Aura Warrior: Campion o Arceus

Hey guys here's another challenge based off of Challenger's NarutoxPokemon Challenge though there will be a difference in this one. Kushina will remain alive and will perform a sealing jutsu that'll send her and Naruto into the Pokemon world and so that you all know I'll be creating my own Pokemon in this fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything involved with Naruto or the Pokemon world but I do own whatever characters, techniques, bloodlines, technology, and weapons I created and so that you know there will be violence and will based of the Anime and Manga.

Chapter 1: A New Home

"Kushina, you must reconsider what you're doing." Begged the pleading voice of the Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, the wife of the late Yondaime Hokage and Yellow Flash Minato Namikaze currently had a powerful barrier formed around her, the three large scrolls that contained her clan's techniques as well as the techniques and weapons Minato and his clan created including the Hiraishin and Rasengan and also the Namikaze clan's wealth and treasures. She also held her son in one arm while performing one handed seals in the other.

Said red head was glaring at the old man who was trying to convince her to stay in the village with her son and knew the only reason why Hiruzen wanted this was because Naruto was the last Namikaze and Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune. During the sealing of the Kyuubi Minato managed to push Kushina out the way of the claw that was about to skewer the both of them saving her life and allowing her to be there for their son.

The problem was that not even a week has passed and her son had already had several attempts on his life by a few chunin and some jounin which resulted in the Red Death killing them. Taken aback by this display of hostility by the people Minato gave his life for, she decided that it was enough and she was going to do something about it, as Naruto was going to live happy and free but not in the village since it was impossible, and was pretty sure she would not get far if she tried to leave, not to mention that she and Minato gained a lot of enemies along their careers as a shinobi so she threw that thought out of the window.

Her only resort was to use the forbidden sealing jutsu she learned from her father before her home village was destroyed.

"Why should I Hiruzen? A week has barely passed and already there are people out to kill my son for what he contains and I will not let Minato's sacrifice be in vain." She retorted which made the man flinch.

"But Kushina the people are just angry and confused! I promise you Naruto will be accepted plus this isn't what Minato would've wanted!" He reasoned which only pissed Kushina off further.

"DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME THAT LOAD OF BULLSHIT YOU OLD FOOL! I KNOW HOW JINCHUURIKI ARE TREATED IN THE OTHER VILLAGES AND KONOHA IS NO DIFFERENT!" She screamed. That was when Naruto cried due to Kushina's yelling and said female started to rock him in her arm in order to calm him down.

"Shh, Shh, it's alright Sochi. Kaa-chan's here and she won't let anything bad happen to you." She said soothingly to the child she brought into this world and said baby calmed down and looked at her with his big blue eyes and giggled, reaching out for her with his little stubby arms, which made a smile form on her face. She looked back at Sarutobi with a solemn look on her face.

"Minato may have trusted the village with his son's life but I won't. Naruto will not become a weapon for this village." She said as she finished the last seal and seals formed around the barrier and started to get brighter. "Goodbye Hiruzen." She said.

"No!" Sarutobi cried out while pounding on the dome but then had to back away due to the fact that the dome got brighter and brighter until a flash of light covered the room she was in and died down. Hiruzen looked around only to see no sign of Kushina or Naruto and cursed himself for being so ignorant.

With Kushina and Naruto

The glowing dome that Kushina and Naruto were in appeared in what looked a realm that seemed to be covered with multicolored stars that were in different shapes and sizes and the background was midnight blue. Kushina slowly opened her eyes and looked around. "What the? What is this place?" She asked herself while holding Naruto in her arms.

As she pondered on this, an object that appeared to be a pink comet made its way towards the light blue dome. As it did, it suddenly stops in front of the dome which confused Kushina. That was when it started to form and when it completely morphed, a small pink cat-like creature with large feet, big blue eyes, small pointed ears, a long skinny tail, and short arms with three fingers on each paw appeared before a wide eyed Kushina.

The odd creature blinked a few times and tilted it's head to the side. "Mew?" the small creature said and Mew suddenly entered the dome which shocked Kushina even more since the barrier was an S-classed forbidden fuinjutsu that no physical object could break into. Mew hovered closer to Kushina with curiosity in it's big blue eyes and moved closer and closer until their faces were a few inches away from each other and Kushina was nervous as she has never seen this type of animal before.

