Chapter 13- The End?

A year had passed and all of the four have come to be great friends and Harry and Embry have also become very close. Luna and Seth, Terry and Jacob and Blasie and Leah as are Harry and Edward are all still going strong. The three have come to love their mates with their whole heart including Harry. He spent more time with Edward's family and they became like his second family. He couldn't count the Dursley's as his family. Angela also became a greater part of their friendship and had gotten into a romantic relationship with Ben Cheney.

Harry, Hermione and Ron had exchanged about a hundred letters to each other. They updated Harry with all the information in the Wizarding World and how The Prophet was offering awards to anybody who can find Harry and catch a picture of him. The two told Harry about how the Ministry, or rather the minister, had tried to get people to turn against him with the explanation that he had turned dark and was now creating an army. Apparently, there was quite a scandal over that and while some people believed what the minister was saying, there was a great deal of the population that believed he was innocent and was just living peacefully somewhere else. They told Harry that many people thinks that he had done right by leaving England when he had been turned while others thought that he still should have stayed. All the letters put together made Harry smile with contentment and a bit of sadness. He missed them.

The person that Harry spent most of his time with though, was his godfather. They had reconciled and were back to the relationship that they had before Sirius "died". They talked about everything from the Dursleys to Edward to the Final Battle. One time, Harry had brought Sirius to the Cullen's home so that they could all meet and Harry thought that they had all got along quite well, although Sirius had given Edward the whole, "Break his heart and I will kill you" speech with his wand pointing in the vampires face. Unsurprisingly, Harry's mate had looked quite freaked out after that and took the words to heart.

The Cullen's, Blaise, Harry and Luna had all graduated from the Fork's High school and each of them, including Terry, had enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle all of them hoping to become different professionals. They all got accepted although a couple of them got on the waitlist but managed to get accepted since they managed to be near the beginning

A week before their first semester started, Harry and his friends went to the university to look around and to find their classes as they had all missed the orientation date. The campus was quite beautiful with the Drumheller Fountain and the green grounds lined with cherry blossoms. There were people in all directions but the four imagined there'd be more once school actually started.

It was two days before University that found Harry and Terry pacing around the house, nervous. Harry kept thinking about what he was missing and running around looking for them. Blaise and Luna were so agitated with watching them pace, that Blaise was trying to concentrate on watching his movie whereas Luna was reading what appeared to be an interesting book with a small smile upon her face. Her smile grew when she heard the phone ring and Harry picked it up.


"Hi Harry! It's Alice. I know you're nervous for Monday but when I met you I had promised to take you guys shopping and today I'm going to meet that promise. I'm taking you guys shopping and I'm not going to take no for an answer!"

Harry sighed and covered the mouthpiece with his hand.


He got many different replies.

"I can't I have to work. And we can hear you without you yelling, you know." Said Terry

"Sure!" Said Luna

"I can't. I'm hanging with Leah today." Said Blasie

Harry nodded and brought the phone back up.

"It's just Luna and I, Alice. The other two are busy."

He could her sigh with disappointment but the lightness in her voice was the same as always.

"I guess that's all right. We're going to go to Seattle as they have very nice shopping opportunities; new sights and we're going just for the fun of it. I'm going to pick you up in ten minutes so be ready."

Harry put down the phone and both of the two going to Seattle got ready to go and waited at the door. Exactly ten minutes later, they heard a honk. When they got into Alice's car, Alice slammed her foot on the gas pedal and they were off.

It took one hour for them to arrive in Seattle with the speed that Alice was going and their first stop was Downtown Seattle where they meandered into every store. Alice and Luna spent time giving Harry a whole new wardrobe with Harry grumbling every now and then. Why he agreed to this, he didn't know. After they were done with Harry, they shopped for clothes for themselves with Harry commenting here and there. That first shopping place took hours to go through and only half the day was gone so Alice decided to take them to the International District where they enjoyed walking around and seeing all the people. This experience was much more calm and less tiring than the first. They settled down and ate at the small Hong Kong Bistro.

Finally, after 8 hours of driving, shopping and eating, they arrived at Harry's and Luna's home. They all got out of the car and Alice opened the trunk to let them get each of their bags. The twins hugged Alice before lugging all their bags into their rooms to put away. They had just finished when they heard the front door open.

"Hey! Anybody here?"

Harry went into the front room to see Blaise and Terry taking off their shoes and putting them to the side. Luna came in a few seconds later.

"Hi Harry, Hi Luna. How was your shopping day?" Asked Blaise with a smirk in Harry's direction.

Harry just sighed in answer. Luna shot him a look before jumping into recalling every detail and the fact that she and Alice had dragged him everywhere and to every store. The two smirked at him on sync and Harry rolled his eyes before going into to the kitchen to find something to do. He ended up making chocolate cupcakes for them all.

