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Blaine snuck down the hall to Kurt's room, a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a key in another. He hoped Kurt wouldn't be too mad that he'd stolen his key and had a copy made while Kurt was in classes one day. Of course not, he thought. He'll think it's romantic. It's not like I'm a creeper or anything. It was near 1:00am on a Saturday night, and quite a few of the rooms surrounding Kurt's were empty, as many students were home for the weekend. Blaine had been happy when he heard that Kurt was staying at Dalton this weekend; he'd been going home almost every Friday right after his last class and not returning until late on Sunday for a few weeks now.

As he approached Kurt's door, he realized he was a little nervous, which was not a feeling he was used to much. A month ago, he'd have been much more confident, but Kurt was so different now. He'd gone home one Friday as usual, but returned on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday, grinning from ear to ear and almost glowing. Previously, when he'd see Blaine in the halls after catching him and Luke together, Kurt would flash him a hurt look and avert his eyes. On that day, however, he'd breezed by Blaine, arching an eyebrow at him as he passed and never losing his smile from a moment. Blaine had turned around to watch him walk away, surprised. Kurt was strutting down the hall, hips swaying and shoulders straighter than Blaine had seen since Kurt came to Dalton. It almost looks like he got taller. That can't have happened, right?

The confidence and poise lasted well beyond that afternoon. All traces on the tentative boy wishing he could fit in better had disappeared seemingly overnight. In fact, it seemed like Kurt honestly didn't give a crap what any of his classmates thought of him anymore, seeming to exist in an invisible bubble of contentment and self-satisfaction. There was something every attractive and…well, kind of sexy about it. Blaine had always thought Kurt was nice looking, but he was like a cute little puppy that followed him around looking for affection and approval. Blaine liked Kurt, he just didn't feel any chemistry with him, and as such was more than happy to take things slow in the courting department. But now that Kurt was so self-assured and upbeat seemingly 24-7, Blaine was intrigued. No, Blaine was interested.

Just look at last week. Kurt had turned down the offer to audition for a solo with the Warblers at Regionals. Everyone stared open mouthed at him, sitting on the edge of a side table and examining his manicured nails like blowing the opportunity off was no big deal at all. Finally he stood and said, "Really, what's the point? It's obvious I'm not what you're looking for in a soloist, and I've got zero interest in trying to be what you are looking for." He smirked. "After all, it's all about the team, right? I'm more than happy to shuffle through the choreography and sing the chorus parts behind Blaine with the rest of you guys." Then he reached down and plopped Pavarotti's cage on the head table, right in front of Wes's wide eyes. "By the way, can I give this thing back now? I'm tired of changing the newspaper liners every other freaking day. It's pretty gross."

Yes, Kurt Hummel was surely different now, and Blaine's interest was piqued. He'd tried to talk to Kurt a few times, but he always got the feeling that Kurt was mentally a million miles away when they spoke. He would smile at Blaine, but it never really reached his eyes. It was like Kurt was talking to some elderly relative he was stuck sitting next to at Thanksgiving dinner; nodding and making all the right noises, but really not paying attention. Nearly every time he saw Kurt during free periods, Kurt was texting like mad and grinning at his phone like he was sexting with Taylor Lautner. He would disappear into his room as soon as dinner was over, and several times Blaine heard him talking and laughing with someone on the phone, or maybe on Skype as he passed his door. He could never make out any words, though. The more aloof and distant Kurt was, the more Blaine wanted him. He'd never had to be the one to lead the chase before; he was usually the chase-ee and like it that way. But there was something about Kurt now that he was just dying to get a better look at, so he figured it would be worth it to be the pursuer for a change.

He slipped the key into the door and turned it, hoping the click wouldn't give him away. He pushed the door open and entered quickly, closing it noiselessly and pressing his back up against it. The rooms were designed with a tiny alcove when you first walked in, but it only took 2 or 3 steps to enter the main bedroom. Blaine was surprised to see the room wasn't fully dark; it looked like Kurt had left his bedside table lamp on. Maybe he's not asleep after all, thought Blaine. He took a step, his feet silent on the carpeted floor. Suddenly, he heard a noise and it made him jump.


