Aura Shinobi

Hey guys I'm back with another chapter for Aura Shinobi. I know a lot of you are shocked that I'm doing a Naruto Pokemon fic but hey I wanted to see what I could do in the crossover but honestly I haven't watched or read the show since I was like 10 years old but I did play most of the versions which were pretty cool.

Anyways the age group Naruto and the others will be in is either 15 or 16 since that seems a lot better than 10 years old I mean really. Now then here's the next chapter.

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Chapter 2: A Fellow Psychic

5 Years Later

Uzumaki Residence


A blur of yellow and blue could be seen clashing and zipping past each other simultaneously. They were a 13 year old Naruto and Arashi who was now a Lucario and the two were training. Naruto suddenly appeared holding his arms up in a blocking position. He was garbed in a deep blue sleeveless shirt with a pair of matching shorts and red and black training shoes.

His physique matched that of someone who exercised daily at his age and was at his physical peak. Naruto's hair also grew out to where it was shoulder length and still as wild and spiky as ever. Lucario appeared and performed a series of barrage punches but then stops, rears his fist back, which glows white and swings it forward only for the attack to phase through Naruto and said blonde faded away.

"Darn it." Arashi says to him self as he skids across the ground for awhile and stops. Naruto lands on the ground and his right arm glows and suddenly ignites into fire and sprints towards his partner. Arashi grins and rears his right foot back and leaps at Naruto. When they get close to each other, Naruto swings his flaming fist forward while Arashi's leg ignites into fire.

"Fire Fist!" Naruto cried out as he swung his fist at his partner.

"Blaze Kick!" Arashi cried out as he performs an Ariel Roundhouse kick at Naruto's flaming fist. When the attacks collided, an explosion occurs that sends the flying in opposite directions. Naruto back flips, lands back onto the ground and performs a series of hand seals.

"Katon: Endan (Fire Release: Flame Missile)." Naruto inhales and unleashes a stream of fire at Riolu whose eyes widened.

"Aura Barrier." A light Blue Barrier forms around Arashi and the flames parted and dissipated while the Aura Barrier faded away. Lucario's fists then glow a violet color which made Naruto's eyes widen.

"Oh crap." The blonde said to himself while Arashi vanished in a blur and appeared in front of Naruto with his fist reared back.

"Poison Jab." Arashi swung a right jab at Naruto's chest and said blonde attempts to dodge the attacks but one of them strikes him in the left arm and Naruto winced and leaps away clutching his arm and looks at it only to see it turn slightly purple but then slowly vanish due to his healing factor.

Naruto then forms a light blue ball of energy in between his hands. "Focus Blast." The blonde calls out and fires the energy ball at Arashi and the attack hits him directly and sends him flying into the ground hard. Arashi struggles to get up from the direct hit only for Naruto to appear with his fist cocked back with electricity cackling around it.

"Do you yield?" Naruto asked in a serious tone while Arashi growls but nods. The electricity dissipates and Naruto steps back to help his partner up.

"You got lucky this time Naruto." Arashi said with a glare on his face.

"Luck had nothing to do with it. Though I'll admit you've gotten faster buddy." He said while the Lucario grinned. "Since when did you know how to use poison jab?" He asked Arashi whose grin grew.

"Mom taught it to me when you and your mom went to Viridian City to get some supplies for the house." He answered.

"Wow. Hey let's head back in and get cleaned up. Mom's taking us to Saffron City with Oak-oji to meet an old friend." He stated which caused Arashi to pump his fist in joy.

"Yes! Finally I get to see a big city! No offense, the country side is awesome and all but it's really boooorrrrriiiing." He drawled out, making Naruto snicker and pat his best friend on the back.

"For once I agree with you buddy. Come on. Let's head back unless you want Ashley-chan and Serena-chan to hug you to death again." He teased which made the Riolu sweat bullets and the next thing Naruto knew, Arashi grabbed him by his wrist and took off like a rocket.

Namikaze Residence

Kushina had just walked out of her room with her hair tied up in a ponytail and falling over her shoulder. "Naruto are you finished yet?" She called out and said blonde was walking out of his room drying his hair with a hair dryer while she shook her head. He was sporting a short sleeved dark blue shirt with a spiral in the center and red lining the edge of the sleevesas well as a grey sleeveless vest jacket with a pair of black cargo pants with two large pockets on each side and wore black fingerless gloves on his hands and also wore blue and white sneakers. "This is why I keep telling you to get a haircut."

