The thing I always mention last, I will now say first. People. I do not own D. Gray-Man.

And today's pairing is the one the we all know it's CANNON. Oh and also, It is spring on this one and it takes place at the Black Order's garden (If it has no garden, well, this is a fanfic right? I can make one up). And maybe last chapter, I don't know if anyone suggests any other pairing…


The dark-green haired girl rushed from her room, hurrying to garden for some reason. She was really exciting that March 21st was finally here, and it's been a while since she last went to see how much the flowers had grown.

Upon reaching the entrance to the garden, taking by surprise the white-haired boy was already watching the beauty of flowers as they illuminated in the garden.

She wanted to take him by surprised so she quietly walked towards him, avoiding to make him turn around.

She got there without getting caught, so put her hands on his face, covering his eyes.

He smiled and made a small chuckle, "Lenalee." He said, pulling her hands down and turning around to see her.

She smiled whispering a small wow before giggling to herself until she talked.

"So, what brings you here?" She asked him. Allen thought for a moment until he got his chance to reply.

"Just watching how beautiful nature can be." He said turning to see the garden again.

Lenalee stood beside him, before pointing at the pile of some violet-blue flowers.

"Aren't they pretty?" Lenalee asked and Allen nodded.

"You like purple don't you?" He asked and she smiled.

"Well…" He finished, going to pile of flowers, taking one and getting back beside Lenalee.

She looked at the flower, "Beautiful…" Lenalee said as he handed the flower to her.

"It's a Lavanda, isn't it?" Allen asked while she was still busy stroking the flower.

"It is?" Lenalee asked, looking back at Allen who took the flower for a while before putting it at the top of her ear, sliding his fingers between her ear, caressing her hair.

Lenalee blushed at the sudden action and looked away to hide her face from his view.

Allen laughed quietly, and when she noticed so she turned back to see him.

"So, what is your favorite color, then?" Lenalee asked, putting her arms around his neck.

"I don't have a favorite color." Allen replied, pulling his face closer to her s they're noses were barely touching. He put his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to give a small kiss on her soft lips.

Lenalee put her hand behind his head, deepening the kiss. As soon as they boke the kiss, he turned to whisper to her something in the ear.

"Maybe I like purple" He said smiling into her ear.