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Jacks Birthday Surprise

It was Jack O'Neill's birthday, and he was not looking forward to it. It was times like these that he missed his team; they had become his makeshift family over the years. But being in Washington didn't leave him much time to see them, Thor had offered to beam SG1 to Washington if he had wanted to see them, but Jack, not being able to tell if he was joking or not, and not really wanting to cause himself more paper work, declined the offer.

Jack pulled his apartment key out of his pocket, and opened the door. But before he turned the light on Jack noticed something was wrong. He couldn't tell what, though. Before he could reach for the nearest weapon, he heard a "surprise!"

Then the hushed voice of the one and only Daniel Jackson, "Vala, you're meant to wait until he turns the light on."

"Daniel?" Jack yelled out to the apartment.

"Hi Jack, Hows things? Can you turn the light on? I can't see." Daniel replied from somewhere near Jack's couch. Doing as he was asked, Jack turned the light on, and saw three figures, plus Daniel and Vala.

"Hi Sir," Carter said, from behind his bar.

"Hello Carter," Jack said with a slight frown on his face. "I better not find anything missing from my bar, or you know who I'll be coming after."

"Yes Sir." Carter said smiling.

"You can drop the sir, Carter." Jack said, taking his jacket off. "Which reminds me, why are you all here, in my apartment?"

"Sorry Sir, force of habit." Sam said, Jack shook his head and turned to his other guests.

"C'mon Jack, you didn't really think we'd forget your birthday, did you?" Daniel asked.

"Daniel Jackson tells me that it is customary to celebrate the day of ones birth," Teal'c said in his usual tone.

"Did he now?" Jack asked, raising an eyebrow in Daniel's direction.

"Daniel, how old did you say he was?" Vala asked quietly, eyeing Jack up and down.

"Daniel!" Jack yelled at him and giving him a warning look when the archaeologist opened his mouth to reply.

"Vala!" Daniel said shaking his head slowly.

"What? He still looks nice, that's all." Vala said winking at Jack.

"Daniel?" Jack turned to him.

"Don't worry Jack. It's just the way she is. General Landry wouldn't let me leave her on base alone so…" Daniel trailed off.

"Do I want to know why Hank didn't want her left alone?" Jack asked. Daniel shook him head and mouthed a 'no.'

As Jack and Daniel continued their argument, Cam, who was standing in the middle of Carter and Teal'c asked, "were they always like this?"

"Yep," Carter answered.

"Really?" Cam asked, not believing it.

"Indeed." Teal'c answered.

By the time Jack and Daniel were finished, Jack felt like he definitely needed a drink, which he proceeded to tell the rest of the group. "I need a drink. Anyone else want one?" After getting a yes from everyone except Teal'c, Jack walked to the fridge and pulled out four beers. He handed them out to his old team first then to Vala then to Cam, "hope you like Guinness," Jack said when he handed Cams drink to him.

"Yes, Sir."

"Good man," Jack said, patting him on the shoulder.

"Daniel, can we play a drinking game?" Vala asked excitedly.

"No. How do you even know about them?" Daniel asked her, sounding shocked.

Vala smiled. "Google."

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