Naruto on the other hand frowned and shook his head. "I said it before Kaa-chan I am not cutting my hair at all." He said before shaking it lightly before placing it down. "Besides you should be the last person to talk about someone with long hair."

Kushina snorted and simply brushed a bang back. "Whatever kiddo. You got everything?" She asked Naruto who nodded, pulling his back pack from the couch and tossed the other one to Kushina.

Arashi and Hikari approached their partners who were now hoisting their bags over their shoulders. Kushina then pulled out a red and white miniature sphere like device that was the size of a ping pong ball and then presses the button in the middle of it and is now the size of a soft ball. "In you go Hikari." The Female Lucario nods before and energy construct surrounds her and is absorbed into the Poke-Ball.

Naruto mimics what his mother does and Arashi sighs in annoyance. "I hate those accursed Pokeballs." He mumbles before he too is absorbed into it as well before Naruto places it back on his belt.

"Shall we?" Naruto asked.

"Lets." With that, Kushina locked the house up and they both headed off to the professor's lab.

Saffron City

The helicopter they were taking as transport was flying over the skyscrapers of the large city, containing Naruto, Kushina, and Samuel Oak. Naruto was looking out the window, gazing over the busy sight of the city. "Wow this is so cool." He said as he stares at the skyscrapers.

Kushina chuckles and nods in agreement. "I agree. Even though this is my 8th time being in the city I have to say, the view is amazing." The city practically radiated with activity as people were heading to their destinations either by walking or through vehicles with others traveling around with their Pokemon by their sides.

"Hey oji-san do you think your college friend from that company you mention would be interested in my invention? I brought the blueprints and schematics for the prototype I made?" Naruto asked the Pokemon researcher.

Samuel chuckled and nodded in agreement. "I'm pretty sure he'd be very interested in your invention since Silph Corporation is currently the leading manufacture company in Pokemon technology, is also known to produce several other Pokémon-related items, including medicine and Technical Machines, supplying Poké Marts and being known for creating the pokeball and the other variations and last I heard he was working one another prototype that would make the success rate of catching any Pokemon type 100% efficient." He explained to the enthusiastic blonde whose eyes lit up and had a grin that threatened to split his face.

"100% efficient? That's amazing!" Naruto replied. Kushina chuckles and shakes her head in amusement at her son's expression and leaned back in the seats.

"Just remember Sochi if the invention becomes a success and you make millions, I'm gonna retire early and spend the rest of my life on the beaches of Cinnabar Island sipping fruit punch from a coconut with an umbrella under the sun." Kushina says as she daydreams herself along with Hikari and her other Pokemon relaxing on the beaches in content. Naruto saw this and sweat dropped at the sight.

"If I make millions kaa-san then you could buy your own private island and reserve it for our family only" He said getting a nod from his mother.

"Yep and we can build a large summer home where I'll get to play with all the grandkids you and your wives give me that I can spoil forever." She said with a grin plastered on her face.

Naruto unknowingly nodded back at her other statement but then paused when she mentioned 'wives' and 'grandkids'. "SAY WHAT?!" He shouted with his face matching that of an apple while his mother giggles at his expression. Arashi and Megumi also snicker since Kushina has been teasing her son about giving her a large family so that they could 'repopulate' the Uzumaki Clan since he was the last male.

Before Naruto could make a remark the pilot spoke up. "We'll be landing on the heliport above Silph Corporation in a few minutes, be sure to remained strapped in." He informed the passengers as they descended to the landing point.

Silph Co. Rooftop

The Helicopter landed on the landing point of the building and once the rotors were shut off, the side is pulled off and Naruto along with Professor Oak and Kushina hop out with said red head looking a little green in the face. "I still can't believe you haven't gotten over your air sickness kaa-san I mean you rock climb on high cliffs and mountains using only Kunai, Sky Surf with Pidgeot, and deep see dive in Gyarados infested waters for Kami sakes." Naruto remarked as he released Arashi from the pokeball.

