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Percy grumbled as he carried the bucket of water across the campsite. Had he asked to join the Goddess of the Hunt on her journey? No, of course not.

Was he asked to be charged with the menial chores of the campsite? No, they just threw various flavors of mops and brooms at his frickin' face. Oh, but sure, no problem! He loved being a goddess' bitch.

Percy scowled as he set down the water outside the girls' tents. They had the luxury of actually sleeping in one. His sleeping arrangements included a dilapidated sleeping bag that had holes the size of ripe cantaloupes. He sighed and stared at one of the Hunters sleeping peacefully in the tents. 'At least the girls here are hot,' he thought, a goofy grin on his face.

Thalia smacked him upside the end and sent him crashing back to reality. "Ow!" The demigod rubbed his head, feeling more cross after seeing his dark-haired friend smirk at his face.

"Snap out of it, Seaweed-Brain. I thought you already had a girl." The two teens sat on the ground. "Yeah, I did." Percy's face dropped, suddenly looking a little older. Thalia felt uncomfortable.

"You wanna tell me what happened?"

"I'd rather not."

Ouch. Seeing Thalia's hurt expression quickly prompted Percy to speak up again. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'm Seaweed Brain, member? I'll think of something." At this, he winked awkwardly, causing Thalia to burst out laughing.

She stood up and regarded her old friend with a warm look. "If you need anything, just call, alright?" Percy nodded, looking grateful.

The young demigod looked around, finding something to do. Dawn still had not come and none of the Hunters were awake, save for Thalia and Artemis. Looking at the nearby lake, Percy sighed. Not finding anything better to do, he took off his shirt as he made his way down to the lake.

The cold water embraced him, as if he were a part of it. It shocked his senses awake, eliminating any trace of grogginess he had before. Dipping into the water once again, he began to swim laps across the pool, hoping a naiad or two would be impressed. After 30 laps or so, he emerged, glancing around.

No dice.

He let out a frustrated sigh. Leave it to his luck to be stuck with a bunch of hot girls who swore off boys. He rested his head on a nearby rock and stretched, involuntarily flexing every muscle on his body.

"Eeeep!" Percy turned automatically. 'What the hell…?' he thought, looking for the source of the sound. The teen swam to the shore and saw the figure disappear into a nearby tree. Not caring to put on his shirt, Percy pursued the sound.

He stopped to see a very guilty-looking Hunter gathering honey from an abandoned hive. It was obvious this girl was the culprit; the beet-red face, the shaky fingers, the downwards glance. It gave it all away.

'Hell,' Percy grinned, 'She's kinda cute.'

The girl stared at Percy, then went back to work, turning an even deeper shade of red. "C-Can I help you, boy?" she said, wanting to sound demeaning. It didn't work.

Percy only smiled at the attempt. "Uh, yeah. I think you can. See, there was this stalker that was looking at me while I swam." He looked back at the lake. "I'm pretty sure it was a girl. Do you know where she went?"

The girl shook her head furiously, unable to answer. Percy chuckled inwardly at her naiveté. Obviously, this one was a new addition to the Hunters. Percy stared as she awkwardly tried to scoop the honey out from the hive and into the jar.

Uncomfortable under his gaze, the girl became clumsier and clumsier, eventually spilling some honey on herself. "Ah, gods damn it!" she shouted, then became quiet, aware of the demigod's presence beside her.

"I-I'm sorry," she said meekly.

Percy only chuckled. "Here, this is how you should do it." Taking her hands into his, he poured the remaining nectar out of the small hole and into the jar. The girl trembled against the demigod's half-naked body, turning redder than ever.

Noticing her embarrassment, Percy held a hand to her forehead. "Ah, if you turn any redder, you'll overheat." The demigod channeled water into his hand, instantly cooling the girl's head and causing the color to recede. "What's your name?"

"Chloe," she replied timidly.

"Well, Chloe," he ventured on, "We shouldn't waste honey, should we?" Percy brought her hands to his mouth and licked a finger. Chloe gasped, but didn't pull away. "What do you think you're doing?" The demigod ignored her and sucked on the finger, nibbling on it just a bit. Chloe bit back a moan and closed her eyes. After he had finished "cleaning" her finger, she was breathless.

