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Summary: ichigo got promoted to attend in the most prestigious private rich school in Karakura town, he meet the Espada host club on his way as his life went down hill every since he lead his eyes on a blue haired host club Delinquent, with Romance, drama along the way. OOC, Mpreg. Bleach Ouran style.

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Chapter 25: Here Come The Baby!

9 month later April 20 (AN: I skipped a few months!)

It's spring today and the Hueco Mundo is having their spring break. But some of the student where still in the school to finish their project. Ichigo was now in his nine month, he had only seven more days before the twins where born, he was excited and worried at the same time; he couldn't wait to see and hold his second newborn child in his arms.

Oh and he alone with the Host Club members where at school today, doing their project for the up coming spring celebration on April 24 to 29. He was sitting on the coach as he rubbed his huge pregnant stomach gently while watching his husband having conservation with the rest of the Host Club members. He was about to lifted the tea cup when he wince at the strong kick his babies where giving him. "Nn." He said as he moaned quietly.

"Aww.. Come on you two.. No kicking hard inside mommy!" Ichigo said softly as he rubbed his stomach, he started receiving hard, strong even a Braxton Hick since yesterday since he's was almost due soon. The Braxton Hick would last for 5 or 15 minute every another day. He soon laid back on the coach as he sighed in relief when they stopped kicking hard as he glance at his husband who were still busy talking with the rest of the Club members. He sighed and deiced to take a short nap.

On April 26

Today was the spring festival; every student from all over Karakura came to celebrate the spring month and the cherry bloom some year. Ichigo and the rest of the Host Club where wearing a Kimono and Yukata, Ichigo was wearing a beauty black with strawberry printed Kimono and a dark pink Karihimo or what they call in English a Hip ribbon on his waist, Ichigo hair was tied neatly in a loosen bun with a chopstick stuck on it. He was also playing with the tips of his hair in a board manner. Grimmjow on the other hand wear an expensive black and gray Kimono with white haori on the hips. Every costumer came and adores Ichigo.

"Awww.. Ichigo-sama looked like a doll in his Kimono…" one said as the squealed at how cute Ichigo looked in his Kimono. "Even thought Ichigo-sama is pregnant he still look so damn cute in the Japanese Kimono!." One said. "Ahh… I wish Ichigo-sama and Grimmjow-sama would have a daughter I bet she'll be cute!" the girls gossiping among themselves and were giggling too.

'I think they would scream in joy if they found out that we actually had a boy/girl twins right now…' Grimmjow thought as he sweatdrop at the others costumer who were admiring his pregnant wife who were sitting on a sofa like chair and was rubbing his pregnant stomach gently with a smile on his face. "Ahh, Ichi-chan look board and trouble with something ta today, ain't he?" Gin asked beside Grimmjow as Grimmjow turn his head to look at him and nodded.

"Ah, wonder what brothering him?" Grimmjow asked as he eyed his wife who stopped playing with the tips of his hairs as his eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "Ah-oh! His pissed!." Gin said playfully as he giggles beside Grimmjow while watching Ichigo. 'Dammit! Why now of all the hours?' Ichigo thought as a sweat run down his forehead as he gritted his teeth and close his eyes tightly when he felt a strong contraction.

Shinji went toward them and saw Ichigo seem to be in trouble and.. in pain? He blink his eyes and went toward Grimmjow and Gin who were watching and keeping an eyes at Ichigo and said. "Isn't me or Ichigo looks like his in pain? I mean look at him? His gritting his teeth?" Shinji said as the two both look at Ichigo and to their surprise Shinji was right, Ichigo was gritted his teeth in pain. Grimmjow got worried and went toward his wife and bend down and asked quietly.

