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~Fighting For My Life~

My parents are the strangest parents in the world. My friends don't have parents like mine. Their parents are always polite in front of others, but my friends tell me that they fight in private. Mama and Papa rarely fight. When they do they hide in their room so that they can talk about it without me having to worry about it. Sometimes I hear Mama screaming but it doesn't sound like she's in pain.

I've asked Papa once but he said that it isn't something for me to worry about. All he will tell me is that when Mama and Papa fight like that, I should take care of the younger kids and make sure that nothing bad happens.

Then there is all the giggling that Mama does. 'I'm just happy.' She says, but I know. Papa is tickling her. I can see his hands as the sneak onto her waist. I get tickled there too so I'm not surprised that Mama is giggling. I don't understand why she lies though.

It is more than embarrassing when my friends are over and my parents are sharing kisses as they walk through the house together. They tell me that they can't help it. When two people love each other so much they don't want to stop touching each other. Papa also said that that was the reason for Mama's belly to get so big all the time. I'm not stupid though, I know that Papa has to hug Mama in order to grow a baby in her belly, but they won't tell me how it really works.

My friends just smile when they see my parents because they don't mind. They tell me that they wish their parents were more like mine. I don't know why they'd want that.

There they go again, my parents just got home. Giggling and laughing in each other's arms while they stumble in through the door. Mama's belly barely allows her to fit, but Papa holds her anyways.

"What are you doing, Yoru?"

"Where are your sisters?"

"Ran, Miki and Su are already in bed. I'm just working on my homework."

"How much homework could a kid in kindergarten have?"

Silly Papa doesn't understand anything. I have to work hard now so that I can keep taking care of my sisters. "I'm just doing my worksheets."

Mama smiled as she came over to see me working so hard to color the right pictures. "That's my little man! Working so hard to make Mama proud of him."

Papa smirked as he moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her so that his hands rested on her growing belly. "I think Yoru is doing a great job. Why don't you go play for a while before bed?"

I nodded before getting up and going. Papa held Mama there though so they just watched me as I left. I didn't leave though; I stayed to see what they were going to do. Papa turned Mama around so that she had to face him and placed another one of their long kisses on her lips. I don't understand why Mama likes it when he does that.

She pulled away to smile at him. Mama has one of the best smiles ever. I love it when she smiles. Papa does too, that's why he tries to make her do so all the time.

"What are we going to name the new baby girl?"

Papa only smirked before placing another quick kiss on her lips. "What do you think about Dia?"

Mama smiled again before kissing Papa this time. I guess she likes the name. Great, they are going to have another baby girl. I'll have a new baby sister in a short amount of time. Why can't they have a baby boy instead? I tried asking once before, but Papa said they didn't have a choice.

Once Papa pushed Mama down onto the couch, I decided to go play like they asked me to. I don't like watching them be mussy anyways.


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