Marcus awoke slowly, trying to find a way to dull the massive pain he was having from taking so many stun blaster shots. However, the only knowledgeable remedy that he can think of was to just stay where he was with his eyes closed trying to fall asleep again. Yet someone was sure not going to let that happen.

"Hey Lieutenant, the husky is finally awake!" He heard a rather deep voice bellow across wherever he was. His curiosity finally got the best of him and he forced one of his eyes open. The first thing he saw was a barred cell door where a rather large Pathfinder stood ominously. "Where the hell am I and how did I end up here in the first place?"

Marcus closed his eyes again and tried to focus on what happened. He was running through a forest, with several guards chasing him and Forsaken, when all of a sudden he felt a large shock go through him. Then everything went black. "Damn I got hit… Where the hell is Forsaken then?"

During his mental recall of the events, he failed to see another guard walk up to the cell door and stare in at him sprawled out on the floor. "Good, I'll inform Panther that we have him and Forsaken in custody when he returns from his duties in the Pherennis system. I'm sure he would love to get his hands on that little black vulpine… Let's just hope that he leaves some for me as well, that little bastard killed five of men and nearly paralyzed another, so I would love to have a word with him. But we will have to wait for now. Report to me if anything changes in their status, I want an update on these two every thirty minutes, that black one has escaped our clutches before and I don't want it to happen again."

The guard who had been guarding both of their cell entrances gave a salute and a audible "Sir, yes sir!" and then watched as his lieutenant walked off down a different corridor, most likely to the barracks. However, the conversation was still picked up by Forsaken who was in the cell adjacent to Marcus and could see the husky sprawled out on the floor holding his head.

"Wait a minute, the Pherennis System and Panther? That dream he had, it didn't make any sense. Panther actually was in the star system that the chart described, probably on the planet as well during that time… What the hell is going on…" As Forsaken tried to make sense of his dream that was freakishly too accurate to be just a coincidence, words form in his minds that he can scarcely recall hearing before. "You must remember Patheron as it is one of the places where you will find allies to help you…"

Forsaken then opened his eyes in realization where he recalled the voice from. He now remembers that the voice was guiding him through his vision or dream, whatever he decided it to label it as. It also told him that there were potential allies on a planet called Patheron, which would be the second farthest planet from Pherennis, the system' star. It was starting to get to him even more, as he could accurately call upon the details of the map within his mind's eye as if it was burned into it…

With a sigh, the vulpine was able to clear the thoughts from his head and focus on something else. "Well it would probably be best to get some sleep before this Panther arrives back at the base… God knows what he has in store for me and Marcus. With that as his last though, the vulpine then picked himself up and laid down upon the wooden bench hanging from the wall. Within a minute of closing his eyes, he fell asleep.

Memory One, Forsaken's Second Dream

Forsaken couldn't control where he was going, he was rocketing through space at high velocity and no control over his fighter. There was barely any power left within the small cockpit but he was still able to pull up a holograph of the ship to see its damage report. The left wing was a dark shade of yellow, with a 38% number next to it, showing that it was fairly damaged, and with both engines in red at 0% which signaled that they had both failed. He silently cursed to himself as there would be little to no chance of survival for the position he was in. His G-Diffusers were also knocked down to 0% due to the extensive damage as well, giving him an even lesser chance of surviving a planetary crash landing. His ship would most likely be torn to shreds at the speed he was going and sure enough, he was on a crash course headed straight to Zoness.

The vulpine sighed and laid back in his seat as he prepared himself for his ultimate fate, yet he knew it was for a worthy cause. If it wasn't for him, his friends would've surely have perished. It was then that he heard a slight static emitting from his main console. He looked down at the cracked screen and it blinked with a message saying "Trans-ion in—m-ng". Forsaken knew what it meant, as most of the letters were there to make out what it was trying to display, despite its cracked screen. He pressed the holographic button that was next to it, allowing it to come through to his ship.

Much to his dismay, his com-array had taken extensive damage as well. He had taken a charged shot from a Wolfen, as well as two Nova bombs detonated simultaneously in close proximity to his aircraft. It was actually a miracle that he was able to somewhat dodge the Wolfen's blast charge after the bombs depleted his shields, yet it still clipped his wing and the resulting discharge fried the G-Diffusers and com-arrays, leaving him a sitting duck for him to be fired at.

