"Harry, you have to do this."

Harry felt vaguely ill at the idea of completing the task at hand. He really shouldn't be feeling this way, he should just march through the door and do what needed to be done. He wasn't the type of person that shied away from doing what was necessary. "I don't think I can do this." The words were foreign on his tongue and he was able to recognize how odd they sound.

They were odd enough that they caused Ginny to nearly double over in laughter. "Are you serious? You, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived to Kill Voldemort, or whatever it is they are calling you these days is scared to walk through my front doors. Mind you, you've walked through them a million times before. You're scared to walk through my front door and speak to my father."

Harry mulled over her words for a moment, she was right he on all accounts. He had been the one to defeat Lord Voldemort, he was in the Auror training program at the ministry. He had witnessed horrible things in his 18 years of life, had mourned the loss of friends and family but this, this he couldn't face. "Yes."

Ginny's hands were on her hips, a stance Harry had seen Mrs. Weasley take with her children on more than one occasion but her face betrays her. "If you don't march in there and do it right now then I'm going to do it. And then I'll tell George and Ron that you're scared of Dad, they'll get a good laugh out of that."

"Maybe we could wait a couple of days, you know everyone is here. Bill and Fleur are here with the baby, and Teddy will be wanting to play and..." He fumbled for excuses now and the look on Ginny's face told him he wouldn't be getting away with anything today. He had promised her that he would talk to her father over Christmas which equated talking to him today.

"You know what?" Ginny moved her hands from her hips to fold her arms across her body. "Maybe I will just go inside and tell them all."

He hadn't thought that it would be that big of a deal, he'd always like Mr. Weasley quite a bit, in fact he considered the Weasley family like his own. He'd asked Ginny to marry him on her first Hogsmeade trip of her 7th year and promised her that they would tell their family and friends over the Christmas holiday. He hadn't intended to do that, of course he'd known he was going to marry Ginny Weasley for a long time now but he'd intended to wait until he was done with Auror training - until she was done with school. Ultimately he'd wanted to wait until they were older. That of course had been until she had sat across from him at The Three Broomsticks and the words had just tumbled out of his mouth.

They were happy, their world was at peace and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

"Ginny wait." She was halfway across the yard when Harry darted after her. "You're right, I'm sorry." Harry placed his hands on her hips, dipping his head close to her face. "Forgive me for being a stupid git?"

"Are you actually going to go into the house and talk to my father? Because I'm serious I will just do it myself."

"You lot coming in?" Ron was standing at the doorway with the door open, the noise of the filled to the brim Borrow filters out.

"Yeah," Harry called back taking Ginny's hand, "we're coming." The two walked toward the house and Harry didn't feel nervous. Everything felt right. Just like it had when she'd sat across from him and he'd asked her to marry him. Just like it had been when she had kissed him all those years ago.