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Title: Kiss, Kiss fall in love

Pairing: Grimmichi (main pairing), Nnoitra x Shinji, Szayel x Uyruu, Ulquiorra x Hitsugaya, and Stark x Shiro, Byakuya x Renji, Gin x Hisagi, Kaien x Rukia, Chad x Hailbel, Keigo x Tasuki and many more.

Summary: ichigo got promoted to attend in the most prestigious private rich school in Karakura town, he meet the Espada host club on his way as his life went down hill every since he lead his eyes on a blue haired host club Delinquent, with Romance, drama along the way. OOC, Mpreg. Bleach Ouran style.

Warning: Mpreg and Character OOC's. Don't like OCC's and Mpreg fan fic then don't read!

Disclaimer: Kor-chan doesn't own Bleach or the characters or the title story, they're all belonging to their rightful owner's and Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo, not me!


Chapter 1: Welcome to Espada Host Club.

A young orange haired teen walked down the hallway of a very prestigious private school called Hueco Mundo Academy, a school for the wealthiest and riches kids from all over the world and he was looking for a place to study. He was wearing a crapped outfit and not a uniform he was also wearing a reddish eyeglasses that covered his honey brown eyes, he was slim but not like a stick.

His body could easily be mistaken for a woman's, but he was a boy. His long, orange hair tied into a neat ponytail wasn't helping at all with how feminine he looked like, not to mention that he was wearing a black skirt and grey sleeveless shirt with a white polo shirt under it and black socks with brown shoes.

'Damn that stupid father of mine, making me wear a skirt on my first day of school here? What's with him? Because I'm openly gay and a bearer doesn't mean he has to force me to wear this stupid get up?' he thought, and yes, he was also a boy that was born a bearer, meaning that he could bear children, He was the new transfer student, who got promoted to attend his high school here in this very prestigious school. His father was delighted. He had refused it at first due to how expensive the school was, but in end he ended up taking the offer due to one of his little sister's (Yuzu's) puppy dog eyes because he could never say 'no' to that look. So here he was standing in the doorframe of the school library, frowning at how crowed the place was. Both men and women where all over the place, some studying some just chatting.

He sighed and went elsewhere to find a quiet place to study in. He walked up the stairs until he reached the third floor and found an empty, unused music room.

He opened the door only to have his jaw fall open when he saw the seven people who were inside the room. A blue haired man caught his eye. The man was very handsome with his deep frown and his blue eyes which were glimmering in the light. He was muscular, but not huge like a wrestler; his body was built like a models. Beside the blue haired teen stood a small, black haired teen with green eyes and on his right side was a very tall teen with an eye-patch cover his right eye and with a wide grin on his face. Beside him stood a blonde teen who was grinning at him and beside the Blondie stood a sliver hair teen with his eyes closed but he had the same shit eating grin as the blonde next to him. Next to the black haired teen was a teen with brown hair lying on a couch snoring.

Ichigo looked in fear at the teen that had an eye-patch; he was really tall. Around 7 feet maybe? Then he turned his head to stare back at the blue haired teen who was sitting in an expensive chair looking bored but when the blue haired teen saw him, the teen blinked at him before his face broke into a wide grin before he started talking with his deep monotone and sexy voice.

"Welcome to the Espada Host club!" he greeted as he reached for the orange haired teen who blinked with a blush on his face as he squeaked and tried to get out of the room which made the blue haired teen grin even more widely.

"Ah? You must be the new transfer student? Ichigo Kurosaki? Am I right?" the blacked haired teen asked which made Ichigo stop what he was doing and turn around.

"H-how d-did you know who I am?" Ichigo asked with his eyebrow twitching.

"It's simple, the way this school works makes it hard for commoners to get in, they say that it's pretty hard to be accepted as a special student unless you are a studious bookworm? Or what they call a genius and a prodigy?" the black haired teen said.

"Oh? So this is the commoner that I heard about who got inside our prestigious private school eh? How boring, and she doesn't look like a lady at all." the blue haired teen said.