He didn't know who was trying to message him but when the transmission finally came through, he saw an image that was distorted horrendously to make out any detail due to his damaged com-array. Yet he could still make out some of the words. "…, We won't forget…. Sacrifice… We will inform…. Just as you told us we should if this were to happen… God speed my old friend…. Say hi to …. For me will ya?" with that the transmission ended. Forsaken sighed and rested his head in his hands. It would only be a matter of time before he entered the Zoness atmosphere, then it would all be over within seconds…

A few minutes later, the planet encompassed his whole view as his ship entered the atmosphere. "Well this is the end… I never thought it would be like this… There were so many things left unsaid and undone, but I guess there's always things that were never accomplished that you wished you should've." When he felt his ship start to shake due to him entering the atmosphere, he was caught with another transmission. This time it was a text only message and it simply read on the fractured screen, "Check Ship Status".

"What the hell…" was all the vulpine muttered when he pulled up his ship status display. Everything was still damaged, yet his G-Diffuser's systems were online back to 35%. This was something he could work off of, yet it would take a lot of finesse to make sure he escaped this still alive. He got to work immediately, adjusting the gravity output percentage to compensate for his speed and hopefully slow him down enough to level out to a more non-lethal descent. When he was working with the console though, he saw a blue Arwing fly in front of his cockpit, but it wasn't a new model that they had just recently released. It had been one from the great Lylat War which took place fifteen years ago… In that time period, only six were ever made…

Right now, however, was not the time to ponder about strange occurrences. He would use his whatever he had been given to see that he would survive and hopefully get back at the people who ambushed him and his team. As his G-Diffuser's output were maximized in the direction opposite of the planet's gravity, his descent was slowed enough so he could try to bank and level out his nosedive without tearing his fighter apart due to the stress. Sure enough when he pulled back on the flight control stick, it responded. Yet, his speed was too great in order to level out in time. He would surely crash if he didn't improvise. His ejection mechanism was damaged as well during the fight, which had rendered the cockpit unable to detach for the pilot to escape. The only option for him to actually eject successfully would be for him to break his own cockpit shield that was designed to withstand the greatest forces that space could throw at you and still stay in one piece. Forsaken did have a parachute stashed behind his seat as a backup in case of emergency situations such as this, but he still didn't have a way of opening the cockpit. Time was running out and he would need to think of something quick, otherwise his window of opportunity would have passed.

Then it occurred to him, he could try to shoot and destroy the mechanical hinges that were most likely damaged and keeping the canopy locked in place. Quickly, while still leveling out his descent slowly, Forsaken grabbed the parachute and strapped it on. He withdrew his blaster and tried to remember where the locking mechanisms were located from the blueprints he looked at for his fighter. Then he remembered, there was five altogether; two on each side of the canopy and one in the front to lock it to the nose of the fuselage. He charged up a shot and took out the first one and he heard a loud groan as it gave away.

Silently praising himself for his brilliant idea, he proceeded to shoot the two on his left, hearing each groan as the pressure was released. "Only two more, you can do this!" he said to himself. Forsaken then shot the final two on the right side, instantly causing the canopy to give and rip off the fighter, with his blaster following it. If he wasn't strapped into his seat, he would've followed suit with his canopy. He had only about half a minute left to try and level out his descent even more before he would be forced to eject manually.

When he had reached the point he planned, he made sure that his parachute was securely strapped to his back and chest before unbuckling from his pilot seat. Right when he let go of the last clip, the wind and g-forge ripped him out of the cockpit, leaving a flailing vulpine in the wind freefalling fast. Out of control from his reckless ejection, Forsaken quickly stabilized himself and checked his altimeter which read 25,000 feet above ground level. It was decreasing fast, and the vulpine knew he would have to deploy his chute any time now. He glanced back at it about a minute later, and it read 6,000 feet. He waited a few seconds as he saw the ground approaching him fast, and then pulled the chute.

