My father and I are traveling to Rivain, this is my first time out of the Alienage since my birth twelve years ago. I'm going to meet my aunt and uncle. Father says they're nice and we get to stay with them for an entire two months. I am so lucky. He tells me we have to travel through Antiva then we will be able to go to Dairsmuid. We're in the middle of the market and father is talking to a merchant. That is very boring in my opinion, but he told me to stay close to him while we are in strange lands.

There is so much to see. One merchant is selling jeweled necklaces and other fine trinkets and another is selling fish and other meats. I walked over to the next stall to see what he was selling. The merchant leans over and I can smell ale on his breath as he speaks.

"Is there something I can get for ya?" He sounds drunk too. He smiles and his teeth are gnarled and brown. "Or is there somethin' else that might suit yer interests, knife ears?" he reaches over the stand and grabs my arm lifting me and pulling me over the counter. I'm not exactly the biggest of my kind so I am fairly light. I try to scream but it does no good as he clamps his grimy hand over my mouth. I struggle and kick but he's too strong and drags me into the alley behind his stall.

He pulls me behind a corner and there's no one in sight. Tears start to fall as he lifts my brand new blue dress and pulls off my under clothes. He shoves me onto the ground and unlaces his breeches. His cock springs out in full attention. My eyes widen and I start to tremble as he forces me to my knees.

"Open wide," he growls. I close my eyes and open my mouth knowing if I resist I will probably get beaten. Afterwards he would force me to anyway.

The intrusion never came. Minutes later I open my eyes and the man is gone. In his place there is a young, tan elven boy with blonde hair cleaning blood off his blade.

"You should be more careful," the boy stated, in a very pronounce Antivan accent. He looked about the same age as me or a couple of years older. "There are people exactly like him all over this city." I got up and stumbled over the cobblestones. Before I could fall he caught me. Standing me up he kept his arms around me making sure I wasn't going to fall over again, or so I thought. Looking up at him I saw him smirking.

"Thank you for helping me. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't have come along." My voice slightly shook. I wrapped my arms around this boy I just met and cried into his shoulder. He tentatively brought his arms up and pulled me close by my waist. I stopped crying and wiped my eyes. I try to pull back but he just hugs me tighter. Tensing I turn my head so my nose is nuzzling into his neck. He starts to run his hands up and down my back in slow massaging motions and soon I relax into his arms.

"Why did you save me?" I ask after a while.

"So you expect me to leave a lady in distress just waiting for a man to assault her?" he questions with a smile. "I saved you because I had the means to and you looked so helpless just kneeling there with your eyes closed and mouth open. I had to do something to help."

"Thank you again. I'm sorry but there's nothing I can give you for your aid. I wish there was but I came here with my father and he has all my-" he presses a single finger to my lips to quiet me.

"I do not want anything in return. Saving you has been my reward. Though if I could ask for anything I would ask for," he smiles wickedly, "a single kiss." I bite my bottom lip contemplating whether or not to give this no-named boy my first kiss. Making up my mind I nod and tilt my head back while closing my eyes. He leans in and meets my lips with his. They were soft, his mouth opens and a tongue draws traces my lips. My mouth opens when I gasp and he takes that chance to plunge into my mouth. One of his hands comes around to the back of my neck and the other tangles in my hair. Both my arms wrap around his neck pulling him in as close as I can.

We both pull back panting and he was smiling. The boy reaches his hand and caresses my cheek. "I hope you're feeling better. Sadly I must go before my master sends out a search party. The alley is clear and your father, I think you said, is probably still talking to the merchant." He turned on his heal and strode quickly away.

"Wait," I called and turning his head slightly but doesn't stop walking. "I don't recall you telling me your name." He stops walking and faces me.

"Zevran Arainai, Crow Apprentice," was all he said before turning again and running off into the next alley. I watch him until he's out of sight. I walk back to the stall my father is still arguing at, I stand and think while I wait. I will remember you, Zevran Arainai and maybe we will meet again someday.