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The light started to filter threw slightly opened blinds stirring awake a large figure from a peaceful slumber. Slowly the large figure opened his violet eyes. These were the eyes of the one and only Ivan Braginski. Ivan groaned slightly shifting a bit spine cracking here and there. Ivan looked down to see an adorable sight, in his opinion anyway. What he saw was his lover curled up in his arms his pink lips parted softly and softly breathing.

'Gilbert's so cute when he sleeps. Well he's always cute but still . . .' that was the only thing he could think about. Ivan quite enjoyed days like this. He absolutely loved the days when he would wake up with his little krolik in his arms. It was always so different when they were alone. Gilbert would let his little act drop whenever they were alone. The usual arrogant, loud, cocky "I'm Awesome!" Gilbert would disappear and came out a surprisingly innocent and shy but equally as awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt he just didn't shout "I'm Awesome" all the time.

The shy and quiet Gilbert that only Ivan and a few select others knew was the real Gilbert. The Gilbert who usually had a blush spread across his cheeks. The one who barley spoke and if did was almost always barley above a whisper. The other Gilbert was a lie. Yes, that's right the loud and boisterous Gilbert that we know is a total fake. It was just mask to hide insecurities and initial shyness, a mask others believe without any doubt in their minds.

Ivan was delighted that Gilbert trusted him enough to let his true self come through.

Yep, He definitely loved days like this. Ivan started feeling movement come from the bundle in his arms. Gilbert groaned slightly opening is red eyes. He looked up. A soft smile blossomed on his face. "Dobroe utro, moya lyubov" Ivan said. Gilbert smiled, let out a content sigh and snuggled deeper into Ivan, intending to go back to sleep. But Ivan grabbed his chin forcing Gilbert to look up. "Huh Ivan" said a confused Gilbert. Ivan looked into Gilberts' eyes. Now Gilbert was not expecting what came next. No not a kiss that's somewhat cliché. No, Ivan simply stated "YA lyublyu tebya i vsegda budu lyubitʹ tebya." Gilbert just blushed. After a few moments he said "Ich liebe dich auch, für immer und ewig.'' Ivan just smiled. He kissed Gilbert on the forehead and they both settled for a few more hours of sleep together.

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Translations: (P.S. this is all from google translator i hope it's acurate.)

Krolik: Rabbit

Dobroe utro, moya lyubov: Good morning, my love

YA lyublyu tebya i vsegda budu lyubitʹ tebya: I love you and always will love you.

Ich liebe dich auch, für immer und ewig: I love you too, forever and always.