"Ichi, what wrong, babe?" he asked. Ichigo open his eyes and looked at his husband while his hand was shaking badly and said. "Grimm… the babies… I think… they c-coming.." Ichigo said as he began to moan in pain quietly. Grimmjow blinked once, twice before he widened his eyes. "As in now?" he asked panicking as Ichigo nodded his head. "Shit!" Grimmjow mumble before carrying his wife bride style while ignoring the others costumer eyeing them suspiciously as he went toward Gin and shinji who looked confuses as he said to them.

"Shinji go call uncle Aizen, tell him Ichigo in labor, Gin go call my others cousin and tell them to go to the nurse office now!" he said as the two did what they were told as Shinji went elsewhere to call Grimmjow's uncle. Soon Grimmjow dash out of the Host Club room and went to the nurse office while ignoring some of the student in the hallway eyeing them weirdly, Renji one of Ichigo's cousin was standing there and saw them as he chasing the two couple as he called.

"Oi! Grimmjow what the hurry for? And why are you carrying Ichigo? And slow down a bit would you! You're carrying your pregnant wife!" Renji said. Grimmjow slowed down a bit. "Sorry, I forgot! But we really needed to get in the nurse office fast!" Grimmjow said. "Why?" Renji asked. "Ichi in labor!" Grimmjow said. Renji stand their dumbly before it hit him. "WHAT?" he asked in shock. "AS in NOW?" he asked in disbelieve as he heard Ichigo his cousin moaned in pain.

"G-Grimm. it hurt!" he moaned. "Shh. tried to endure it for a while, were almost there! And when we get there ya can starts ta push the baby out if ya want, okay?" he said as Ichigo nodded his head. "Shit! Wait I'll be back! I'm gonna have to go warn the others about Ichigo condition right now!" Renji said as Grimmjow nodded his head. "Ah." He said soon they made it to the nurse office as the 4 nurse saw them. "G-Grimmjow-sama, I-Ichigo-sama… W-What c-can we do for you t-two?" they asked.

"Ah, please help us! Ichigo here is in labor!" Grimmjow said as the 4 nurse quick helped Grimmjow place Ichigo in the empty bed and untied his Kimono and pull off his underwear, sock and speared his leg wide for the baby to come out and etc as they cover him with the blanket. Soon Ichigo began to moan as he water broke and minute later he felt the first baby head went to his pelvis. 'Shit!' he thought. "G-Grimm.. (Moan in pain) I-it co-coming!" Ichigo said as he couldn't take it anymore and began to push.

"Nn.." Ichigo moaned while gripping his fist in the bed sheet as he began to push. One of the nurses who were a midwife went toward Ichigo to catch the baby. "Shit! Ichi!" Grimmjow said as he tired to comfort his wife, just then they heard a deep monotone voice as one of the nurse said. "Aizen-sama y-your just i-in time! Ichigo-sama already began to push the b-baby out!" one nurse said as Aizen nodded his head and went toward Grimmjow and Ichigo and saw Ichigo was pushing the baby out.

"How it going Himiko?" Aizen asked the nurse who were in-charge. "G-Good, thought his thin is a little bit small for him to co-continue to push the b-baby out sir." She said. "Ah, well then leave this too me." Aizen said as the nurse nodded and moved aside as Aizen take place as he cut Ichigo's thin a bit wider for the baby to come out as Ichigo wince from it. "Okay Ichigo. You can continue pushing the baby now." Aizen said as Ichigo nodded and began to push again.

"Nn.. G-Grimm." Ichigo called his husband as Grimmjow was there beside him, hushing him and encouraging him to continue to push the baby out as Ichigo did. Just then they heard their cousin came in. "Ichi?" they asked worriedly as Grimmjow groaned in annoyance. "Grr,, Guys not now!" Grimmjow said. "Why not?" Shinji asked.

"Cause, I don't think Ichigo can concrete in pushing the baby out while ya guys are watching him!" Grimmjow said as he saw Shinji pouted. "But—" Shinji prostrated. "S-Shin-ji.. P-please!" Ichigo pledged while pushing the baby out. Shinji pouted. "Fine! I and the rest will wait on the other side of the room then!" he said as they lashed the other to the other room beside the nurse office. Ichigo ignore them and continue to push the baby. "Nnn.." just then they heard Renji and the other came in.

