Chapter 1

An hour after Miley's vocal cord surgery Jackson is carrying her through the door to her room and Lorelai comes in.

"Mommy is Miley okay?" Rory asks concered

"hey baby and yeah sweetie come here." Lorelai tells her and sits down with her on the couch

"Miley just had a small surgery and will be sleepy for a few hours but I don't want you to worry okay because she is going to feel a lot better when she gets better and wakes up since she was sick. Do you remember that she's been sick sweetie and her voice was all squeally?" Lorelai asks her

"yeah I do; Okay Mommy I won't worry." Rory tells her

"good." Lorelai says

"okay why don't you go play quitely in your room for a while I talk to your daddy." Lorelai tells her

Rory just nods "okay Mommy." she says kissing Lorelai's cheek

"okay baby." Lorelai says and watches her leave the room

Robbie ray comes into the room "hey hunnie how'd she do?" he wonders

Lorelai sighs and hugs him tightly laying her head on his chest "that was the longest few hours of my life." she tells him

"yeah I know but now she will be able to sing again hopefully." he tells her

"I did nothing but worry in the waiting room and in her recovery room.' she tells him

"I wish I could of been there with you babe." he tells her

"I know." she says hugging him tighter

"so how long until her anesthesia wears off?" he asks her

"oh the doctor's said it won't be for another couple of hours." she tells him

"oh,so are ya hungry can I make ya something to eat?" he wonders

Lorelai just shrugs "sure baby." she says still unsure

Robbie goes over to the kitchen to start making her an egg white omlet with cheese.

Lorelai sits at the counter and watches him and pours herself some orange juice.

"you're the best husband in the world did you know that?" she asks him

"I know." he says and leans over for a kiss

Lorelai kisses him quick.