"See? Nice and clean!" Percy looked almost proud. "Honey is way too precious to be wast- Mmmmph!"

In an instant the girl was on him, kissing him with full force. Their tongues wrestled for dominance, making the experience hotter than it already was. Percy's hand its way on the girl's delicate ass and gave it a spank for good measure, causing the girl to squeak and jump in surprise. They broke the kiss, panting for breath.

"Where did that come from?" Percy cocked an eyebrow, amused. The girl looked down, incapable of meeting his gaze. "I-It's just that, it's been a while since I've been with a guy, and I'm…" she trailed off, unable to finish.

Percy chuckled. "Are you telling me that you're… horny?" Chloe blushed, confirming his suspicions. 'Yes!' he thought, 'Time to score!' Percy cursed himself for being so shallow, but all that disappeared when Chloe began to kiss him again. The demigod, not wanting to break the kiss, tore off the shirt with a feral growl.

Chloe yelped. "Hey! Lady Artemis is not going to be pleased about what you did!" Percy grinned and pulled her closer, causing her to gasp in surprise. "She's not gonna like what I'm about to do either." The young teen pinned the girl to the ground, casting the shredded remains of the shirt aside. He kissed the girl feverishly, relishing the taste of her mouth. Suddenly, he groaned loudly. Chloe panicked.

"What's wrong?"

Percy groaned again. "Y-Your knee."

Chloe glanced down. Her knee had made contact with something hard. She gasped.

"Oh! I-I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you?"

"Nngh, n-no." Percy strained out, beginning to move his hips back and forth. Chloe stared at the demigod, vainly trying to hump her leg.

It was kinda funny, in a really hot way.

She helped him to his feet and on to a nearby rock. Chloe prodded the bulge and flinched as Percy groaned again. "Chloe, you're killing me over here…" he breathed out, anxiety on every word. The girl saw this scene once before, in a dirty magazine at a local coffee shop. She hesitated.

"Please…" Percy begged. Damn, that was hot.

With a firm tug, the demigod's shorts fell to the ground as his erection sprang free. Chloe's mouth formed an "o" as she stared at the thing pulsating. Gingerly, she held the base. At this, Percy hissed, grabbing the Hunter's hair for support. 'You're doing alright, Chloe' she thought to herself. 'Maybe if I…'

Chloe stroked the demigod's cock, the honey on her hands acting as a lubricant. Percy's eyes widened as he let out a throaty moan. "Oh fuck, Chloe…" He thrust his hips in time with her strokes, desperate to achieve release.

Chloe giggled, almost in disbelief. Here she was, Chloe Ryn, one of the famed Hunters, with Percy Jackson, the Hero of Olympus, Savior of the world, and Scourge of the Titans. And what was she doing?

Why, stroking his cock, of course.

Remembering the next scene in that particular magazine, she lowered her head and opened her mouth. In one single motion, she plunged his cock deep into her throat.

Percy's moan was probably heard by the entire forest.

Chloe couldn't care less if Artemis herself came to watch her; she was addicted to the demigod's taste. Percy clutched the girl's hair in support, grunting and groaning as he felt his cock slide in and out of the Hunter's tight, wet mouth. "Fucking hell, you're good," he stammered, forcing his dick in deeper.

The hunter hummed, making Percy throw his head back in a long groan. Chloe slurped as she ran her tongue across the rigid rod, choking a little every time Percy pushed his cock against her throat.

Gods, he was in pure bliss. He'd trade in an eternity in Olympus just for a few hours of this.

Suddenly, she felt the demigod tense. In a split second, he grabbed her hair and started thrusting erratically into her throat. "Ughh, shit..!" Percy groaned, desperate to release into such a warm, welcoming mouth. Chloe choked, relishing the feeling of having her throat fucked raw.

"Fuck! " he growled, spurting his seed into the Hunter's mouth and down her throat. Chloe sputtered as he continued to shoot his godly substance into her. She didn't think it'd ever stop.

With an audible pop! Percy withdrew from her mouth and resumed shooting his semen all over her face. "Nngh…" he groaned, finally coming down from his high. Chloe swallowed the substance in her mouth, but not before savoring it. Gods, the boy tasted good.

