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Minato froze as his heart hammered rapidly in his chest, feeling extremely nervous, so nervous that he did not register his hand squeezing the soft, round flesh. He was so traumatised with his first love, Kushina, that he swears Hinata will hate him as well, because of this incident. His heart immediately felt heavy, and his wide shoulders slumped in dejection. His felt like crying, when suddenly, a sharp intake of breath distracted him, and made him shift his eyes from the ground to look at Hinata.

Hinata's plump lips were parted as she held her breath, her face flushed. She was pleased with having her back pressed against Namikaze-sensei's chest. It showed when her wide eyes closed half way and an appreciative moan softly escaped her. This kind of pleasure was so new, and when combined with her teenage body's hormones,—

"S-Sensei…" Hinata whispered as she seemingly leaned more into Minato. She was in pure bliss.

Down south, she felt so hot that it made her squeeze her legs tight. She looked so erotic and she clearly was enjoying it. With this realisation, Minato got pleasantly surprised.

It seemed Hinata still likes him.

He squeezed his eyes shut, and with his hands away from her privates and now around her torso, he tightly held Hinata closer to his body. Never has an opposite gender made him feel this happy, so happy that he actually might cry.

It was a weekday again, and the students are back at the boarding school. And Hinata is back at the school yard, under the big sakura tree, to give Naruto his lunch.

Hinata hasn't seen Minato yet after their date, which embarrassingly ended when Yamato yelled at them to get a room. Yamato was red in the face while face-palming.

When Minato and Hinata looked around, they saw that the other occupants of the basketball court were intently looking at them. Some had a facial expression which could be read as 'Well? Go on. What are you waiting for? Continue!' There were also a number of young boys who had their noses bleeding. Then Hinata started hyperventilating, so Minato took her out of there and calmed her down with an ice cream and then drove her a block away from her house. They forgot to kiss each other's cheeks. Damn!

So then, Hinata was extremely missing Minato. She has been suffering, having a heavy heart after their date. She could have texted him, but sadly, in their haste to get out of the court, they forgot to take her bag, which had her wallet and other things in it, including her mobile phone! 'Why, oh why!' She felt like she's on a Minato-withdrawal and was going crazy. And her body was aching and wanting more physical contact with him.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata softly called, with her face contorted in a way that shows what she was feeling at that moment.

"Yesh Hiuata-tshan?" Naruto responded, with his mouth full of Hinata's delicious cooking. He turned his head to look at her and then his heart skipped. Hinata was looking at him the way she looked at him before. Was this it? Is she back to normal for good? But then, what about Sakura-chan? He really, really likes Sakura-chan.

"I-Is it ok if I, u-uhm, go somewhere?" Hinata pleaded, while she had the grass beneath her caught in her tight fists.

Naruto then made a shocked face that says 'What!?' He swallowed the rest of the food in his mouth and then wiped his lips with his orange sleeve. "Again, Hinata-chan!?" He whined.

"I-I'll be quick" Hinata promised with a small smile, and then used her arms to support her as she straightened her bent knees to stand up.

She abruptly halted, when Naruto's hand shot out and grabbed her upper arm. He suddenly looked so serious.

"We're through." Naruto said with finality, but then, his eyes glinted for a moment when Hinata became unmoving. He saw how distraught she had looked. It seemed she has forgotten of her previous business and was now concentrated on him, which was good. He will end their relationship now, with her longing for him, because Sakura suddenly wanted him to leave Hinata. Sakura finally promised to be his girlfriend. But he will still have Hinata yearning for him, he can't let her totally go, he got used to someone loving him and he simply liked it.

Time for English lessons. Hinata's English class unfortunately had the ero-sensei.


He had sharp eyes. They looked stern with the frowning brows and frowning lips. They will make you feel small when their glaring stare is concentrated on you.

"Okay, class, do you understand?" Jiraiya asked as his hands closed a hard covered book with a loud snap.

"U-Um…" a soft voice was heard and a clammy hand shook, as it was help up to ask a question.

"Okay, get yourselves a partner and do the activity on the board." Jiraiya completely ignored the stuttering student, who got snickered at by some of the classmates. They thought it was a joke. After all, Jiraiya was known to be a funny and civil man. Just not to Hinata. "I have something else to do. See ya!" Jiraiya waved and then started rushing out of the door.

