Like Sugar to My Heart
Deanie McQueen

It was the fourth gas station that day and Sam was about to kill a man. Well, maybe not a man. Not that Sam would murder a woman, mind you, or a child animal. Sam wouldn't murder any of these things.

He might murder his brother, though. His brother, who may or may not be some kind of man/animal/child hybrid. With this in mind, a clear solution to his problems would be to just sell Dean to science.

"They don't have them!" Dean moaned, for the fourth time that day, and he clutched his stomach as if merely saying these words caused some kind of unwarranted starvation pangs. Or a feeling akin to a kick in the gut. "Whyyyyyyyyyy."

People were staring. Sam gritted his teeth.

"Cut it out, Dean. They're freakin' gross, anyway."

Dean batted a hand against the candy rack in frustration before sullenly glaring at Sam. "What are these godless words coming out of your mouth?" he grumbled, and shoved past his younger brother, knocking into Sam's shoulder on the way like a repressed grade-schooler.

"They're gross!" Sam insisted.

"They fizzle!" Dean replied, and sniffled a little. Sam wasn't sure if it was because Dean was coming down with a cold, or if he was legitimately that upset, but either way...the stupid candy was just gross.

Dean wasn't about to give up, though. He headed for the register and placed his palms on the counter and stared the teenaged clerk in the eye. "Hey, kid. You got any of those Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits lying around in a place that's not the candy aisle?"

The kid raised his eyebrows. "Seriously? Dude, those things are-"

He was cut off by a Dean-shaped finger in his face and a growl of, "Do. Not."

The boy gulped. "Uh...yeah. Sorry, man, don't have 'em. There's a Walgreens down the road, though. Few blocks from here. You could try there?"

Dean nodded. "Yeah. We could try there. Thanks, kid."

"No problem," the kid said smoothly - although, when Dean's back was turned, he sucked some air through his teeth and shot Sam a look that plainly said "yikes."

Sam nodded and rolled his eyes. Then he followed Dean out of the store, further pondering the pros and cons of fratricide.