OK, I apologize for the fact that, even after this wait, that this is not a real chapter. I'll delete this later... Anyway, this is an announcement putting EVERYTHING on a short-term hiatus. I will not update anything until summer break begins. By then, I hope to have at least one chapter ready for everything, plus some new short stories, possibly finished. Again, I'm sorry. Oh, and NO FLAMES! Statuses of stories below, for those who want to know. I have the general priority order planned out.

Started Stories

Feuglacian: Minimum priority. I won't work on this for a while - it isn't even a real story.

Ghostly Legends: Low priority. I won't work on this much, but I will whenever I think of something interesting.

The Tridemi Tournament: High priority - this is the second one I hope to get done, after Hiding Something. The latest chapter is scheduled for a rewrite to obey an excellant suggestion of XOver Queen's, and to satisfy readers slightly more. STOP FLAMING ME NOW!

The Second Deathday: Medium-low priority. Is remaining a oneshot, but I'm rewriting it. It sucks.

The Guide to Ghost Culture: Low priority. I have to think of culture to post it, right?

Aftermath of a Ghost Invasion: Medium-high priority. Bit busy with other stories and irritated by utter lack of ideas and writing time. I regained the time, though. I just got smacked in the face with a wad of Science homework a mile long...

Of Ghostly Teens and Magic Things: High priority. Is also scheduled for a minor rewrite to conform with some new stuff I'm making up, and to improve it a bit. Nothing like the last rewrite though.

A Hidden World: Medium priority. Wow, been a while since I updated this. Don't worry, though, I've just been busy with other stories. I haven't given up yet.

Hiding Something: First priority. Been blocked for a while now, actually. Working on that.

The Halfa Siblings: Medium priority. Scheduled for a rewrite and proper continuation... i.e. not skipping a million episodes, just the ones I REALLY don't like...

Artemis Fowl: The Ghost and the Fairy: Minimal priority. If I get a load more then I expect done before summer break, I'll reactivate it. Otherwise, it's remaining on hiatus until I have less then five active stories (meaning storyline-containing stories). Minor rewrite.

Obsessions: Low priority. Becoming a two-shot. Weird, huh?

The Phantom of the Icemark: Minimal priority. Being converted to a hiatus. No longer discontinued - It'll become reactivated under the same conditions as Artemis Fowl: The Ghost and the Fairy. Minor rewrite.

Gallery of Scenes and Challanges: Minimal priority. Need I explain? Most of my random ideas now either get written in my journal and tossed, or written in my journal and turned into a full-on story.

Invader Phantom: Low priority. Me and FrozenWaffle don't do this much, actually...

Zim's Horrible Year at Hogwarts: Unknown priority, since it's FrozenWaffles. Possible sequel!

New Stories

Ghost Hunters in the Lair of the Twins: Involves Jamie. Danny and Jamie find an island similar to Skulker's, with mixed ghost and live wildlife living there, instead of a giant skull. They make it their own, but when Jack and Maddie track Phantom and Shade to their precious island full of perfectly studiable ghost afterlife, what will happen?

Learning to Heal: Cashing in the favor she gave Danny when doing his ghost hunting for a week, Jamie asks an equal favor when she developes a new power and with it, a new sub-Obsession. One-shot.

Ghostly School: Danny and Jamie attend Plasma Post-Death - ghost school.

In the Distant Desert: An in-depth introduction to Heatstroke and her people.

In the Far Frozen: An in-depth reintroduction to Frostbite and his people.

That's all. Again, I apologize, but this'll make it easier later... probably. After all, it wouldn't do for me to get grounded for a month due to bad grades founded by the inability to juggle school and a million stories, now, would it?