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Aurora POV

My boot was on his chest as he stared straight into my eyes, showing no emotion whatsoever. There was a strange coldness that hovered around him, but while looking into the golden pools there was something deeper, something kind about him.

"Please there is no need for violence for I will tell you whatever you need to know, my dear Warden," there was no fear in his voice; quite the opposite actually, there was amusement.

"Why would you tell me anything? Isn't there a certain amount of loyalty to your employers?" What he said next made me think.

"An odd concept loyalty is, for I am loyal to those I can trust not to kill me. That does not include my employers." I pitied him. Why would he of all people be killed? There was a tug at the back of my mind that he was familiar to me somehow but I couldn't place it. Pushing it aside I began to question him again and got all the answer I needed.

"So what will you do with me know that you have received your information? Will you kill me?" There was a nervous hitch in his breathing but his face was kept in check as he watched me.

"I have decided that you will be useful to me and our little party. You can tag along, but if there is one misstep, just one, you will not live to see another day, Crow," firm and terrifying. That was what I was like ever since the day Alistair backed off from becoming the leader of the Grey and I became the Warden Commander.

"Call me Zevran, for their order is so… well let's just say it's not something I want to be related to anymore." His name clicked in my head and I tackled him with a hug.

"What are you doing?" Alistair nearly yelled. Wynne and Leliana had nervous looks on their faces but I was too overjoyed to have actually found him again.

"I can't believe it's you, it's really you," I whispered into his chest. "Why did it take you so long to find me again? I didn't think it was possible for us to meet after three years of waiting but it happened." I looked up at him again but there was confusion in his gaze. "You don't remember, do you? Sorry, I'll get up now." I started to move but strong arms came up wrapping around my body holding me tightly to his torso.

"Tell me your name. The only thing I recall was her name and the days I saved her. The first time she was a bit more grateful than the second but still she had a light her eyes that I have never seen in anyone's since."

"Aurora Tabris. The man I met was Zevran Arainai, first when I was heading to Rivain and second in my Alienage." There was a quick move and his lips were on mine. He gently kissed me and released me. "Thank you for coming back to me." I said as I hugged him again. A happy sigh was heard above me and from then on we were never going to have to search for one another again. We would share all the moments of glory and passion, together we could do anything. Inseparable and unmatched, those were the words that were to describe us in our next adventures but for now the man content sigh was the only thing I was concerned about. I will always remember the times we met…

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