Back in the country of Oto Kurogane had learned of a certain strength. The strength found in waiting. Now here he was, standing just inside an almost completely destroyed awning waiting yet again. This time he was waiting for Sakura though, and didn't so much mind the waiting, it gave him a chance for his mind to catch up with everything. So much had happened in the course of the past day.

Suddenly Fai, they were on first name terms now which stung to no end, came bolting out of the shell of a building.

"You let her go out there alone?" he yelled, no use in hiding it now. Kurogane was kind of hoping he'd sleep through this, but no.

"Yes." he answered.

"Why?" he demanded. Kurogane thought it was glaringly obvious, but maybe it wasn't.

"She wanted to."

"What if she doesn't come back? I'm going after her!" That sentence put an end to whatever else was going on in Kurogane's head Fai was about to be stupid, again, and he had to stop him. Teach him, what not so long ago he himself had learned. Show him the strength found in waiting.

To his regret he was unsuccessful, but the guy who was Syaoran, but not was able to. He who had just been an observer through all of this was able to get through to Fai, show him the strength. Kurogane had no idea where Syaoran had learned this but he was proud of the kid, proud and a little envious he'd been able to do what Kurogane hadn't.