"Ummm…hi?" Kushina says while Mew just continued to blink and then tilted its head but then looked down when it saw Naruto slowly open his eyes and when he saw Mew he cooed and reached out for its tail. Mew saw this and had its tail sways around in Naruto's sight and the little blonde let out a laugh as he tried to reach out and grab the object with his little hands while Mew eye smiled and seemed to be playing with Naruto.

Kushina just watched the strange creature play with her first born and couldn't help but smile. "Umm excuse me." She said getting Mew's attention. "Who or what are you exactly?" Mew blinked in confusion but then its eyes widened and nodded at her which confused Kushina for a few seconds until it placed the tip of its tail on her forehead and glowed pink a little.

"Sorry about that but you two are the first humans to enter this realm." Mew said telepathically in a calm and feminine voice which made Kushina's eyes widen.

"You can understand me?" She asked Mew who nodded.

"Yes I can but only telepathically. Oh where are my manners? I'm Mew." She said eye smiling at Kushina.

"It's nice to meet you Mew. I'm Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze." She replied and Mew tilted her head.

"That's a long and strange name for a human to have." Mew stated which made Kushina smile.

"True but I've never heard of a creature named Mew so I guess we're on the same page in a way." Kushina stated which made Mew look at her in confusion.

"What do you mean you've never heard of me? In your realm you humans know a lot about me and my kin. I'm a Pokemon, a creature with extraordinary powers. How could you not know about me?" She asked Kushina who also blinked in confusion.

"I'm sorry if I offended you in any way Mew but honestly I've never seen you or these Pokemon before in my life until now. You're actually the very first one I'm seeing now." She answered and hoped she didn't offend the legendary creature.

"…You're telling the truth. You and your son are not the humans from the world I've been to so you must've come from a different world and dimension because I'm sensing a strange energy emitting from the two of you especially from your son since this energy is even stronger and more than yours. Your son apparently has a being who possesses a high amount of Aura sealed in him." Mew pointed out and got a surprised look from Kushina. "Oh don't worry I won't harm you or your son. I'm merely curious about this energy you two possess." She assured the red head.

"So where are we Mew?" Kushina asked the Psychic Pokeman.

"We're currently floating in the cosmos which makes up the universes that exist now. It is also made up of an energy called Aura which I, some of the other legendary pokemon, and very few humans possess. It can be used in a lot of ways and it's based off of the manipulation of the cosmic energy. I'll send you both to the world where my kin reign but before I do, hold still for a minute." She said and her eyes glowed pink. Kushina's eyes glowed pink as well and Naruto's did the same but then it faded away.

"There. Now take care of yourselves and I hope you two enjoy the gift I've given you and I look forward to seeing you both again someday especially you little Naruto." Mew said eye smiling and before Kushina could say anything the two vanished in a flash of light.

"So you have done it?" Asked a deep and powerful voice in the cosmic realm and Mew nodded. "Good but Mew be sure to check on them from time to time, especially on Naruto. The boy's current aura level was interesting and due to his tenant being an aura creature, it will only get stronger. Perhaps he is the chosen one we have been waiting for and will either save our world or destroy it. Only time will tell." The voice said while Mew nodded in agreement.

Kanto Region, Pallet Town

Delia Ketchum had just returned from Viridian City after having her newborn daughter Ashley go through a checkup and was thankful that today was a sunny day. There were Pidgey and Pidgeotto soaring across the open sky and Rattata were scampering across the fields. She manages to make it back to her house and that was when Ashley started crying.

"You're hungry again?" Delia asked her newborn and sighs. "I swear you got this appetite from your father." She said and saddened. While Delia was pregnant with Ashley her husband Ashton was retuning from a trip at the caves in Seafoam Island with a group of tourists but a cave in occurred and he died protecting a group from having stalagmite hit them and when she got the news, she went into a depression for a while and it was thanks to a good friend of hers Professor Samuel Oak, that she manage to fare out well until Ashley was born.

As she set Ashley in her crib and was about to head into the kitchen and make her a bottle of formula. She saw a flash of white light from her window which surprised her. "What was that?" She asked herself and decided to go check it out.

When she went through the backdoor of her house and made her way into the backyard, She gasps at what she saw before her. The unconscious form of a redhead who had a blonde baby boy in her arms and what appeared to be three large scrolls strapped to her back. "Oh my goodness!" She ran towards Kushina's unconscious form, kneels down, and lightly shakes her on the shoulder. "Hey… hey are you alright?" Delia asked. Kushina let's out a groan and slowly opens her eyes only the see another woman with brown hair who sighs in relief. "Oh what a relief." She said while Kushina blinks a couple of times to get her vision working again and looks at Delia.