Ichigo eyebrow twitched. 'This guy is full of himself. I bet he has the biggest ego, ever! Wait! Did this guy just mistake me for a girl?' Ichigo thought as he calmed himself down and said calmly. "Well sorry to be a boring person to you? If you don't want me to be here then I can leave." Ichigo said but when he was about to leave the tall teen with the eye patch had grabbed his waist as he gasped.

"Where ya think ya going princess?" Ichigo turn his head and glared at the eye patch teen and said: "Elsewhere, where I can fine a place to study? Now will you excuse me?" Ichigo said and was about to leave when he bumped into something and it fell to the floor with a crash. His eyes widened. He had broken a vase, not just an ordinary vast but a very expensive blue vase, he trembled.

"Ah! The vase that Loly-chan brought the other day for us? It was worth about 6 million." the blond teen said.

Ichigo gasped."6 million?" he yelled and panicked. "U-Umm… I-If you want I can replace it with a new one or pay for it?" he said.

"Are you able too? With how poor you are? And what with this weird outfit?" the blonde teen asked. "Is this what commoners wear in the outside world? How ugly." the sliver haired teen said. Ichigo's eyebrow twitched. "HEY!"

"Grimmjow? What are we gonna do now that the vase, Loly brought is broken?" the black haired teen asked.

"Well, that just sucks; ya know what they all say? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If ya don't have the money ta pay for it? Then ya pay it with yer own body! Fer now on ya will be the Espada club's dog!" Grimmjow said.

'WHAT?' Ichigo thought before he fainted.

An hour later

Everyone in the host club had introduced themselves to him, the tall guy with Eye-patch was Nnoitra who was called the wild type, the black haired teen with green eyes was Ulquiorra who was called the cool type and the blond guy was Shinji and the sliver haired teen was Gin Ichimaru and the two were called the devil type, the brunette who was snoring and sleeping a while ago was Stark Coyote he was called the quiet type then the pink haired teen was Szayel who was called the genius type of the group and last their leader names was Grimmjow, who was the King in their group. Soon Ichigo found himself doing the host club chores, he served tea when the boss—err I mean the king asked. Still he walks upon the two people on the other side of the table with two women beside them.

"Haha, speaking of that, he was crying when he was afraid that I'd leave him and he was—" Nnoitra said still Shinji cut him off by doing his act. "Ahh! Nnoitra, saying that made me-…" he said and then peeked cutely at Nnoitra who then did his act as he dashed towards Shinji and grabbed his chin gently and said. "Sorry babe! I won't do it again!" The two had a nose to nose contact as the two girls beside them squealed saying something like: 'Kyaaa yaoi love!' which made Ichigo blush at the two men who were errkk. Doing their gay work in the open? He walked ahead and ignored the two.

"What is with those two? Are they really together or just doing it for fun?" he asked himself as he heard Ulquiorra chuckle beside him. "Nnoitra and Shinji are known as the openly gay couple here in this prestigious school, Nnoitra is Grimmjow's and my cousin. Nnoitra met Shinji when they went to the same school when they were in elementary and their friendship just kept on growing, nobody minded that those two were actually together." Ulquiorra said.

"By the way our club utilizes everyone's unique trait…as our policy is to satisfy our customer's needs. Oh by the way, Grimmjow is our number one host-the king, thought nobody calls him that, 80% of the customers designate him as their host…. By the way, your debt being six million, you'll be this club's dog until graduation. Ah I apologize, I seem to forgotten something, you'll be in charge of trivial chores. You are free to run away. But my family has around a thousand talented private investigators. Do you hold a passport?" Ulquiorra said in a bored tone.

Ichigo froze on his spot. 'So it means I got no choice but to be their slave still graduation? Running is hopeless.' he thought and he sighed. Just then he felt someone grab his waist and blow into his ear and he shivered and squeaked and pulled away from whoever did it. Then snapped when he saw it was Grimmjow as the older teen grinned at him. "Don't do that!" he said as he glared at Grimmjow. "Ya won't be popular with the men if you're so pathetic." Grimmjow said. Ichigo eyebrow twitched.