Kushina did the same and released Hikari from hers as well before shaking the feeling off. "Shut it you, I don't hate flying I just don't like the drops we take." She said huffing and folding her arms under her chest while Megumi appears in a vortex of fire in her human form before Naruto, Kushina, and Samuel.

She appeared to be around the same age as Naruto but with a figure that most girls her 'age' would kill to have. She was sporting a reddish orange short sleeved blouse with black lining the edge of the sleeves with a pair of black pants with red sandals. She had fair skin with crimson red hair tied into a high ponytail. Her eye color matched that of her hair with vertical slit pupils. Around her neck was a black choker with a red gem on it and she also wore a pair of earrings in her ear lobes.

"Glad you could make it Megumi-chan. I thought you weren't gonna go on this trip with us." Naruto said to the vixen.

Megumi simply shrugged and twirled a strand of her hair on her finger. "I did but I got bored and wanted to come along since I had nothing to do in the town except prank that Gary brat with Ashley-chan." Naruto snickered at her pranking Gary since the last prank she played on him resulted in Oak's grandson having a bucket of honey and birdseed dumped on him and being chased by a flock of Pidgey and Spearow all across Pallet Town.

Said blonde snickered and shook his head in amusement. Oak sighs in wonder but couldn't help but admit that the pranks the trio did play on Gary did help him on his more stressful days and smiles before seeing three figures head towards them. The first man appeared to be in his late 30's and early 40's with jet black hair that was slicked back and wore a pair of glasses. He was garbed in a dark grey suit with black dress shoes and a white collared up dress shirt with a black tie and the insignia of Silph Co. which composes of an S with two pokeballs on top or bottom.

Beside him was another man who appeared to be in his mid to late 20's with dark purple slicked back and slightly spikey purple hair with a trimmed beard and greyish blue eyes. He had a slight tan complexion and wore a dark blue suit with a matching shirt and tie with a pair of black dress shoes and also wore the same insignia.

Next to him was a woman in a dark orange sleeveless dress and wore a pair of white dress shoes and had light brown hair that was done in a top bun with a couple of curled bangs and white earrings. She had light brown eyes and a fair skin complexion.

"Lawrence long time no see." Oak's greeted to the man in the middle.

"Likewise old friend." Lawrence replied as he greeted the researcher with a hand shake and then noticed Kushina, her son Naruto, and the two Lucario. " See you decided to bring your son along on this trip Kushina."

Said redhead nodded with a smile on her face. "yes and he's been dying to meet the CEO of the company for awhile. So who are the others?"

"Oh where are my manners? The two behind me are Elijah, whose head of security and his wife Marina Ortiz, our company's director in the Computer Technology Department." He introduce as the couple approached the four who greeted each other. When Elijah shook Naruto's hand a hint of surprise formed in his eyes as he sensed Naruto's aura power and the same went with Kushina and Megumi.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Marina replied getting a nod from her husband.

"I take it these two Lucario belong to you two correct?" Elijah asked the mother and son who nodded. " Amazing, this is my first time seeing one up close and I'm pretty sure the bond between them and you is extremely close." Again he got a nod from them and grins from the bipedal fox pokemon. Marina approached Arashi and reaches out to stroke him behind the ear, getting a nod from him and proceeds to pet him. She giggles as she hears Arashi purr in content while Naruto chuckles.

"Naruto was it?" Lawrence asked and got a nod from him. "Samuel here tells me you have a knack for thinking up and making new inventions." Naruto nodded in a positive and excited manner.

"Yeah, I've been working on it since I was 8 years old and I finally manage to get these two prototypes completed and I was hoping that you could give them both a field run?" He asked as he placed his backpack in front and shuffles through it before pulling out what looked like a laptop and the other appeared to be a flat 10 inch wide portable device. Lawrence raised a brow in curiosity as Naruto placed the items on the ground as did Kushina and the Ortiz couple. "I haven't thought up a name for the Laptop but I did for this tablet. I call it the Pokepad."

"Intresting, so what does it do young man?" The CEO asked as Naruto handed him the device which turned on and revealed a screen with a swirl insignia.

"It's an on hand device that comes with a couple of interesting features like a built in map that'll inform you of your destination as well as gives you the locations of cities, routes, and famous sites. It also includes a calendar, weather forecast, and also a built in note book where you can save reminders or important events." Naruto explained as he showed him the map part which revealed the city and building of Silph co. "You can also download information on Pokemon and read their current status as well as find out what habitats they're the most common in."