His plan wasn't without any altercations as his chute that he deployed came out too fast than it should have, causing it to jerk hard on the pilot. Silently cursing to himself from the pain it caused him, he was glad that it was all that he received in return to a fiery death below from his fighter that crashed in the distance.

He was nearing the ground now and was preparing to land. However, the speed at which the chute was bringing him in at was far too fast than it should've been. He would surely be injured from this landing, which could hinder his survival rate. He stuck his feet out, readying to land on the beach that he had guided himself too, and took the force of the landing. He tried to keep the landing controlled but the speed wouldn't allow him to, causing him to hit the ground hard, and the next thing he knew he was unconscious.

He awoke later to find himself in a bed of what appeared to be a hut of some sort, and there was a sharp pain in his left leg. When he tried to sit up and get a better bearing of his surroundings, an animal walked in through the entrance of the hut and pushed him back down onto the small hammock that was his bed.

"You may want to stay down, you broke your left shin bone and we had to reset it for you while you were unconscious."

Forsaken finally got a good look at the person who had supposedly helped him. He was a rather short German shepherd, yet there was something about his appearance that told him he could handle himself more than easily if he ever got into a fight. "How long was I out for?" Forsaken asked.

"You were unconscious for a few hours; you took quite a nasty blow back there. I wouldn't be surprised if that gash you received doesn't scar. We were lucky to find you when we saw your ship crash in the distance and saw your chute in the distance. If we hadn't found you, you probably would've perished, or had one hell of a time trying to survive that's for sure."

Forsaken gave the man a smile then stated, "It was one hell of an ejection that was for sure…" However, he quickly became tired and felt himself wanting to drift back to sleep. Glancing to his left, he saw he had an IV running into his arm, most likely pain killers as he felt the pain in his leg start to dull.

"We've administered you a small sedative, it should help you rest without much discomfort coming from your leg." He said then continued onwards, "My name is Ladakai by the way."

Forsaken looked in his direction and gave him a smile, then stated "My name is Fo-Forsaken…" before falling asleep due to the strong sedatives coursing through him.

Forsaken's Cell, Pathfinder Base, Fortuna

Forsaken awoke from yet another strange dream, except this time, he could remember all of it clear as day as if he actually lived it. "Wait a minute… That, that was a memory!" He had a shocked look on his face as he realized he had recovered his first memory, but he wasn't sure what it meant. Just the fact that he had survived a seemingly lethal crash with a lot of improvisation and help from a strange German shepherd named Ladakai. Maybe more would come to him in the future, he hoped. It would certainly come in handy now that he remembered to somehow fly a fighter from his memory, even though it was severely damaged.

The black and grey vulpine then stood up stretching his sore muscles from the stiff wooden bed, and then walked over to the corner of the room where the toilet was. After taking quite a lengthy bathroom break, one of the guards walked up to his cell door and yelled at him, "The lieutenant wishes to see you as well as your husky friend so get ready!"

Forsaken sighed then thought to himself, "Great, time to play prisoner of war…"

"Come on then, get your ass over here, or will I have to come in there and drag you out screaming?" The guard gave him a smug smile, clearly enjoying his job. He unlocked the cell door and walked in, closing and locking it behind him. He walked over to the vulpine and handcuffed him, then beckoned him to follow him out. Forsaken knew the logical thing to do was to follow him until he would be confident enough that he could escape without too many complications. So the plan as of right now was to wait it out and play along with whatever they were planning for him and Marcus.

Forsaken watched as the guard walked in to the cell adjacent to his and repeated the same process that was done to him, then they were forced to walk down the hall that they both watched several guards walk down before while changing sentry shifts. Both of them had lost count of time, since their communicators were confiscated, and Forsaken didn't even remember what day or date it was. After walking down several corridors, they finally reached their destination which was a rather large office. The guard pushed them forward even more when they stopped in the entrance of the doorway, then closed the door behind them. The lieutenant then turned around to face them and gave them both a wicked smile. "You know, Forsaken, you are quite a bitch to get a hold of."

The vulpine gave him a smug grin, realizing now that the guy he was talking to was the one who lead the squad that captured him. "Yea I bet your dead mates were thinking the same thing, lieutenant."