'Why you? Damn! So I really do look like a woman with this get up? Not to mention my hair is long and my body is slim. Grrr. I'm gonna kill my father for this!' he thought as he answered Grimmjow in a bored tone. "I'm really not interested in that." he said.

"What the heck are ya saying? Isn't it a big and important issue?" Grimmjow said.

"Is doesn't really matter. Men, women or the looks? What important is what on the inside that matter for a person. I don't even get it as to why this club even exists?" Ichigo said. Grimmjow frowned.

"Fer a woman yer such a cruel thing…" Grimmjow said.


"I see? Then if ya want I can hire someone ta teach ya ta become a better female host?" Grimmjow said.

"Forget it Grimm; she doesn't even pass the most basic visual criteria, right?" Shinji asked Szayel who just keep quiet and cooked an eyebrow at Shinji. Shinji frowned and went toward Ichigo as he continued to talk. "Well, fer this type, even if ya take off the glasses, her eyes will appear small—"Shinji said then stopped and blinked. "W-Wait! Don't! I need them! I lost my contacts lenses the other day and I don't have money to buy new ones soo-" Ichigo said but stopped as Grimmjow came forward and blinked then his eyebrow twitched and began to order everyone in the host club to go get what he needed. He told Szayel to get him contact lenses from the nurse's office while Ulquiorra went to call a hair designer and Nnoitra went to get the clothes. He handed them to Ichigo who complained at first but put it on anyway.

Everyone was shocked when they saw how beautiful Ichigo looked in a girls' school uniform. He was wearing a black mini-skirt and a white polo shirt with a red vest and a white uniform coat with the school logo. He was also wearing white socks and shoes. His hair was un-tied and he wasn't wearing his glasses. Grimmjow was chocked. He blinked and then he grinned and went over to Ichigo and grabbed his waist.

"If I didn't know any better I think ya look pretty without those eyeglasses? Why do ya even wear them when ya could get a lot of guys to be yer boyfriend with yer pretty looks?" Grimmjow said as he licked Ichigo's cheek. Ichigo moaned, whined and blushed.

"Yer such a cute little strawberry aren't ya?" he said. Soon Ichigo was forced to do his job as a host to see if he could do it and to everyone's surprise he pulled it off and did a good job. After that one of the female customers got jealous of him and threw his school bag in the school ground gold fish pond. When he found his bag floating in the pond he went to get it himself barefoot. If he thought that there weren't any bullies in this school he was wrong.

Grimmjow saw him and offered to help him fix and find his missing stuff that was thrown in the fish pond. When Grimmjow asked him why his stuff was floating on the school's fish pond he answered with a lie, saying that he dropped it by accident. Grimmjow didn't believe it and just helped him find his missing wallet. When Grimmjow had found his wallet, Ichigo stared at the blue haired teen in awe and admire. Grimmjow noticed his expression.

"What's with that look? Have ya fallen fer me?" he joked and Ichigo blushed and snatched his wallet from the older teen's hand.

When they got back to the host club, Ichigo changed into his new uniform, but it was still the girl's school uniform. It looked like none of the host club members had realized or noticed that he wasn't actually a girl, only looked like one because of his long, orange hair.

After that the girl who was jealous of him for some reason had asked him to be her host for the day, so here they were sitting together in one of the host club tables

"It seemed that Grimmjow-sama has grown to like you? Such a pretty girl who didn't act like one before?" she said and continued her rambling. Ichigo noticed that she sounded jealous? Of what? "A-Are you...jealous!" Ichigo asked confusedly which caused the other girl to tackle him to the floor. The girl who was her costumer began screaming and telling nonsense still someone flashed them with the bucket of water. Ichigo looked up and saw it was Shinji who did it.

Grimmjow help the costumer to get up as the girl complained and Grimmjow said:

"How rude, ya threw Ichigo's bag into the pond."

"How could you…? Do you have any proof?" the girl asked. Grimmjow's lifted the girl chin and said in a serious tone with a hit of warning in it.