Lawrence was beyond impressed with this invention as a device of this magnitude could bring a new era in the Pokemon World and if his hunch was correct, his companies' reputation would go up exponentially. Samuel couldn't help but shake his head in amusement as he saw his friend nearly drool at the invention and then coughed to get their attention. "As interesting as it is to see you go gaga over the lad's invention, I believe you wished for to check your new secret project my friend.

The man looked sheepish for a second and nodded in agreement. "Of course, sorry for getting distracted." He apologized. "Elijah perhaps your daughter would like to take the lad here on a tour of the city while the professor and I catch up.

Elijah pondered on this and nodded in agreement as did his wife. "Sure it's no problem. Would you like to meet my daughter young man?" Said blonde nodded in a positive manner as did Lucario. "Very well, come with me and I'll introduce you both. You can bring Lucario with you too if you wish."

"Okay then, later kaa-san." Naruto says as he follows Elijah.

"Later sochi and don't get into mischief." She called to his retreating form.

"No promises!" he replied back and Kushina chuckled in amusement. As Megumi left to join up with the two, Hikari just realized something.

"You do realize that we just allowed our kids and Megumi-sama to venture on their own in a big city with no form of adult supervision right?" Hikari asked her partner. Kushina pondered on it for a while and then paled with wide eyes as she realized the horror she had unleashed onto the city but then snapped out of it, smiling sheepishly.

"I'm thinking too much on this I'm positive Naruto will be on his best behavior." She assured her Lucario who still didn't look convinced.

"And if you're wrong?" She asked her trainer whose smile grew sadistic and an aura of death hovered around her form.

"Then I'm gonna make those little training sessions he's been put through look like a walk in the park compared to the ones he'll have if he so much as even thinks about raising havoc in the city." She answered in a sweet tone that promised pained beyond comprehension.

As Naruto followed Elijah to the building's lounge, he stopped in his tracks and for some reason shuddered in fear. Arashi did the same and they both looked at each other. "Did you just get a feeling that someone close to you is gonna cause you unjustly pain and torture if you did something stupid?" Arashi nodded at the question. "Okay just making sure." Megumi giggled quietly as she saw her former vessel shiver in fear and knew Kushina was the reason behind since she was the only person aside from her he was deeply afraid of and if Naruto had to pick between fighting a Machamp and facing the wrath of his mother, he'd go for the latter.

They finally made it to the lounge, Naruto noticed a girl around his age sitting on a couch with Abra levitating a couple of spoons. She was garbed in a sleeveless violet blouse with a black shirt underneath along pair of black jeans that hugged her legs and a pair of purple shoes. Like Megumi she was fair skinned with violet eyes and long purple hair, reaching all the way down to her back with two short bangs on each side and wore golden earring bulbs in her earlobes.

Naruto's eyes widened in amazement as he witnessed this as did Arashi while Megumi looked impressed at seeing a fellow psychic. Elijah coughed in order to get his daughter's attention, resulting in her losing concentration and dropping the floating spoons as did Abra. "Oh hi Daddy I was just teaching Abra here the levitation spoon trick I learned from you."

Elijah smiled and waved the explanation off. "It's alright Sabrina, I came here to introduce you to our guests here." He informed his daughter. Naruto walked around the man and approached his daughter as did Megumi and Arashi.

"Hi Sabrina-chan, I'm Naruto Uzumaki and this Arashi, my Lucario and Megumi-chan." Naruto introduced getting a grin from Arashi and a nod from Megumi. Sabrina's eyes widened though when she laid eyes on Arashi.

"You have a Lucario? That's amazing I've always wanted to see one up close." She said in an excited manner before smiling sheepishly. "Sorry I mean I'm Sabrina Ortiz and this is Abra." She turned her attention to the telekinetic Pokemon who apparently was sleeping, resulting in Sabrina sweat dropping. "Who is currently sleeping right now." She finished in a slight depressed tone.

"Oh it's okay Arashi here's the same way whenever he gets bored." He said patting his partner on the head. "I noticed that you were using telekinetic powers to levitate those spoons right?" He asked. Sabrina blinked a few times and nodded in agreement, hoping that he wasn't gonna make fun of her for it, but much to her surprise, he was smiling in a delighted manner. "That's awesome because I along with Megumi-chan and my Kaa-san can do the same thing."

