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Chapter 1: Stand by your man

Patiently waiting, Hinata sat at a dining chair in Naruto's dorm room. It was their first monthly anniversary, and Hinata had put a lot of effort in preparing the cheesy baked macaroni and chocolate mousse.



After a while, the door opened and Naruto stepped inside, but he didn't go far, what with the appetising aroma that hit his nose, freezing him on the spot. His eyes were that of a hungry predator when he saw the food. Hinata almost giggled, but a voice broke in. "Wow, it smells good" it was a female voice. With a heartbeat, Hinata's body tensed, and her heart ached as it struggled to keep itself from breaking. Her heart struggled. It struggled as she watched Naruto and Sakura sat side by side. It struggled as Naruto served the food, which Hinata made for their special day, to Sakura. Hinata had to mind for herself as she got forgotten by her darling. Her heart struggled as Sakura kept shooting smug and degrading looks her way.

Hinata only waited for it all to end, hoping that her heart could still be salvaged. She had heard gossips about Naruto and Sakura. Those gossips were of unholy deeds, deeds that Hinata dared not to picture in her mind. It would be painful to do so. Besides, she believed those were just rumours. She continued to believe so, until now.

"The teacher gave us a project" Naruto said, "and we need to finish it now." Hinata caught his underlining request for her to go and leave him and Sakura alone. But what project were they doing? They didn't bring anything besides themselves. Hinata nodded as Sakura lounged and relaxed herself in Naruto's bed. "I-I'll just... wash the dishes." She thought back to the gossips, while mindlessly washing the dishes. She was shocked when an anxious Naruto took all the other dishes and washed them quickly but improperly. "There, all finished!" he beamed at her. "You can rest now". Running to his bed, he hastily added, "Oh and please close the door Hinata-chan."



It dawned on her, after she closed the door, after standing silently for minutes, as she heard the rustling of clothes and the unmistakable noises from the inside, that any teacher in their right mind wouldn't give any students a project like that.

It was strange. Hinata had just been slapped in the face of her boyfriend's doing, while it was their anniversary too, but her heart didn't break. Though it was still aching, but it survived the storm, the storm of destructive cheaters.

She wouldn't break up with him. She can't. Because if she did, Jiraiya, the English teacher, would shower her again with his hate for her dad, Orochimaru, for her dad had captured the heart of her mom, Tsunade, whom Jiraiya loves. Naruto prevented her from being bullied by Jiraiya just by befriending her. He saved her from Jiraiya all together when he agreed to go out with her.

The next day, Hinata acted as if nothing was wrong. She made him lunch and laughed at his jokes, being the sweet girlfriend especially when Jiraiya was nearby. But she wouldn't stay long at his side. She would go to her friends, Kiba and Shino, and spend the day with them.

The last period of class came. It was PE and they will have a new teacher. Hinata sat at her usual seat with her friends, feeling happy and free. She didn't love Naruto and she was glad that she realised before it was too late, or she would've fallen for him and suffered a nasty heart break.

The class quieted down when they heard the screech of their classroom door. Their new PE teacher entered. He was tanned, lean, tall and handsome. Hinata gasped when she recognised him. He was her childhood hero, the teen who saved her 9 year old self from drowning. The memory had been blurry, but now that she crossed paths with him again, she remembered. She couldn't help but smile, her heart was beating erratically, her eyes were shining in delight as they stayed on his face. She was looking at her first love.

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