Percy had closed his eyes, trying to calm down. When he opened them again, his cock sprang to life.

Chloe was drenched in sweat, her innocent-looking face drenched with splotches of Percy's seed all over it. Her bra had been unclasped, leaving her petite, but firm breasts bouncing slightly after each breath. Her hair, silver-blonde, glowed in the sunlight that shone through the leaves.

Chloe stared back at him, confused. "Is there something on my face?"

Percy grabbed the girl and sat down, ripping her skirt in the process. Chloe moaned and held on to the young demigod's neck, entwining her legs behind his back. With one hand, he steadied the trembling girl, while the other positioned his newly-revived cock at her wet entrance.

"So," he asked, eyes clouded with lust. "Ready to be fucked senseless?"

Before she could answer, Percy thrust in mercilessly, causing the unter to scream. He pounded her again and again, with the same frenzy just a few minutes ago, when she was giving him that heavenly blowjob. Chloe's back arched as she let out a high-pitched moan. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, gods! Percy!"

"Yeah, say my name," he whispered huskily, relishing every moment her tight walls clenched around his cock. "Say it louder, baby…"

"Percy! By the gods, you're so- Oh! Oh!" Chloe bounced up and down the demigod's rock-hard cock, riding him almost as forcefully as he was riding her. "Slower! P-please!" she begged.

"What was that? 'Fuck me faster?' Whatever you want, babe!" Percy fucked her with inhuman speed, turning her screams into short shrieks.

Chloe's mind was on overload. All she could think about was plunging herself on her lover's dick for all of eternity. She looked down on the young demigod below her, muscles rippling and abs glistened with sweat. Pulling him closer, their tongues fought for dominance one last time.

Chloe began to convulse, her walls tightening around the demigod's still-pumping cock. 'No!' she thought, 'Not yet!' Percy, however, couldn't stop.

She was just too damn tight.

"A-ah! Percy! I think I'm going… Oh gods!" the Hunter screamed in ecstasy, feeling her walls closing in on her lover's thick rod. Percy thrust in one more time. "Fuck…!" he cursed, shooting yet another stream of semen deep into the young girl's womanhood.

The couple froze, never wanting such a perfect moment to end. Finally, Chloe collapsed, burying her face into Percy's shoulder. She sighed contentedly.

"Chloe!" Chloe stiffened. That was Fiona's voice. Remembering the jar of honey, she shook Percy awake. "Percy! Get up! My sisters are- Oh!" Percy had started to move in and out again, obviously not done yet.

"P-Percy, stop! Fiona could- Ah!" Every time she talked, Percy thrust his entire length inside her. He stared at her with his intense, green eyes. Be quiet, they said. Chloe bit her lip, gasping softly after each thrust. The demigod wasn't exactly being gentle.

"Chloe? Where in Tartarus are you?" Fiona seemed pissed. Chloe was supposed to back an hour ago.

'Oh, gods!' Chloe thought. Fiona was directly in her line of sight. If she turned around, she'd see Chloe… breaking her oath.

As if sensing the girl's tension, Percy fucked her faster. Chloe raked her nails across his back, nearing her orgasm. Fiona scratched her head, then went back to camp. Chloe wasted no time screaming her brains out.

"Percy, you j-jerk! If Fiona saw me, she'd… Gahh!" Percy groaned as they both rode out their orgasms.

Chloe felt Percy pulling out of her, whimpering at the loss of contact. She stood unsurely, only to collapse on the ground after trying. "Chloe!" Percy helped her up as her knees wobbled.

The Hunter laughed nervously. "W-wow. That was… wow." Percy grinned, obviously proud of himself. Seeing this, Chloe smacked him on the arm. "You idiot! Do you know how close I was to being caught?"

The young demigod looked sheepish as he rubbed his arm.

Percy picked up the remains of Chloe's tattered shirt and began wiping the young Hunter's face. She stopped him and wiped the substance off with his finger. To his surprise, she licked it clean.

She winked. "We shouldn't waste honey, now should we?"

Oh, snapsicles! Percy, you naughty boy! Well, you should have an inkling as to the identity of the next person on the fuck-list. Hint: Fiona. There, I ruined it.

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