Sabrina's eyes widened as she witnessed Naruto hold his hand out and levitate the spoons along with the table into the air before gently setting it back down. Megumi does the same but points her finger at Abra's sleeping form and places him on the floor beside the female Psychic. Elijah was the most impressed especially due to how skilled Naruto was with his Psychic powers.

"Incredible! Sabrina is still training to improve her telekinetic abilities but this boy and the girl are already several steps ahead of her." He thought.

"Y-you and her h-have the s-same powers as me." Sabrina stammers out.

"Yeah pretty cool huh? Having psychic powers is very cool except for a few of the backlashes." Naruto stated. Sabrina on the other hand was curious about what he meant.

"Really like what?" She wondered while Arashi snickered at Naruto as did Megumi.

"I almost put myself into a coma when I tried to spread out my telepathy and connect with several other people's mind mentally to see what they were thinking. I got a headache the size of a Snorlax after I broke the connection." He answered, rubbing the back of his head in an embarrassed manner.

Sabrina giggled as well but had her hands over her mouth while her father chuckled at the explanation. "You're not the only one who went through that lad. I had some trouble mastering my psychic abilities when my mother taught me."

"Wasn't that the time when you were focusing on levitating a large rock but then lost concentration and it fell on your foot when mom walked by the house?" Sabrina asked her dad with a teasing smile on her face. Elijah's brow twitch in annoyance, giving his daughter a slight glare and inwardly blaming his mother for telling that story to her but lets it go for now.

"I was gonna ask you to take Naruto and his friends here on a tour through Saffron city but I think I'm having second thought since you love to tell embarrassing stories of my youth to our guests..." He drawled and inwardly smiled as he saw Sabrina pale due to being stuck in the lounge for the last 5 hours.

"No!" She cried out but blushed and calmed down. "I mean I'd love to take them on a tour through the city."

Elijah chuckled and pats her on the shoulder. "Thank you dear now get going I have to do my runs with the security officers in a few minutes and be back around 7:30 alright?" Sabrina nodded in agreement and got a kiss on the forehead from her father who then left the lounge and headed to the elevator.

She put Abra back into the Pokeball and places it on her belt. "So are you ready for the tour around the city?" She asked the three and got a nod. "Great but we're gonna have to wait for the elevator to come back up."

Naruto looks back at the elevator and chuckles before shaking his head. "Who said anything about taking the elevator?" Megumi caught on in what he meant and the three of them gathered around Sabrina who was wondering what they were doing. Naruto place a hand on her and Arashi while Megumi placed a hand on Naruto who closed his eyes before they each glow a golden color and vanished into thin air.

They appear outside the front of the building and Sabrina was speechless due to witnessing the telekinetic technique Naruto used. "Y-you know how to teleport?" The astounded girl asked the blonde Aura user and got a nod from him.

"Yep, my mom taught me how to use them proficiently and I also learned from Megumi-chan here." He answered before noticing the glum look on her face. "Uh Sabrina-chan are you okay?"

"…No because I don't even know how to teleport yet." She answered with a pout on her face. Megumi on the other hand smiles and gives her a pat on the back.

"Oh don't feel bad Sakura-san, teleportation is one of the most difficult techniques to learn and master," Naruto nodded in agreement since he had a tough time learning how to use it properly, "When Naruto learned how to use it, he ended up crashing into several trees, free fell from the sky into a lake, and even left an imprint of his body on his house." She finished with a grin on her face, causing Naruto to face fault and Arashi chuckled as he remembered that happening and he along with Kushina and Ashely laughed hysterically at the event. Naruto got up glaring at Megumi and Arashi, mumbling incoherent words to himself.

"Can we get started on the tour now?" Naruto asked in annoyance. Sabrina giggled and nodded and lead the group into the city.

And Cut! Sorry for the short chap folks but I just wanted to make a time skip to where Naruto is 13. Also I'm gonna do some readjusting of the harem since I did kinda rush it but Ashley, Megumi, and Serena Oak are on the list as is Sabrina. I'm also doing some research on the show/anime/videogame/manga in order to backtrack on how much I have to study in terms of moves, types, abilities, etc.

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