This got a reaction he was looking for from the lieutenant who was another venomion ape nearly twice the size of Forsaken and Marcus, but he kept his cool, knowing what General Caruso would do to him if he harmed the prisoners too much before he decided their fates. But that didn't mean he couldn't rough 'em up a bit. The lieutenant got up out of his chair with his blaster rifle in hand and rifle butted the vulpine in the chest, forcing him to his knees. "By the way, you can call me Lafar."

Forsaken just looked back up at him and gave him a smirk that obviously stated "Fuck you."

"As you know General Caruso will be arriving soon from his diplomatic procedures that he's attending to in the Pherennis System not too far from Lylat, on their capital planet Patheron. When he gets back, he will want to interrogate both of you, and most likely you will be executed without any hesitation. Yet I know that there are still pockets of resistance still springing up around the system and since you are one of the leader of the so called rag tag team of fighters, you can lead us to their headquarters and shut them down once and for all."

"Even if I knew where the headquarters were, Lafar, why the hell would I tell you? Plus you won the battle, the war is over. You bastards have won and stolen Lylat from its rightful ruler and left the people under the iron handed rule of an Andross descendant." Forsaken stated rather venomously.

The reply that Forsaken got was a rather obnoxious laugh that echoed throughout the room that Lafar called an office. "Hah, for being one of the leaders of this revolution, you sure as hell are dumb as shit aren't you? Even if we took out the body of the Revolutionaries, which we did by the way, there is still a head to the body somewhere else giving commands to all of these guerilla fighters terrorizing our colonies and military outposts."

"What makes you think that there being directed? What if they are just normal civilians acting on their own accord, fighting for what they think is right?" Forsaken continued his argument.

"Quite a valid point there, Forsaken, but where would their morale come from? Sooner or later it would break and disintegrate, leaving nothing but a broken populace for Lord Bowman to rule with no opposition. Right now, the morale levels are spiking even more than before. The populace is refusing to break and give in to the rule, which was quite the opposite during the beginning of the war. Now they are acting out in greater numbers than before, and it's becoming quite the nuisance for our leader. Now if you tell us where this little band of leaders are residing at, I can promise you that your death will be quick and painless. Otherwise, I will see to it that the General will allow me to rip you apart with my bare hands, which I will take utmost pleasure in since what you did to my soldiers."

Forsaken only gave him a smile. "You are truly ignorant, Lafar."

Marcus finally decided to join in the conversation, since he was being kept out for the past few minutes from the heated debate going on between the two. "We didn't decide to fight because someone told us to, we started doing it of our own accord, Lafar. We didn't need a leader to tell us what to do, our free will was at stake here and it was something that we did not want to lose. So what did we do? We fought for it, and lost. Yet some people are still refusing to back down. It is as simple as that, there isn't a way to completely control a society such as what your Lord Bowman is trying to accomplish. Someone will always ask questions and act of their own accord, whether you can help it or not."

Lafar was not taking this conversation light heartily; rather he looked like he was going to explode with rage at where this conversation was going. He could definitely see the logic in their explanations, which infuriated him even more. "Private, take these two and throw them in the cell with the amphibian. That should shut them up for quite awhile; even I can't stand that damn thing's voice for long. If they start talking too much as well, stun them. I don't want them plotting anything as well."

The guard that had been observing the whole situation gave a salute and nodded, dragging the two of them back into the dark corridors of the Pathfinder's base. Instead of going right to where they originally came from, they took a left down another section of what looked to be more prisoner cells. When they finally walked for a few more minutes, they reached a cell that housed only one dark shade of a figure. He opened it up for the two, unshackled them to ease their access around the cell, and then shoved them both in. "You've got visitors." He stated before walking over and taking his post a few feet away.

The two got up from the rather rough shove they received and made out a dark shape in the corner of the cell, and then it started to move towards them. When it came into the light, they made out the characteristics of the animal in front of them. It was a rather stout looking amphibian, looking to be a toad; with two green eyes sticking out of the top of its head and a hat in-between them that was red and white with no logo. It had mostly male features, so despite his voice, they thought he was a male.

"My name's Slippy. Pleased to meet ya."

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