Fighting for My Life

Footsteps echoed behind me as I walked down the dark street. I had just left the bar and was heading home after spending time with my friends. Tadase had offered to walk me, but after his awkward confession of love and my rejection of his feelings, I didn't think it was a good idea.

Dark figures moved behind and in front of me. I knew that I was in a bad situation. Happy with my decision not to drink with my friends, I prepared myself to fight. If these guys wanted to rape me then I wouldn't go easily. I turned to face them with my back firmly against the wall, leaving no chance for one of them to get me from behind. Thank God I wasn't wearing heels.

The guy to my right lunged first. I was expecting some kind of cornering of the prey and mocking me as they moved closer, but that didn't seem to apart of the agenda. I moved swiftly to my left, making him crash into the brick wall behind me. His face hit hard and I helped him hit it. My hand caught the back of his head and I used my strength to help him get there.

The guy to my left decided to go for me while I was busy with the first. His fist collided with the side of my head. For a moment I was dazed. I stumbled but managed to keep my feet. The first thug was still on the ground. His nose was bleeding and he didn't look like he was moving. I shifted down the wall from him just in case he was faking. I used my move sideways to kick the guy that had punched me in the groin. His face contorted and he collapsed forwards onto his knees. I brought my knee up and smashed in his face.

I thought I had a chance to escape. I took the opening only to be tackled by another thug. He smashed my face into the concrete twice before flipping me over onto my back. I continued to struggle but there was little I could do to stop his roaming hands. Three other guys loomed above as.

"Yeah, get her Deri! Make her want it!"


I guess 'Deri' didn't appreciate my screaming. He slapped his hand over my mouth to muffle my noises. With his other hand he began tearing my shirt. My arms and legs were flailing, but he was too heavy for me to get him off me. I did the only thing I could think of, I bit his hand.

He slapped me hard and spit in my face. "You bitch!"

The slap hurt but his hand was gone from my mouth. I didn't waste time not screaming. "OH GOD! OH GOD! HELP! HELP ME!"

Deri rolled off me and hopped to his feet. The four of them surrounded me as I tried to get to my feet. I blocked the first kick with my forearms, but not the rest. My sight started to go dark as I cowered on the ground with my arms wrapped around my head. Their boots continued to stomp on the softer parts of my body. I could no longer scream.

Then they stopped. All I head was "Oi! What the fuck!" and I was gone.

I woke to find myself in a dark room with dark blue walls and two covered windows. There were no desks or dressers, but I saw the doors to a closet and bathroom. The bed was huge and the sheets matched the walls and were very comfortable. My body ached from my head to my feet. There was no way I was going to wake up not remembering the fight. I turned my head slightly to the side and found a man sleeping in a chair next to my bed. He wore a dark blue shirt and black pants. His hair was midnight blue and his skin seemed a little pale. I tried to speak but my throat only released a small croak. I swallowed without spit. My throat burned as if someone had forced me to eat hot coals. My movements were too weak for me to get up, but my shuffling seemed to have woken him. His sapphire eyes snapped open and met my honey colored ones with concern.

"Where are we?" I was surprised that my voice semi worked. For a moment I thought he hadn't heard me.

"I brought you to my house. That was quite a beating you took."

No hint of a smile on his face, though I am sure that I saw relief. I tried once more to get up. He watched me for several minutes until he realized what I wanted and propped me against the headboard.

After several moments of awkward silence. "Ikuto."


"It's my name." He looked at me expectantly.

"Amu," I answered the quizzical look in his eyes.

"Would you like to take a bath, Amu?"

Blush spread through my face. "What are you? Some kind of pervert?"

He chuckled at me. I was about to mutter some not so nice things but he spoke again. "I didn't mean I was going to give you one." His eyes captured mine. "I can if you want."

I looked down at myself as he spoke. My body was covered with dry blood, cuts, bruises and a lot of dirt. "Um okay, if you think I can handle it."

He chuckled, "You are just sore. Nothing was broken and there was no internal damage." He must have seen the confused look on my face because he answered my unasked question. "I had a doctor come and check you out."

I nodded my head, which hurt really bad, and with his help I made it to my feet. Each step added to the excruciating pain running through my body. I couldn't believe I hadn't passed back out. He got me to the bathroom and ran water in the tub. He left after setting out a couple of clean towels so I could take off my clothes off and climb in. I let the water relax me and wash off the filth of the attack. I looked around the room, not really surprised that it was the same dark blue color as the bedroom had been. The sink and tub were made of white marble and another door led off to where I figured the toilet was hidden. A large bench with a black metal frame and a navy cushion sat against the wall opposite of the tube. The tube was big enough for at least three people. I enjoyed the space and stretched out my limbs. They weren't as painful under the water.


The noise echoed through the house. I was sure it was the front door, but I wasn't concerned since this was Ikuto's house. I heard an angry voice and something slam. I hoped that Ikuto wasn't in some sort of trouble as I waited for sound to once again reach me in my bath. Silence surrounded me to an uncomfortable level. I tried to get out of the tub, but my arms were not strong enough to move my body yet. Footsteps sounded outside the door.