"Hey old man!–Aamph…" Naruto had seen how stressed Hinata was with the lesson, because this was her weak point. She was that bad in English. He would usually shout at Jiraiya and force him to explain things more thoroughly to Hinata. Even though they are somewhat on a bad term at the moment, he couldn't take it and tried to help her out. But then…

"If you help her, I'm breaking up with you...!" Sakura quietly sneered at him, keeping her elbows at his side after jabbing him. She made sure that only Naruto could hear her, because her Sasuke-kun was on her other side and she didn't want him to know of her evils. But Sasuke still noticed the sudden movement, so he nonchalantly shifted his eyes to look at them. To cover for what she did, Sakura quickly pretended to be nursing Naruto's aching side.

"Naruto-kun, what did you eat this time?" Sakura asked and faked her concern and then sheepishly looked at Sasuke. "Heh heh… Naruto's so silly, right, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke only lifted an elegant eyebrow, and then shifted his gaze again to look at Sakura's hand, which was on Naruto's tummy.

The sight suddenly made Sasuke's day go bad, so then, he quickly stood up with tight lips. He turned around and Hinata was the first person he saw. Then an idea hit him. He grumpily walked to Hinata's desk and pulled her up by the elbow.

"I will be your partner, Hyuga." Sasuke said with a glare and then turned to Sakura and Naruto's direction. He did not know why he was acting this way. He had never been jealous about Sakura and Naruto. He knew Naruto loves Sakura, but he also knew that Sakura loves her Sasuke-kun, and not the dobe. He even threatened the innocent Hyuga just to get those two together. He first thought that Naruto was more important than Sakura, he still was, but seeing them like that… it simply angers him. Now he sees Naruto fuming as he kept his hold on the Hyuga. It was revenge. Then he sees the jealousy in Sakura. It simply satisfies him.

"Knock it off, Sasuke!" It was Kiba. He caught Sasuke by surprise and was successful at pushing him off of Hinata. Shino was up on his feet as well, both of them shielding the stunned Hinata.

Now that Sasuke was brought back from his thoughts, he snarled and pushed himself off of the chair that he fell on. "What's your problem, Inuzuka?" He furiously approached Kiba in a challenging manner.

Kiba was snarling back. "Can't you three–" Kiba started, referring to Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto "–just leave Hinata the hell alone!?"

Sasuke just glared more. "It's just for a damn school activity patner, you goof ball."

"Just a school activity, nya nya nya" Kiba angrily mocked. "Yeah right. I know you're aware of how bad your fan girls can be." Kiba continued, while he looked around their classroom to glare at their female classmates. They were already glaring daggers at Hinata, but then directed their glare at Kiba.

"See those bitches, Sasuke? They're not even modest enough to act lady-like and hide their ugly intentions!" Kiba and Shino were pushing Hinata towards the door now, and then, before they were completely out of the room, Shino coldly said "If I see you anywhere near Hinata, bugs will fly." Shino stood still for a moment to study Sasuke's reaction, and then turned to look at the females, making them know that the threat is valid for them as well.

The threat targets shivered in disgust and cowered in fear, except for Sasuke. He simply looked on as they exited.

It was finally night time.

"Day time, night time! Day time, night time!" Naruto childishly covered and uncovered his eyes, mimicking the big bird that he saw on Yuotube. He was in front of the mirror of the boys' toilet. He was just taking a break and a leak, but he was actually looking for Hinata. He wanted to invite her because his girlfriend Sakura suddenly felt like throwing a party.

Naruto stepped out of the toilet and then saw someone enter the hallway. The person seemed to have just been at the library, what with all the English books that were being carried.

Impulsively, Naruto run to catch up with the person and did a friendly back-hug. The person jumped, and then 'eeped' in shock.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto proceeded to rub cheeks with her. The contact effectively made her cheeks flush red.

"W-What are you doing, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked while she struggled to keep the books from falling. It was quite hard with two heavy arms wrapped around your neck.

"This way, Hinata-chan!" Naruto simply grinned and dragged her to the top floor excitedly.

"Sakura-chan, I'm back!" Naruto released Hinata's hand and then hugged Sakura lovingly. The party was being held in a music room, which had soundproof walls, perfect for secret get-togethers.

"Let go of me you moron!" was Sakura's reply as she punched and kicked everywhere to get his disgusting form off of her. Naruto only laughed. Sakura then turned to Hinata.

"What is that doing up here!?" Sakura was almost spitting the words. Her mood dampened at the sight of Hinata, who opted to look at the ground. This party was for her success of finally making Sasuke-kun jealous. Hinata was definitely not welcomed.

Naruto didn't say anything. He just looked at Hinata, trying to gauge her reaction. She looked really, really uncomfortable. She shifted in her feet and said

"U-um, I-I should go, Naruto-kun."

In a split second, Hinata made an eye contact with him, and then turned to go out of the door. Naruto saw some sort of hurt as she looked at him. It looked like jealousy to him.

