Love is an act of endless forgiveness.

Noah Puckerman was not the type of person that was able to see change coming, far too many times in his life his life had been turned upside down and it knocked him flat on his ass. Which was why he woke up that morning at 4:30 like he always did, nothing felt any difference then any other day. He got up in the dark for his morning run and was back and showered just it time make sure that Rachel was up. He didn't miss the period of time he had shared with his wife where they had worked opposite schedules and to be honest he loved that he had to practically drag her out of bed every morning so she wouldn't be late for class.

"Morning babe," she looked beautiful as she stretched out on the bed, her back arching slightly off the bed and showing off her rounding belly. He had never known that he wanted to be a father until the stick at turned pink and now he couldn't keep his eyes or hands off the taunt stomach that protected the baby he would meet in just five months. "Come back to bed, I'll make it worth your while."

He gives in for a few minutes, because shit he's a man and he's loving what these pregnancy hormones are doing to his wife, but it doesn't change the fact that he has a crew that will be waiting for him and she has students. Shit, when did he become the responsible one in this relationship? "Babe, I have a crew that will bail if I don't show up, if they don't show up we won't get the project finished early. If we don't get the project finished early there goes my bonus. No bonus means no Pottery Barn filled nursery. If you get up and right now and showered, I could make it worth your while."

"Fine." Rachel's pout had turned into a grin as she moved out of the bed slowly and stopped at the doorway of the bathroom, "but don't forget the soy bacon this time, Baby really likes the fake bacon." He watched her rub her hand across her stomach and he could feel the pride that had been growing in him as that baby grew in her. He had thought that his father had beat out any desire or will to be a father, he had spent a long time afraid that he would be a terrible father. If he was being completely honest he was afraid that he was going to become the man that his father was, a wife and child beater who drank too much and would disappear for long periods of time only to show up just as life was feeling safe and normal to start the entire cycle all over again.

That's why falling in love with Rachel had been perfection. They had met their freshman year in college, he'd been screwing her roommate when they first met and too be honest he'd known from that start that she was a crazy person: a tiny, high strung crazy person. Which did not explain why he started showing up at her dorm when he knew her roommate was out. To this day he's not sure what she had seen in him back then, she was on a full ride scholarship through NYU's theater program and he had put himself thousands of dollars in debt to put himself through their business program. She said that she liked that he was driven and he started to find that he loved her craziness. The fact that she didn't want children had been icing on the cake.

Yet here they were, together twelve years and married for eight of them and they were happy. He wished he could say still happy, but he had married a crazy person, remember, and as much as he hated it there was a part of him that was his father. Which was absolutely not to say that he would ever lay a hand on his wife or his children, he'd come to that realization through, yes he was man enough to admit it, a couple counseling sessions that he and Rachel had attended together. The counselor had assured them that just because Rachel had never had a mother figure in her life and Puck had an abusive father didn't not mean that they were predisposed to be bad parents.

The morning went perfectly "baby" was perfectly happy with the omelet he sat down in front of Rachel and he was out the door to avoid the bad morning traffic. Really, not only was he not aware that in a couple hours a woman would walk through the doors of his office and threatened to destroy his marriage, he was pretty sure this was going to be a great day. They'd finish the job he'd been working on for weeks, call it a day early and he'd take Rach out to celebrate. So as he pulled into the driveway of the house they were finishing a remodel on he's whistling a song that Rachel plays in the house so much that it generally makes him want to punch himself in the face just so he doesn't have to hear it anymore.

Yup, as far as he was concerned it was going to be a great day.