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The long-blue haired samurai was in his usual meditating at the training dojo. He was alone, until he noticed he wasn't.

He heard the door creak open, but he managed to ignored it like if he hadn't noticed anything until it was closed.

He rapidly turned around to look at the person who dared to bother Kanda in one of his meditaions when the person called out his first name, Yuu.

He never liked being calling so, he stood up sheathed Mugen towards the Baka Usagi.

But he didn't even seem to fear him. He looked as happy as ever. He entered and sat on the floor quietly with his hands on his back since he entered.

Kanda didn't mind him and went back to his meditating with a small 'Che'.

But the rabbit's stares prevented him from concetrating until he took the silence away to manage a small talk.

"What is it, Baka Usagi?" He asked rather angry, his eyes still closed with his concentration pose, sweatdropping at the scene.

Lavi started to play with his head, moving it to the sides like wanting to reach his shoulder. He did not answer.

Kanda let a small growl, marking his veins on his forehead. Now he was getting angry.

He quickly turned to see the red-head, opening his eyes and opened his mouth to say something but he didn't get to finish.

"Say Yuu, do you like flowers?" Lavi interrupted, withdrawing one hand from his back with a small violet-blue flower between his fingers.

Kanda blinked at few times until he looked at him with a confused espression. "Flowers?" He asked.

"Yes, flowers." He said with a blank face, handing the small flower to Kanda.

Kanda slowly took the flower like if he was afraid of it. He touched it's soft and colourful petals, sliding the tip of his fingers at the stem.

Lavi took it back, causing Kanda to turn moody again.

The red-head smiled and chuckled looking at Kanda. He got a bit closer, sitting beside him and got to talk again.

"They are called Lavandas." He began pointing his index finger at the small flower.

Kanda nodded with a small 'aha' looking at Lavi with a sweatdrop.

Lavi ignored the 'aha' and continued, "You know something Yuu?"

Kanda got a little pissed, "Too much questions, Usagi." He said, adding a barely hearable 'che' at the end.

Again, Lavi ignored his last statement and went on, "Lavanda starts with my name, and ends with your name."

Kanda stared at him with confusion, pulling a petal from the Lavanda.

He stood up and left the room quietly, closing or rather slamming the door shut.

Lavi smiled and did so going back to his room, leaving the Lavanda alone in the dark room.