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Heart of Diamond


Fang: The Black Hawk

Chapter 1: Things Change


Heaven doesn't exist. Not when heaven has met earth.

Why would anyone think that there is a better place above the clouds, when you have everything you need right beside you?

Since the day the experiments were set free from the Zoo, the world woke up. On nearly every newspaper, for the next week and a bit, used most of if Ink on massive articles about how my flock and I 'destroyed' the zoo. The human witnesses were overnight billionaires.

But like I cared anymore.

That was two months ago.

A lot had happened in 2 months.

Indi called for my attention. I sighed and slipped Giniw, my knife, into its sheath. I walked over to my daughter where she lay on her stomach on her pink and green bunny blanket. She watched me approach her. I bent down and picked her up, holding her on my hip. She flapped her fluffy wings happily and pulled on my hair.

"What's the matter sweetie?" I asked. She mumbled some baby language. I kissed her forehead and she gave me a toothless smile.

Indi had grown in two months. She was able to control her head now and interact when we played with her. Her little wings had grown too and she was leaning to flap with them, though I knew she wouldn't be flying for another two years or so.

Her hair had grown into soft black curls that hung above her shoulder. This reminded me of Angel, minus the blonde. Her grey wings were sprouting black and white feathers occasionally, which made it difficult to determine whether she will get white or black wings. Fang says she'll have white wings, while I say she'll have black wings.

I felt hands snake around my waist and clasp in front of my stomach. A smiled crept across my lips as I felt a head rest on my shoulder.

Speak of the devil.

"Hello," I whispered twisting my head to get a good look at Fang.

Fang's hair was wet, a clear sign he had just come out of the shower. His brown eyes were warm as they stared back at me and a small soft smiled was fixed on his almost emotionless face.

Since I had found Fang, we have just about... well, been unable to keep our hands off each other. I guess we were making for lost time. That was my excuse to Mum.

Of course, both Fang and I both hated to think of our 'lost time'. It wasn't a great time of our lives for either of us.

I remember first seeing the whip marks on Fangs legs. I broke down. Literally. It was my entire fault and I knew it. It took a while for Fang to calm me down, though he couldn't convince me that it wasn't my fault. After that, Fang nearly always wore jeans.

Fang grinned at me. "How are my two beautiful girls?"

I looked down at Indi who was now trying to grab my nose. "We're good... ahh! Indi. I would like to keep my face."

Indi giggled and slapped her palm on my mouth. I grabbed her little hand and put in by her side. "Ok, that's enough. No more hitting people."

Fang chuckled. Indi looked up at him and reached one hand up to pat his nose. Fang reached tapped his finger on Indi's nose, making her giggled and hold her own nose with two hands.

I have to say Fang took the roll of a father almost instantly. I had to teach him a few things, how to make Indi's bottle (though since we got back to the house, I've used the microwave which I now claim my saviour), how to change her nappy and put her to sleep. At nights, Fang usually made me stay in bed, while he got up to check on Indi.

I guess Fang wanted to make up for 'lost time' with his daughter too.

The phone began to ring.

I sighed. Fang plucked Indi out of my arms. I walked over to the kitchen and pulled the phone off the wall. I pressed the green button and put the phone to my ear.


"Hey, Max," My mum answered from the other side.

Mum was happy to find us all alive. Of course she burst into tears when she saw Ella standing beside me, her invisible scales glittering in the sun light. She was happy to see Ella, but was devastated at what the Shadows had done to her. She only stopped crying when Ella told her that she didn't mind it.

"Hey, Mum, what's up?" I said casually, watching Fang pick up Indi's pair of plastic keys and wave them in front of Indi.

"Your Interview is on TV again," She said.

I grabbed the TV remote and pressed the power button. Sure enough, the TV switched onto Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Angel, Gazzy, Coco, Blaze, Indi, Total and I were sitting, well Fang and I, on the couch talking to the interviewer.

With having 9 winged Angels, a wolf changing dog, a lizard/bat/snake and a brightly coloured exotic bird, Valencia was having trouble housing us all. It took about a week for news reporters to track down my number. Once they had the number to Valencia's house, we were bombarded with requests for interviews. At first we rejected them, but when they kept ringing back with a higher offer for money, I took them up. Valencia was mad at me, but she began to realise that this was the only way my flock and I would be able to stay in the house financially.

Of course, my flock and I are now having a couple of billion dollar contracts with green supporters, Violence against women and various other companies. I refused to do any advertisements though. I wasn't putting my flock through that.

The interviews had gone well, until the last one I had two days ago.

It was the Interviewers fault, not mine.

He had made a big mistake asking me what it was like to be different from 'normal people'. I remember frowning at the way he said 'normal people'.

"Maybe you could answer that question for yourself," I said with a raised eyebrow and a your-joking look on my face. "How do you think it would be like always being chased by NMEA, always being threatened to be killed, always being told that you're a mutant and don't belong with 'normal people'? And that fact that it was 'normal people' who made you who you are today and there is nothing you can do to change that. Hmm?"

Of course, that man got fired right after the show was finished. From that day on, interviewers must have been scared to ask for interviews, because the phones have been quiet these days and no one has been knocking on the door for a picture.

Fang spun around to look at the TV. A smiled crept across his face as he pointed at the TV screen for Indi.

"But that's not why I rang," My mum said. "I need you to pick up Ella from school. I'm going to be home late tonight."

Ella didn't want to go to school anymore because none of the flock was going to school. But Mum had already paid for the semester, so Ella agreed to finish off the semester and then she was free.