Blaine couldn't believe his luck. Not only was Kurt awake, he was masturbating! It was perfect; he couldn't have planned it better. He'd walk in, and Kurt would be so sweetly embarrassed. Blaine would assure him that there was nothing to be bashful about, and offer to take over for Kurt. After he gave him the flowers, of course. Kurt was such a hopeless romantic, he was sure to love them, and be impressed by Blaine's thoughtfulness. Within a few moments, he'd have the younger boy writhing and moaning, he just knew it. He was just about to take another step, bringing him into the room, when he heard Kurt speak.

"How does that feel, baby? You like it?" Kurt's voice managed to somehow be high and gravely at the same time. It certainly wasn't a tone Blaine had ever heard from him before.

Who the hell is he talking to? Blaine wondered. Is he pretending there's someone with him? He was convinced that Kurt must be fantasizing as he jerked off, when he heard a voice answer. One much deeper, and completely different from Kurt's.

"Ohhhhh God, yeah! It feels so good," the voice groaned.

What the…? Blaine was stupefied. Who could it be? Kurt never hung out with anyone at Dalton, and sneaking someone in after hours from the outside was a move so ballsy, Blaine had never even considered it. You could be expelled on the spot if you were found out.

Kurt's voice responded, sharply. "Oh God yeah who?" he snapped. "What's my name, bitch?" Blaine was shocked to feel a bit of a tingle in his nether regions at hearing that soft, high voice become so commanding.

"Kurt!" cried the other voice. "Oh God, Kurt. It feels so good." A loud moan followed.

Blaine knew he should leave. And he was just about to, when he heard a sound that stopped him in his tracks. There was an emphatic crack, which Blaine knew all too well. It was the sound of a hand striking flesh; someone's ass, to be specific. Kurt spoke, low and serious. "Keep your voice down, slut. Someone will hear us, and then I'll have to stop fucking you."

Oh no way, thought Blaine, and watched helplessly as his feet carried him into the room. Kurt was on his knees, pumping away into a much larger boy beneath him who was on all fours. The other guy's head was down, and Blaine couldn't make out his face at all. Kurt's, on the hand, was quite visible. Despite a flush in his cheeks, his expression was regal and imposing, chin lifted proudly. Blaine stumbled back, sure he must be hallucinating. Were those leather pants draped over the bedpost? Time to go time to go time to g- Suddenly, the room was flooded with light as Blaine's shoulder hit the switch on the wall.

Kurt emitted a loud squeak and looked towards the wall. At the same time, the boy beneath Kurt whipped his head up and looked in the same direction, wide-eyed with shock. Blaine couldn't place him, but knew he'd seen him before. Kurt placed his hand on the guy's lower back protectively. "Blaine? What the hell are you doing in my room?" Kurt didn't sound scared or embarrassed, Blain noted. He sounded totally pissed off. Kurt's eyes narrowed. "How did you even get in here? I know I locked the door behind us." He made no move to withdraw his dick, though he did stop moving his hips.

"Yeah, you did, Kurt," said Kurt's mystery lover. "I tested it myself after I followed you in."

His voice was really, really familiar. He had a faint memory of that same voice asking him if he was Kurt's boyfriend. "Karofsky?" Blaine said unbelievingly. "Dave Karofsky?" There was no way. There was no way he had broken into this bedroom, only to find Kurt Hummel topping the very same guy who'd caused him to transfer to Dalton in the first place.

Dave smiled. "Hey there, Lady Boy," he drawled, wiggling the fingers of one hand in a wave. He winked, and Blaine thought he might faint dead away. He was distracted by Kurt's pissy voice, though.

"Blaine, do you mind? Really," he said. "Kind of in the middle of something here." He rolled his hips a couple of times, thrusting into Karofsky. He sneered at Blaine, who was still frozen in place. "Seriously, Blaine, if we wanted an audience, we'd sell tickets. Get out!" Rolling his eyes, Kurt reached between Karofsky's legs, presumably to fondle his balls.

The movement spurred Blaine's feet to life, and he quickly exited the room, dropping the flowers and copied key on his way. He shut the door behind him firmly and rested his back against it, needing the support and trying not to slide right down it. From within the room, he heard Kurt and Karofsky laughing hysterically. He closed his eyes and started down the hall.

Worst Saturday night ever, he thought.

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