Kushina tried to speak but her throat was dry. "Here let me take your son into the house and get him out of this cold." Delia offered and Kushina nodded her head and handed Delia Naruto. After getting Naruto situated in the same crib that Ashley was in, Deliah ran back outside and helped Kushina up and into the house.

Ketchum Residence

Kushina was currently in the living room, sitting on the couch wearing a green robe that Delia gave her and was slowly sipping a mug that contained some warm tea. Said female Ketchum was sitting near the crib feeding Naruto a bottle of formula after she fed Ashley. Kushina finished her Tea and set the mug down.

"Thank you for helping us." Kushina said while Delia looked up and gave Kushina a happy nod.

"It's no problem um… I'm sorry I didn't get your name. I'm Delia Ketchum." She said.

"Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze." The redhead replied. Delia looked down at Naruto and giggled.

"My oh my, your son has quite an appetite just like my daughter Ashley." She said jokingly while Kushina chuckles.

"Yep just like his dad." Kushina replied and Delia looked up at her.

"Your husband too? Wow this is a small world." Delia said while Kushina laughed. "Say is you husband around by any chance? I would love to meet him." Delia asked Kushina who stopped laughing and a solemn look formed on her face.

"He's not with me and my son anymore. He died protecting our village from a major threat." Kushina replied and Delia frowned and looked at Naruto.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know. My husband Ashten died 9 months ago saving some tourists from a cave in at an island." Delia replied as she set Naruto down in the crib and Ashley reached out for her. "Now Ashley be patient we have guests right now. Another trait she gained from Ashten was his impatient attitude." She said picking the giggling girl up in her arms.

"So do you have any place to stay at the moment?" Delia asked Kushina who shook her head.

"Sadly no. Me and my son are not from this world as we were sent here by a small pink creature called Mew." Kushina stated while Delia's eye widened in shock.

"You met a legendary pokemon? Oh you're so lucky." Delia replied while Kushina raised an eyebrow.

"Wait you believe me?" Kushina asked Delia who nodded.

"Of course. I'm no stranger when it comes to the supernatural or things out of the ordinary. Anyway if you want, you and Naruto can stay here until you're fully settled." She offered which shocked Kushina.

"A-are you sure? I don't want to impose" Kushina tried to offer but Delia just eye smiled and waved it off.

"Oh nonsense Kushina I insist you two stay since we single moms got to stick together. That and it would be fun to see our kids grow up together." Delia stated while Kushina thought about it and smiled since she's already made her first friend in this new world.

"Okay then I guess we can stay." Kushina said as she walked over to the crib and picked up Naruto who looked back at her with his blue eyes. "Guess what sochi? You and I have two new friends now isn't that great?" Kushina asked with a grin on her face and Naruto responded by waving his arms around and laughing which made her grin grow but that was when Ashley's brown eyes open up and she started crying.

Delia sighs and once again picks her up and starts to rock her gently in order to calm her down. "Oh Ashley what am I gonna do with you?" She asked jokingly while Kushina giggles at the site.


8 Years Later, Forest Near Pallet Town

A woman with waist length red hair that was tied into a ponytail and had violet gray like eyes who was in her mid to late 20's was wondering around the forest searching for someone. She was currently wearing a dark red short sleeved shirt that hugged her body and had a black spiral pattern around the chest area and wore some black jogging pants with two red linings going down the sides along with a pair of red and black running shoes with black shoe laces.

She was Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze and right now she was currently searching for her eight year old son and was growling. Darn it where the heck are those two? I've been out here searching for them for the last 2 hours darn it." She said with her brow twitching.

"You're telling me." Said a calm and feminine voice and that was when Kushina's First Pokemon, Partner, and friend, Lucario appeared in front of her. Lucario is a Steel/Fighting Type jackal-like Pokémon that nears four feet in height (3'11" exactly). It stands on two feet like its pre-evolved form Riolu. Lucario looks like some what dog like pokemon and a kangaroo in some points.