Poor Ella. It was hard for her to fit in again. She disappeared for 6 months that everyone thought she had moved out. Now that she was back, she had hardly anyone loyal anymore. She couldn't go out when it's sunny or her scales would sparkle. At lunch times she had to have a shower so her scales didn't dry off. She wasn't allowed to do swimming in school anymore, because the teacher had said that they don't allow flippers in swimming carnivals.

If it wasn't for the fact Ella still had a whole semester of school, I think Mum would gone off at the principal when she heard Ella's swimming teacher say that.

Since I was seeing her more often, I began to see tiny differences I hadn't picked out before. Her eyes were larger and were more of an aqua blue than a sky blue. She wasn't blinking as much and sometimes would keep her eyes open for a whole 3 minutes before blinking again. Though I don't think she realised it, her hearing was incredible. She was able to hear things long distances away and made it impossible for the kids to play hide and seek with her. I had a feeling her hearing was better than Iggy's. I guess that may have come with her bat wings.

Guys started to tease her about the fact her skin had gone green. But that was before they realised her sister was the famous flying human who took down a whole army of NMEA. The whole of Colorado seemed to know that Ella wasn't human anymore and neither was her sister. Even though we tried to keep it a secret, it didn't really work. Our flock bands made us stand out, though none of us took them off. We were proud to be part of the flock.

I thanked mum for that.

"Sure," I said glancing at my watch. 3:17. "I guess I should leave now."

"Yeah," Mum said. "Is everyone ok?"

I smirked. "Yeah we're fine."

Mum sighed. "I'll see you later."

"Ok, bye, Love you," I said.

"Love you too, Max."


Fang chuckled and switched off the TV. Indi clapped her hands as she sat on Fang's hip.

I put my hands on my hips as I watched Iggy slide down the banister of the steps. He jumped off and stepped back as Nudge did the same thing. She jumped off too.

Well if there ever was any two teenagers who were so in love (apart from Fang and I), it would be Iggy and Nudge. God they just can't quite get away from each other. No matter what I do, they somehow seem to be in the same bed when I'm waking up the flock every morning. I gave up in the end and let them sleep in the same room.

"Alright," I said putting my hands on my hips. "Nudge, your coming with me to pick up Ella. We need some girl time. Iggy your baby sitting with Fang."

Iggy slumped. Nudge kissed his forehead and whispered something to him. His eyes brightened slightly.

I rolled my eyes and walked out to the back door. I saw Total, Angel, Coco, Blaze and Gazzy playing fly chasse. Phoenix perched on top of the Cubby house, watching them like mother bird and Dragon was growling and rolling about on the grass, trying to pull some sort of plant out of the ground.

Yes, Dragon stayed. Iggy and Nudge had tried to convince him to stay with Scales, the Massive Dragon that's probably flying around In Texas about now, but he wanted to stay with Iggy. I couldn't argue. But Mum hated the fact the Dragon was like a puppy. Tearing up the back garden as much as possible.

Even the real dog was sensible enough not to do that.

"Hey, do any of you kids want to come with me to pick up Ella!" I shouted over to them.

Dragon bounded over to me and tried to lick my face with his forked tongue, while making some gurgling sound. I pushed his head away from my face. "Down, Dragon!"

Dragon sat down like a dog waiting for a treat, his lizard tail flicking from side to side. I gently scratched him under his crocodile jaw.

"ME!" Coco shouted, quickly landing and running over to me. "I wanna come!"

Coco and Blaze were different in a way. Their wings weren't hidden like ours. They tucked into their sides and over their arms. But Mum was teaching them to use different muscles to be able to tuck their wings tight against their back.

It took a while for them to settle in. Coco loved Nudge and Ella. Like Gazzy, she thought those two girls were her absolute idols. She slept with Angel and Ella in Ella's room. Same happened with Blaze and Gazzy. They now sleep in a bunk bed in Mums old study.

Phoenix squawked and swooped past me and through the back door. Phoenix loved us all, though she and Fang seemed to share something. Fang had told me Phoenix was the one who kept him sane while he was in the zoo. Phoenix loved Indi too. I would see her nestled beside Indi a lot, her meter long ostridge feathers circling Indi, like Phoenix was trying to make a nest.

"Phoenix said she wanted to go too!" Blaze shouted. "But I don't want to go!"

I smiled. "Thanks Blaze!"

It helped that Blaze was able to speak to animals. It made it easier to try and work out what they wanted and didn't want. He was teaching them how to listen to different words and different signals.

"I'm ok!" Angel said.

"Me too!" Gazzy said and continued his chase after Blaze.

"Ok! Iggy and Fang will be inside if you need them!" I called. Dragon bounded back to his task of plant pulling up.

I walked inside and found Coco putting her pair of runners on. I looked at the shoe rack. It reminded me off the movie 'Cheaper by the Dozen'.

We were pushing for space in this 4 or 5 bed roomed house if you count the study. Mum was already looking for a smaller house, now she laughs because now she needs to look for a bigger house.

I walked back in to the lounge room to where Fang was standing with Indi. I pecked him on the lips and kissed Indi on the forehead. "I'll be back soon."

Fang rolled him eyes. "I'm not going anywhere."

I smirked at him. "I hope not."

Fang smiled, but I was jerked away from him by Nudge. "Hey...!"

"You drag me away from Iggy, I drag you away from Fang," Nudge said simply. "Let's go, or we'll be late."

I gave a quick wave to Fang who was laughing at the two of us, before Nudge pushed me out the door.

See? My life is heaven. My future is bright.

Though I dreaded this election that was drawing closer. I knew it was going to smash this little heaven, back down to hell in three seconds flat if I didn't do something soon.


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