"fuck!" Ichigo moaned. "Ichi—" Renji called. "Not now guys please, Ichigo concreting ta push the baby out! Why don't ya guys wait on the other side of the room alone with Shinii?" Grimmjow said as they groaned but went to the other side of the room. Soon Ichigo began to push the baby out when they heard the others student outside Grimmjow groaned and was about to snap at them for disturbing his wife from pushing the baby out when he heard his men's their blocking the others student as Grimmjow sighed in relief.

Soon Aizen could feel the baby head as he said. "Good I can feel the baby head almost out. Start to push slowly on the head Ichigo!" Aizen order as Ichigo nodded and began to push slowly, and slowly, about a few more slow push then the baby head was completely out. Ichigo breathe heavily as he slopped on the bed. "Good, the baby head is out! Time to give a long push on the shoulder Ichigo!" Aizen said as Ichigo gritted his teeth before sitting up again and began to give a long push on the shoulder. He moaned in pain while pushing the baby shoulder out as he gripped his hold on his husband hand as Grimmjow wince from his wife grip.

Soon the baby Shoulder was out as Ichigo breathed heavily. "Alright, time to push normally Ichigo…" Aizen said as Ichigo whine before giving a normal push. Soon the baby was out, crying. Ichigo sat up a bit and saw his baby in Aizen arms that smiled and said. "Congratulation you two, is a boy." He said before cutting the umbilical cord as a nurse came toward Aizen and warps the baby boy with a blue blanket and hand it over to Ichigo and place the baby carefully in his arms. Ichigo smiled down at his son in his arms who was looking up at him. The little one had Ichigo's orange hair and honey brown eyes too.

"OMG! He looked just like Ichigo-sama!" one nurse said as Grimmjow and Ichigo's cousin who were on the other side of the room heard it and went toward them and saw the baby boy in Ichigo's arms and gasped. "HOLY SHIT! Is an Ichigo-mini version!" Shinji said in scram which made everyone to turn and looked at him weirdly.

"Dude! What with you? Are you high or something?" Renji asked. Grimmjow groaned and was about to say something when Ichigo wince as everyone heard him moaned. Aizen chuckle when he saw that the bed was wet again, Ichigo water just broke. "Look like the second one is ready to come out." He said in a playful tone which makes everyone to stare at him weirdly even the student outside sweatdrop at how claming and not effected Aizen sounded while his nephew wife were in labor.

"U-Uncle…" Ichigo said as he moaned when he felt the second baby head went to his pelvis as Aizen nodded his head. "Ah, push when your ready, Ichigo." He said calmly as Ichigo nodded his head and soon began to push the baby out. He continues to push still he felt the baby head almost out. "Good, the baby head almost out, now time to push the baby head slowly Ichigo.." Aizen said as Ichigo whine tiredly but did what he was told and start to push slowly on the head, he keep on pushing still the baby head was completely out, he slopped on the bed panting heavily.

"Okay Ichigo the baby head is out, now I want you to give me a long hard push on the shoulder and don't stop still the baby shoulder is out okay?" Aizen said as Ichigo whine but did what he was told and began to give a long and hard push on the baby shoulder.

Soon the second baby shoulder was out as Ichigo breathe heavily. "Good the baby shoulder is out. Now time to give a normal push and that it." Aizen said as Ichigo nodded his head tiredly and began to give a normal push as they baby was completely out as they heard their second baby cry. Ichigo laid his head back on the pillow and was panting heavily and tired.