"Yes, Ikuto?"

"There is someone here to see you."

My thoughts rushed through my mind. Who could possibly know where I was. "Uh, who is it?"

"He says that he is one of your friends and is demanding to see you since he found out that you were mugged."

"I wasn't mugged," I retorted.

"Do you want to see him?"

I thought for a moment before my curiosity got the better of me. "Yeah I better check it out. I do have a problem though."


I rolled my eyes and ground my teeth, "I can't get out of the tub."

His laughter reached my ears, making me blush. "I can come in and get you out. I promise not to look."

My face redden though he couldn't see me, "Really? Thanks!"

The bathroom door squeaked open and Ikuto came in with his hand over his eyes. "I promise no peaking. I am just going to look for the towels." He spotted one and threw it at me. "Wrap this around yourself."

I caught the towel before it hit the water. I stared at the fluffy cloth in confusion. "But it will get all wet?"

He smirked. "Would you rather I see you naked?"

I quickly wrapped it around my body under the water. "Okay."

Ikuto took his hand off his face and smiled at me. "I am going to pull you out and set you on the bench," he pointed over his shoulder. "Dry yourself off with the other towel and I will bring you clean clothes."

I nodded as his arms sunk under the water. I tried to help him by wiggling into his arms. I splashed him instead. He started laughing and scooped me up out of the tub. He set me on the bench and left. I dried myself off as quickly as I could before he returned with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Of course, they were dark blue like his room and his bathroom.

"It's all I've got."

"I don't need anything else," I smiled while taking the clothes from him. "Um, can you wait outside and then take me downstairs when I am finished?"

He nodded and stepped out, closing the door behind him. I struggled into the clothing. My body did not want to move the way I wanted it to yet. I took several minutes, but the clothes made it on my body.

"Okay, I am ready."

Ikuto came back in with a grin. "I know you might not like it, but I am going to carry you down there since you could barely put your clothes on."

I just nodded, letting him pick me up again as I blushed. I brushed my wet pink hair back from my face as he carried me out the bathroom and through the bedroom. The rest of the house carried on the blue theme. Every room I saw was dark. I looked at Ikuto to see if I could detect any hint of a crazy person inside him, but he seemed normal.

We entered the living room and much to my surprise Tadase was sitting on a black leather sofa. He stood when Ikuto entered with me in his arms. His face turned from worry to disgust.

"Is that really necessary?"

"Yes," I answered before Ikuto could say anything. I knew a light blush colored my face. I didn't want Tadase to be rude to him. "I can't walk because a bunch of guys beat me up. Ikuto is helping so be nice."

I felt Ikuto chuckle before he set me down on the couch. Tadase stood before us. Ikuto squeezed my hand, "I am going to go grab some drinks. Amu, I think it is time to get some fluids in your body."

I nodded and watched him leave. He smirked at me noticing the blush in my cheeks. That comment shouldn't have made me think about that but somehow when he said it, it did. I turned back to Tadase to find him looking at me almost hungrily. He made me uncomfortable with his stare and I shifted, wincing at the pain that small move sent through my body. His expression didn't change as he watched me conquer my pain. For a guy that claimed to love me, he was heartless.

"What's the problem?"

"I don't like the look that guy that is taking care of you."

I fiddled with the leather on the couch so I didn't have to look at him. "I don't think you should worry about Ikuto. He's a good guy."

"I'm worried though. You shouldn't be with him. I don't like it." He balled his fists up but stayed where he was.

Realization hit me. He was jealous. "I told you before that I don't have those feelings for you, Tadase. I'm sorry, but that hasn't changed. I think you should leave." I wanted Ikuto to hurry up and come back with the drinks. I didn't want to be alone with Tadase any longer.

"I know what you said. I swore to myself that if you couldn't love me then you couldn't love anyone." He relaxed his fists and stepped forward.

"What are you saying?"

"I'm sorry that I am going to have to do this to you. I love you and I'll always be true to you, but if you can't be true to me then you don't deserve to live. I thought you would be killed by those men. I don't know how you survived, but I am not going to risk it again." He took another step forward.

My back couldn't press any harder against the back of the couch. My muscles were screaming in agony. My body was too weak to fight back. Tadase could easily kill me and run before Ikuto came back. "You're going to kill me because I don't have feelings for you? How am I supposed to have feelings for someone who wants to kill me?"

"You made it clear that you will never have feelings for me."

He leaped, I screamed and ducked. I waited for his body to hit mine. He was going to pin me to the couch and squeeze the life out of me. I kept waiting for his sweaty hands to find me, but they didn't. There was a crash. I opened my eyes to see Ikuto in front of me. He gently picked me up from the couch and hugged me to him, but not before I saw Tadase. He could have been sleeping the way he looked so peaceful with his eyes closed and his blonde hair spread out around his head, except his head was twisted backwards. He lay on his stomach but his head faced the ceiling. Hugging Ikuto closer, I shuddered as I realized he was dead.