With a jump, Naruto rushed to Hinata and grabbed her elbow to stop her. They were standing still as they stared at each other. Naruto's heart was beating faster and faster as he searched her eyes for the emotions that he had been longing for, when out of the blue, Sasuke appeared and jerked Hinata to his side, his hand on her other elbow.

"U-Um–" Hinata nervously started, and then swallowed the lump in her throat. The glares of the two best friends at each other were so heated, she swore she saw electricity current run between them. She weakly tugged her elbows away from their hold, but then Sasuke gripped her tighter and then violently pushed Naruto away.

Hinata's eyes widened in concern when Naruto's back side harshly fell on the floor. She saw how Sakura stepped back and away from him. Sakura didn't even try to catch his fall! Hinata tried to tug away from Sasuke so she could go and help poor Naruto, but Sasuke glared at her and harshly pulled her back to him.

"Naruto." Sasuke started. "Be a faithful boyfriend for once and only stick with your girlfriend over there." He was seething in rage as he looked between Sakura and Naruto. He looked so hostile to his best friends, it made Hinata wonder what happened. Sasuke was still somewhat tolerant of the other two after classes ended today.

"Sasuke-kun, why are you suddenly so angry? Please calm down…" Sakura braved up and pleaded. "Sasuke-kun…?" She was cautiously walking towards him, with the rest of the party goers seemingly unaware of the tension. They kept on banging their heads with the beat of the music.

"Stay away from me, Sakura!" Sasuke yelled which made Sakura stop in her tracks. Sasuke faintly felt guilty at the hurt in Sakura's green eyes, but when he remembered what he heard on his way up earlier, anger overflowed the guilt.

"Don't be rude to Sakura-chan, you teme!" Naruto shouted as he immediately stood up and hid his Sakura-chan behind his back.

"Listen Naruto," Sasuke cooled his features down. He then turned to look at the petite female beside him. She looked up, confused as she stared at him with her big, innocent eyes. She was all shaken up and distressed with the situation. "keep your hands off of my girlfriend."

A raging Naruto charged at Sasuke after what he said. He was able to punch Sasuke in the face. Then Sakura came to her senses and cried for Naruto stop hurting Sasuke. Naruto stopped his movements, afraid to accidentally hurt Sakura, who grabbed his orange jumpsuit to pull him away from Sasuke. But then, Naruto suddenly fell back at the forming crowd, when Sasuke took the chance to punch him back. There was now a loud chanting of "Fight! Fight! Fight!" by the spectators.

After that, Sasuke looked down at Naruto in mockery, and then turn around to drag a stupefied Hinata out the door.

After that incident, Sasuke began dragging Hinata around with him, wherever he goes, which always got him into a fight with Kiba and Shino. Hinata would always plead with Sasuke to let her be. Let her do her studies in peace and let her go where she needed to be. Let her sneak into the office of her Namikaze-sensei, damn you! And with her built up frustration, she was not able to stop the sudden jerk of her foot that accidently hit Sasuke's knee.

"What the hell, Hyuga!?" Sasuke glared at his 'girlfriend' and roughly pushed her inside the boys' toilet nearby.

"I-I'll tell d-dad on you!" Hinata glared back. How many days has it been after her date with Namikaze-sensei? What if someone else suddenly thinks they like Namikaze-sensei as well and tries to get him for themselves!?

Sasuke grabbed Hinata's face by the jaw and trapped her between his body and the sink. "Ok, Hyuga. You do that, and then I'll tell him how you got on with his rival's godchild." Sasuke exhaled loudly as Hinata finally got pacified. She had a frown and her eyes started to water while she tried to hold her glare. Why was the Hyuga being so difficult? Shouldn't she be happy that a handsome guy was tolerating a plain and chubby girl like her?

But was the Hyuga really chubby? From what he can feel as he leaned into the girl, her legs were firm. 'She has toned legs.' With her mid-section, he was having a hard time feeling for the fat that chubby girls usually had. 'She has a flat stomach?' Now that he can look at her closely, her face was far from fat, and her neck was slender. He also remembered how bony her elbows felt whenever he dragged her around. But then…

With his face contorted in incomprehension, he looked down at the chubby looking body that he was leaning into. He used his other hand to touch Hinata's leg to confirmed that they were actually toned.

"W-What are you doing U-Uchiha-san!" Hinata asked in horror.

"Be quiet! Tsk." Sasuke disregarded her and let his hand continue its trek upwards. Upon reaching her flat stomach, Sasuke's eyes went wide and glinted in awe. He continued upwards.

"N-No Uchiha-san!" Hinata's soft plead reached deaf ears, as Sasuke finally grabbed a handful of soft, squishy breast.

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