TITLE: Leap of Faith


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NOTES: Here's story #4 in my Jennverse series. Previous stories are: "High Expectations" · "Stormy Monday" · "Looks Like Nothing's Gonna Change, Everything Still Remains the Same."

To no one's surprise, the post-Full Circle tete-a-tete between Jenn, Jed, Leo, and the senior staff never came to fruition. After having her meltdown in Sam's office, Jenn learned that a funny thing called mental exhaustion tends to set in after one releases many months' worth of repressed sorrow and frustration. She vaguely recalled Leo escorting her back to her room and then making some harried phone calls after placing her on the bed and pulling the covers over her. She also remembered that he stayed and sat beside the bed until her puffy eyes became too tired to remain open.

When she awoke the following morning to bright sunlight spilling into the room and the sound of birds chirping, she squinted her eyes and made a face. A thousand tiny hammers were clamoring away in her head and her face felt like she'd taken a loofa sponge to it and had scrubbed it raw. She tried to sit up and considered her attempt a success when she only had to grab the nightstand once to steady herself. Leo was no where to be seen, but he'd left a note on the nightstand telling her that he'd gone to take a shower and find a chiropractor to straighten his spine since he'd fallen asleep in a very uncharitable chair. Jenn smiled at the mention of his needing a chiropractor, but the smile soon faltered as all of the previous day's events flooded her mind. There was Toby sending her to her room to 'pretty' herself up for Full Circle, Sam telling her she would do fine, Matt Durkin flinging accusations at her, her flinging accusations back, Leo telling her to calm down in Sam's office, and her admitting how she'd wanted her mother to die. Jenn buried her head in her hands and groaned. Had she really thought coming to Washington, D.C. was a good idea?

At the bottom of the note, Leo had scribbled down a short sentence about wanting to resurrect last night's aborted meeting around 10:30, which was when Jed and Abbey would return from church. Jenn looked down at the watch around her left wrist and groaned again when she saw it was already almost ten. She'd have to shower in a hurry if she wanted to make it to the meeting on time. While she wouldn't have minded being late – or missing it altogether – her mother had taught her that it was important to tie up loose ends, and Jenn knew the previous day had left a throng of loose ends in its wake.