Though similar in appearance to Riolu, Lucario has some notable differences. Its forepaws are black and it has large pointed spikes in place of the oval shaped bumps on Riolu. There is also a third spike in the middle of its chest. Lucario's ears and muzzle are longer in comparison to Riolu but it retains the black "mask" and red eyes. It also has four black appendages on the back of its head opposed to Riolu, who only had two and were previously located on the side of its head. Additionally, Lucario's torso is covered in yellow fur.

About a year ago when Kushina started to train Naruto in the Ninja Arts they came across two pokemon, a young male Riolu and a Lucario that appeared to be his mother were being attacked by a flock of Spearow and their leader that appeared to be a Fearow with the Lucario having a tough time dealing with the Fearow so Kushina and Naruto assisted them in dealing with the pesky bird like Pokemon.

Afterwards, the two Aura Pokemon were grateful for their assistance and apparently sensed that the two humans possessed a strong and powerful aura like they did and decided to tag along with Kushina and Naruto. Lucario became Kushina's first Pokemon and Riolu became Naruto's though Naruto wasn't officially a trainer or had his licsense but Kushina got hers from Professor Oak.

Kushina named the female Lucario Hikari (Light) and Naruto named Riolu Arashi (Storm or Tempest). Hikari (Arashi's mother) was calm and level headed but can be as fierce and dangerous like Kushina. Arashi was more of an out going and adventurist type just like Naruto was but is also cool and level headed like his mother and also has a sense of humor. Also during his training, Naruto met Kyuubi and surprisingly she wasn't as evil as he thought since Kushina was her former vessel and to their surprise, they found out that she was an Aura creature and not a chakra monster like everyone thought she was.

When she was asked about why her energy felt tainted and full of malice she responded by telling them how Madara Uchiha used his accursed eyes and chakra to control her and stated that his vile and tainted chakra influenced her but thanks to the seal, the taint that had infected her was removed and now she could think rationally and apologizes for ruining both of their lives and to make up for it, she would teach them how to use their aura abilities to the fullest.

So for a whole year the four started their training in using Aura and became good friends ever since. Kyubi Also informed them that in two years, She whould be free of the seal but half of her power will be absorbed into Naruto and make him half human and demon, and also increasing his Aura abilities. She also told Kushina that due to her being her former host she would be a quarter demon since some of her power merged with her energy.

"You know I'm starting to dislike Megumi (Fem. Kyuubi) for teaching Naruto and Arashi how to suppress their aura from our senses." Kushina said While Hikari nodded in agreement.

"Indeed though you have to admit it is fun tracking them down the hard way. My son is very good in hiding since I taught him how to hide from poachers and other dangerous pokemon until he was capable of defending himself." Hikari said while Kushina couldn't help but smile and nod in agreement.

"Yeah that's true and those two are inseparable and act more like brothers than they to as partners especially with those pranks they do on the citizens of Pallet Town." She said and chuckles at the memories until they heard Naruto sneeze.

"Aha!" She said and they two leapt into a bush and two yelps were heard and the sound of struggling was heard until Kushina and Hikari came out of the bushes with Naruto and Arashi. Naruto looked like a younger version of his father with the difference being that his eyes had slit pupils and canines jutting from his upper lip. He was wearing a dark blue short sleeved shirt with a red spiral on it and the kanji fire on the back with a pair of black sweat pants with two white stripes going down the sides and a pair of white and blue running shoes.

Riolu is a black and blue, dog-like Pokémon nearing two and a half feet. Its appearance is similar to its evolved form Lucario, though there are some differences. Its legs and torso are colored black while its head, lower body and tail are blue. Riolu have large, rounded bumps on the backs of its forepaws, placed in a similar fashion to Lucario's spikes. Riolu also have a black "mask" with two black appendages on either side, and red eyes.

"We finally caught you squirts." Kushina said with a triumphant grin on her face while Naruto pouted.

"Only because Arashi's tail brushed against my nose and I sneezed." Naruto muttered, sending a sided glare to the fox Pokemon while said Riolu rubbed the back of his head and smiled sheepishly.

"Come on bro it was an accident." He apologized while the parents put them down and Kushina placed her hands on her hips.

"You should be proud sochi. To hide from me and Hikari-chan here for two hours is very impressive." She commented while Naruto smiled as she praised him for his skills improving.

"What about me mom?" Arashi asked Hikari who snorts.

"You still have a long way to go before being as good as me." She commented which made the pre evolved pokemon face fault and then cry anime tears.