"Oh my! It's a girl!" one of the nurses said. Ichigo blink his eyes before smiling as he heard Shinji squealed. "OMG! It a girl! The second twin is a girl!" Shinji said. "Ahh, she soo cute! She look just like a mini-version of Ichigo, the only different is that she a girl." Gin said. "Wahh! She even had a honey brown eyes and orange hair like her twins." Nnoitra said as he looked at the baby in the other nurse arms while Aizen cut the Umbilical cord as the other nurse warped the little girl in a baby pink blanket.

Aizen hand the baby girl to Grimmjow who gladly had his daughter in his arms. Ichigo glance at his husband who was carrying their little girl in his arms. Grimmjow looked at his wife who was looking at him as he smiled at Ichigo. "So.. What do ya want ta name them, Ichi?" Grimmjow asked. Ichigo thought of it for a moment. "Can we name them Kaji and Kori?" Ichigo asked. Grimmjow blinked. "Kaji and Kori? As in Fire and ice in Japanese?" Grimmjow asked as Ichigo nodded his head. "Ah, our son will be Kaji while the little girl will be Kori? Well?" Ichigo asked as Grimmjow thought of it from a moment. "Kaji and Koori Jeagerjaques? Hmm.. I like it!" He said making Ichigo to roll his eyes then soon wince when Aizen began to close his thin.

"There all close.. You can take a rest now if you want Ichigo? I'm sure you're tired from all the birthing you did, you deserver a rest." Aizen said as Ichigo nodded he took one more glance at his daughter who was in her father arms before closing his eyes and went to sleep. Soon the ambulance came alone with Alaric, Alice Grimmjow's parents and Ichigo's parents. "How Ichigo?" Isshin asked worriedly.

"His fine, just got tired from all the laboring he did.. Here do you want to hold your second grandson?" Aizen asked as he hand the baby boy to Isshin as Isshin gasped in surprise and joy. "OH MY! He looks just like his mother." Urahara said as he peaked on Isshin shoulder to see the mimi version of Ichigo's. The baby in Isshin arms whine and began to cry. Ichigo wake up from the cry of his children and moaned. "Nn.." Grimmjow went toward him along with their daughter in his arm as hush him.

"It's alright! Go back to sleep ichi." He said. Ichigo looked tiredly at Grimmjow before asking. "B-but the baby?" he asked tiredly. "They are fine.. Now go back to sleep." Grimmjow said as Ichigo groaned before going back to sleep again.

When Ichigo was finally asleep again Grimmjow hand his daughter to his father how gladly have his granddaughter in his arms as Grimmjow went to carry his wife bride style to put him in the Gurney carefully as to not wake up his tried wife and cover him with the fresh and clean blanket as the other ambulance nurse came to put an IV on Ichigo before taking him to the ambulance cars along with Grimmjow while the others nurse went to clean the two baby before falling them.

Everyone outside the nurse office saw the ambulance nurse took the sleeping Ichigo off to the ambulance car as the whispers among themselves. "My Ichigo-sama looked tried."

"Who wouldn't after giving birth to twin's baby?"

"Did you hear it? Ichigo-sama had a boy/girl twins babies." One female student said. "Ah, and to top it off we heard that the twins looked soo much like their mother.." one said. "Kyaaa! I bet they'll be soo cute like their mother when they grow up!" one said.

Soon everyone saw Alaric Grimmjow's father who had the baby boy in his arms as they squealed quietly. "Ahh.. Look they boy had orange hair just like Ichigo-sama!" the girls squealed. Soon Isshin came out with the baby girl in his arms as everyone squealed again. "Kyaa! Even the baby girl had Ichigo-sama hair color!"

"I bet she'll be cute when she grows up!" they squealed making Isshin to feel proud about it. Soon both Alaric and Isshin went inside the Ambulance car along with Aizen, Grimmjow and the sleep mother (Ichigo) as they drove to the hospital. "You know? I'm glad Ichigo birth with the twins went well." Aizen said as the two older male nodded their head. Grimmjow too was glad to hear that. "He did a good job in pushing them out without any complain or any.." Grimmjow said feeling proud at his wife then he went to turn to look at his son who was in his father's arm as he smiled when the baby boy was awake and was looking up at him. "Do you want to hold him, son?" Alaric asked as Grimmjow nodded as Alaric hand him the little one as Grimmjow happily smiled down at his son who was smiling up at him.