"Yer quite beautiful, but yer not fit ta be our customer. I know Ichigo isn't that kind of girl." Grimmjow said as the girl run off crying saying that Grimmjow was a fool. Then Grimmjow went toward Ichigo and said. "And fer ya? I shall inform ya of the punishment fer causing a ruckus. Now ya have ta get a thousand customers!" Ichigo paled. Grimmjow reach for his hand as Ichigo kindly took it and stood up. Ulquiorra gave him an extra school uniform to him to change into. And gave him the name the reckless type.

Ichigo was in the changing room of the host club when Grimmjow came in with a towel and saw him half naked, Ichigo's flat chest was exposed for Grimmjow to see, Grimmjow paled then went out of the changing room. When Ichigo came out wearing a boy's school uniform with his hair tied neatly in a loose ponytail, Grimmjow could see his manly yet handsome face. Grimmjow was blushing in embarrassment for not noticing it sooner, everyone in the host club kind of noticed that Ichigo didn't act like a woman and soon noticed that he was indeed not a girl. But what confused them was that if Ichigo was biologically a male then why was he wearing a girl's clothes.

"Ichigo, You're a boy?" Grimmjow asked.

"Biologically yes." Ichigo said and added. "I thought that if it was fine to pretend since you senpais mistook me for a girl because of my long hair, so I didn't say anything about it."

"But if you are indeed a boy? Then why are you wearing a girl's uniform? Are you gay or something?" Szayel asked.

Ichigo blush and answered. "NOO! I-I…fine yes I'm gay, but even thought I'm gay I don't like wearing women's clothes. It's my stupid father who made me wear girl's clothes to school ever since I was little because my parents wanted to have an eldest daughter. My mother and father had the habit of dressing me up as a girl and my looks don't help at all with because I'm often mistaken for a girl even if I cut my hair short. And I was also born a bearer, which is why my father been forcing me to wear this stupid female outfit ever day, at home, going out and even at school. But I'm defiantly 100 percent male." Ichigo said truthfully.

Everyone in the room were silent until Ulquiorra broke the silence by asking:

"You're a bearer? How come? Explain please?" he said. Ichigo blushed as he looked at everyone before answering. "I was born a bearing baby, which means I can bear children even though I am male; it was because of an abnormality during pregnancy. When I was born, I had a baby inside me the doctor said. When it was removed they said they thought it was my twin sister and it had made me develop differently. It was not unheard of, just very rare. And that's also the reason as to why my father is forcing me to wear woman's clothes, since I'm a bearer he been forcing me to find a prefect boyfriend." he said.

"So that yer bf can mate with ya?" Nnoitra asked in disbelief. Ichigo just blushed and nodded his head shyly.

"I think yer father is crazy." Grimmjow said.

"OH you have no idea how crazy he is." Ichigo said and his eyebrow twitched just at the mention his father's name.

"So yer a bearer and gay? Well then welcome ta the club!" Shinji said.

"Eh?" Ichigo was confused. Shinji grinned.

"What? Ya didn't know? Everyone here in the host club members are gay! Even the king is gay, but doesn't show it in the open unlike Nnoitra and Shinji over there!" Gin said. Ichigo was chocked.

"B-But if you all are gay then why are you running this host club in the first place? To please the ladies?" Ichigo asked.

"We need ta do this so the others won't find out that all the members of the Espada club are gay. So we build this host club ta cover it!" Gin said.

"O-Okay." Ichigo said as Grimmjow got up and went toward him and lifted his chin up to look him in the eyes. Ichigo blushed.

"Hmm. Yer cute. I like em' hard and stubborn." Grimmjow said as he leaned down and licked Ichigo's ear. Ichigo shivered and mewled. "Heh, So yer father like ya ta cross-dress huh? Well then that's fine! From now on yer going ta keep wearing the girl school uniform as a part of the host club until graduation and until yer debt is paid off? Got it?" Grimmjow said. Ichigo paled.

"Mother? This isn't how I want my first day at school to be like!" he said before fainting in Grimmjow's arms who cooked an eyebrow at him.


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