A/N: I am sorry, but I will be discontinuing this story. I hate to say this but, I just can't handle writing it anymore. It feels like I am doing homework now, and it bothers me. Writing should be fun, not work. And I have no idea where to go with this. I know it is inconsiderate of me not to continue, but I feel like it is better you get an explanation from me rather than me abandoning this story randomly like several authors in the past. Hopefully some of you can understand what I mean, that it's not only writer's block, but also disinterest.

Please, I apologize sincerely and do not attempt to change my mind, but really, this story has been stressful and the reason why is because it seemed like a good idea at first, but I did not outline it. So, in every chapter I was just spit-balling what to write. I do not know how to end this story, and I think the best solution is if I end it.

Trust me, it's better than having to write chapters that I put no effort in and are horrible to read, that will just damage the story's reputation. I promise that if I ever write again, I will never do the same mistake. So, a bit of advice to you writers out there: OUTLINE your story before you begin, it's horrible to be on the 15th chapter and not know how to end it.

Please, don't leave any rude reviews as to why I am doing this, don't comment. I already feel bad enough already. I am really sorry.

A big thank-you and appreciaton for those who have read this story, I really hate myself doing this to you guys, it makes me such an inconsiderate bitch. :(