4 hours later at the hospital.

Ichigo wake up to fine himself in a peach room, he looked to his left and saw an IV ached to his arms. He groaned and sat up to fine himself in an expensive hospital room. The room was color in a rich peach color, a flat black TV in front of him and underneath it was freezer, and on the left he found the exist door, a huge cabinet, he turn to his left and smiled when he saw the two cribs with their twins baby inside it sound asleep. He smiled even more when he saw his sleeping husband beside the cribs on the coach, beside the cribs where the bathroom door, and to side of Grimmjow's was the balcony and beside his bed was a drawer. Soon one of the babies wakes up and cried as Grimmjow groaned before waking up only to face to face with his wife Ichigo.

"Hey babe, how long ya been awake?" he asked. "Not to long, I think around 5 minute why?" Ichigo said Grimmjow chuckles before going to pick up one of the twins in the cribs, Ichigo watch his husband as he pick up the baby who was warped in a pink blanket. "Oo, look like our daughter hurry, Ichi." Grimmjow said playfully as Ichigo roll his eyes as Grimmjow went toward him and hand the baby girl to him. Ichigo gladly have their daughter in his arms as he tried to hushes her crying. "Shhh. Is okay sweetie, mommy here." He said as he lifted his pull down his white hospital yukata, revealing his flat manly chest as his position his daughter as their daughter began to drunk her milk to her mother nipples.

Ichigo played with his daughter check who continues to drink her milk. Their little girl looked up at him as Ichigo saw her honey brown eyes. Ichigo couldn't help but to smile down at her as she continue to drink her milk, when she was done feeding both couple stared and admire their little girl as their son soon began to cry in his cribs as Grimmjow chuckle and went to get their baby boy, pick him up and went toward Ichigo as he position the baby boy in Ichigo arms as he too began to drink his milk on his mother manly flat chest. Ichigo stared and admire the two babies in his arms.

Just then the door open as Alaric came in along with their eldest son Rudel who was 1 year old now as Rudel run toward them and looked at the two babies in his mother's arms.

Alaric went to put Rudel on the bed as he looked down at his two little siblings. "Rudel honey I like you to meet your two little siblings. This here in my left arms is your baby sister, her name is Kori while here in my right arms is your baby brother, and his name is Kaji." Ichigo said, little Rudel looked from right to left as he looked up at his mother.

"Mama! Why do they look the same?" he asked. Ichigo couldn't help but to chuckle at his eldest son cuteness and said. "They look the same is because they are twins, dear." Ichigo said as Rudel blinked his eyes. "Oh.. But.. How can you tell which one is K-Kori and K..Kaji?" he asked.

Ichigo smiled at his eldest son. "Is because I just can.. Here, this one here wrapped in a blue blanket is your baby brother Kaji, while this one here in wrapped in a pink blanket is your baby sister Kori." Ichigo said. "Oh.. They look the same, mommy." Rudel said as he looked down at his two little siblings in his mother arms and smiled when one of his little siblings looked up at him. Ichigo was happy; his eldest son was getting alone just fine with his two little siblings.

Soon everyone came and visit Ichigo and his newborn twin's children and had fun admire the baby in his arms. Grimmjow was happy, he had a lovely three children now, two boys and one baby girl, and he was proud and was happy.

The next 3 days Ichigo was finally released from the hospital along with the twins in his arms. And the next follow 8 week Ichigo was back to school, and everyone congratulation them of having a new babies in the family. Then the next few week they had and live interview to announce the birth of their twins children and an official announcement too that little Rudel is now their eldest child.


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