicious way Edward had felt when he'd been on top of me... oh, the way he'd looked at me... which led me right back to getting ready for Edward's return. I hoped he wouldn't be too long.

I dashed up the stairs and stripped and made up the bed with fresh white sheets, the softest ones I could find. I swept up the sand – there was quite a lot of it – and in a fit of sentiment decided to save it. I found a glass in the bathroom and poured the sand into it, smiling.

"To see the world in a grain of sand..."

I could feel the blush creeping. Yesterday Edward had been... so unlike Edward. I really had been merciless with him over the last weeks, teasing and tempting him. Seeing him snap like that had been overwhelming, like realizing the cat you've been playing with is actually a ravenous lion. I was ready for him, I wanted to give him everything but he'd held on to just enough control to make sure our clothes stayed on. It hadn't stopped him from making me see stars though. I felt warm phantom twinges down low and a wave of dizzy desire. There was a sweet, dull ache in a place I hadn't really known about until yesterday. I wondered how long it would be until Edward was back.

I looked around the room, trying to see it through new eyes. After tonight this wouldn't be my room anymore. It would be our room. The simple ceremony Edward suggested had seemed a bit silly to me at first but I thought more now. This was very important to Edward. I knew he was making a huge compromise to respect my feelings about marriage – even though I couldn't even articulate them properly. My feelings for him were strong and real; love, respect, desire. Now I added gratitude. I looked around the luxurious but stark room again and saw what needed to be done. I would make this special for him.


The candles had been easy. Dozens of them, in all different shapes and all white. Now I was in the flower shop, a bit overwhelmed by the selection.

The scent was intoxicating and I opened my mouth to breathe it in deeply. Spicy and sweet, cool and refreshing. Like Edward's kiss yesterday, all red wine and lake-cooled air. I touched my lips in remembrance. How could he be so gentle and so demanding at the same time? What might his kisses be like tonight when we wouldn't be stopping? I shivered and it wasn't from the chilly temperature of the shop. Time was running short though. I needed to make a decision.

I was tempted by the carnations. They were lush and held the right meaning – I was most certainly captivated by Edward. Perhaps the orchids? Seduction was heavy on my mind but I knew this all meant much more to Edward than just going to bed.

Gardenias? Lilies? Sweet pea? For crying out loud why couldn't I make a decision?

"Why are there so many choices?" I asked out loud in frustration. The clerk raised her eyebrows at me but I shook my head. I didn't need help deciding. This was my decision to make, not something to pass off to someone else.

When had all of this become so important to me too?

I had a little epiphany in that flower shop. Edward was going to share my life from this day forth and I realized something with a jolt. I might not want the wedding and formality but I was hours away from making promises that I very much wanted to keep. I was surprised how much I wanted to make them. I'd been so concerned with convincing Edward that marriage wasn't necessary to notice that I didn't want to go a day without him. Tears pricked my eyes. Edward understood me better than I understood myself – and accepted me. I wanted to run home and find him there, right this second to tell him.

I swiped at my eyes to clear them and scanned the flowers again. "Roses please. The white ones, five dozen," I said to the clerk. That was my choice. Now I had to choose something for Edward.

I remembered the first flowers he'd given me, months ago. He'd nuzzled behind my ear and told me the scent reminded him of me.


The clerk showed me how to arrange them so the roses acted as support for the freesias and the total effect was dazzling and pure and rich with their combined sweetness.

It was a small thing but it was one of the first things I was deciding for both of us. And we didn't have to want the same thing. As long as we were together.

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