"You always say that! Why can't you ever give me praise like Kushina does with Naruto?" He asks and looks up at Kushina doing the big puppy eyes jutsu Naruto taught him.

Kushina was always a sucker for that technique so she scooped him up in her arms and patted him on the head. "You did an excellent job too Arashi-chan. Don't let your meany of a mom put you down." She said with a grin on her face while Naruto and Hikari rolled their eyes as she put him down.

"Well training is done for today so let's head back home." Kushina instructed.

"Okay. Hey Arashi I'll race you." Naruto said while his best friend grinned from ear to ear.

"Loser has to clean the bathroom for two whole weeks." He said and the two sprinted of leaving a dust trail while Kushina and Hikari blinked a few times and sigh.

"Might as well join them." Kushina said to Hikari who grinned as well and they took off into a blur of red and blue.

Namikaze Residence

Kushina, Naruto, Hikari, and Arashi lived in a two story house that had a lake connecting to a river and a forest behind it and on the house was a golden spiral symbol. The roof was a crimson red color while the house was colored an ivory white color.

The inside of the house was stocked with well defined furniture, had four full bathrooms, and was decorated with Japanese based antiques as well as relics from Kushina's and Minato's clans. She had her husband's customized cloak hanging in her room as a remembrance of her late husband.

Right now, Kushina was lying back on a long deep blue couch with her shoes off while Hikari was curled up in a chair. Naruto and Arashi were in Naruto's room where he was repairing his laptop. After meeting Professor Oak, Naruto gained an interest in the fields that involved Pokemon and Technology and has been working on making his own inventions. Right now he's been working on making a device where a trainer could switch his/her Pokemon without having to go to a Pokemon center. The device would be instantly linked to the lab where said trainer would get their first Pokemon as well as locate every Pokemon Center in every region even the foreign ones.

Professor Oak has assisted the blonde in making the device but so far the young blonde has made little progress. He picks up the rechargeable battery, inserts in into the laptop, and seals it up. "Any luck bro?" Arashi asks his best friend who sighs and shook his head.

"No not yet." Naruto said as he set the laptop on his desk. "I don't know what it is I'm missing. I got the location of all the cities, towns, routes, and Pokemon Centers but I can't seem to get the darn thing linked to them since it needs a lot of virtual memory. I'll just ask oak-oji if he can fix that problem for me." He replied as the Riolu snickered.

"You know he's still irked about you calling him that." He stated while Naruto grinned.

"Yeah I know. Though what's the deal with that cocky jerk Gary? He's always acting like he knows everything just because his Grandpa is a famous Pokemon Researcher." The blonde stated with a scowl on his face. As they lived in pallet town Naruto gained some friends and they were Ashley, who is now a childhood friend and Serena, Gary's older twin sister. Gary was more of an annoying rival than a friend since he always tried to compete with Naruto in well…. Everything and it annoyed the hell out of the blonde.

"Yeah I know. He doesn't even have his first Pokemon yet. Remember when he called me a pet? I gave that loser an atomic wedgie and you put itching powder in his underwear drawers."Arashi said with a grin on his face while Naruto snickered.

"Well I'm hungry. Want to head over to Delia-oba-chan's house and get some free food?" Naruto asked Arashi who nodded.

"Yeah lets but lets head out the window." He said as he opened up the window and lifted it up and leapt out with Naruto behind him.

Hikari's ears twitched and opened one of her eyes. "The boys are gone." She said while Kushina shmirks.

"I know. I just hope Delia brought some extra food knowing our kid's bottomless pit of a stomach will clean out her fridge." She said jokingly while the Lucario chuckles.

And Cut! Hey People here's my new based off of Challenger's NarutoxPokemon Challenge. Also here is a list of the girls that'll be in the harem right now.

Fem. Kyuubi

Ashley (Fem Ash and she'll look similar to Leaf from LeafGreen)

Serena Oak (OC)




Lily, Daisy, and Violet (Misty's Sisters)


Claire (Younger)

Also these will be the Pokemon he'll start off with.

Arashi (Riolu/Lucario): Steel/Fighting

Dratini: Dragon

Scyther: Bug/Flying

Growlithe: Fire

Gyarados: Water/Flying

Rhyhorn: Rock/Ground

Also I'm breaking the four attack rule because apparently it sucks plus this is fan fic. Also Kushina and Delia WON'T be in the harem but don't worry I'll be pairing them up with someone.

Until then Peace Out!