Later in the night, Harry and Blaise were sitting in at the dinning table and were softly talking.

"How's Leah?" Harry inquired, as he and Leah had become tentative friends. Blaise got a dreamy look on.

"She's great. I really love her. She is a bit temperamental but I love her despite all that."

Suddenly he looked down at the table and traced the patterns with his eyes.

"I… I'm going to ask her to marry me. What do you think?"

Harry stared at Blaise in shock. When he came to his senses, he said, "Are you sure?"

Blaise looked up with a passion in his eyes.

"Yes, absolutely yes. I love her so much. It's been a year since we got together and I know we're only nineteen but we're mates and I want to spend the rest of my existence with her. She's smart, kind, feisty, and sexy and she challenges me every time we're together. I know where not ready to get married but I want us to signify that we're going to someday. You know what I mean?"

"I think you should do whatever you feel strongly about. I heard of this ring, a promise ring I think? Anyway, maybe you should get her one of those instead? It gives her the promise that you're going to marry her. Someday. When the two of you are ready. What about that?"

Blaise stared out the window, thoughtfully, before answering.

"I'll think about it. Thanks for the suggestion Harry."

With that Blaise left the room to go into his own. Harry heard the door shut and a computer being put on. Harry sighed, leaned back into the chair and closed his eyes. Blaise mentioning marriage made Harry think of Edward and him. Were they ready for that step, he didn't know but Blaise did give him something to think about.

The next day, Harry and Terry were watching I love Lucy reruns when they heard the doorbell ring. The two stared each other down before Terry broke the eye contact and got up to answer it. Harry heard the normal greetings and then two pairs of footsteps heading towards him.

"Harry,why did you make me get the door when it was for you? Next time you're getting it."

Harry looked towards Terry with a smirk before the smirk fell into a grin when he saw Embry. He jumped up and gave his close friend a hug, feeling the other do the same.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Harry while leading him into the backyard

"Your starting school tomorrow, I wanted to wish you luck. "

Harry looked stunned.

"You came all the way over here? Just to wish me luck? Thank you."

The other looked to the ground.

"I didn't just come here for that... I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out for a bit? Take a walk?"

"Sure. That would be great. Want to go now?"

Embry nodded then instead of going back into the house, he led the way into the forest. They walked side by side until the trees started to thin out and they were facing the ocean while standing on a wide cliff. Harry sighed and closed his eyes, letting the salty wind gently wash over his face. He sat down, feeling Embry do the same thing on his right. They watched seagulls fly high over the water. Sometimes they swooped towards the water to catch a fish while others just flew on. They stayed like that for a little over an hour just listening, watching and sometimes talking.

It was when they were walking back to the house that Harry thought about marriage. He decided to ask Embry about it.

"Embry… Do you ever think about marriage?"

The person spoken to looked startled at the question. He looked at Harry with a raised eyebrow.

"Sometimes. I mean I want to, someday, when I find the right person. I need the important someone before I can think about that. You?"

Harry looked into the others eyes and saw something flash but disappear just as quickly. He looked ahead of him and saw that they were half way back home.

"I've been thinking about it more and more since Blaise mentioned it to me. He wants to marry Leah, you know that?"

Harry saw a jealous streak in Embry's eyes as he replied. Harry frowned at him in question. Embry saw the look and sighed

"Okay, I'll admit it. I am completely and utterly jealous of them. Those two have something intense and I wish I had what they had. You have it with Edward but me? I'm alone."

Harry put a hand on the others shoulder, feeling the heat and cold fuse together. Embry looked at him with dark eyes and Harry gave him a smile.

"You'll find that somebody, Embry. I'll help you and I won't rest until you get it. Okay?" Said Harry with raised eyebrows, challenging him to deny him that. He lifted his hand and put it back by his side

Embry smiled softly and looked through the trees.

"Those two are pretty serious, aren't they?"

Recognizing the change in subject, Harry went along with it.

"Yeah, they are. Ever since Blaise told me, I've been thinking about Edward and what it would be like married to him. I mean, are we ready to take that step?"

This time he heard Embry growl low. He rolled his eyes.

"Oh come on. You haven't got used to him by now? I've been dating him for a year."

"It's just something about that Cullen that I don't like or trust. His short sister and the doctor father are okay. I don't mind those two. It's just him."

Again, Harry rolled his eyes.

"Fine. Anyway, I want to get married but I'm just thinking about it and what it would be like. I love Edward; why wouldn't I want to get married to him?"

Embry answered.

"Simply because your too young. Anybody our age is too young. We're only nineteen."

Harry nodded.

"That's true. We should probably wait a couple of years like Blaise and Leah. We haven't even… Never mind."

That caught Embry's attention. He grinned.

"Haven't what?"

Harry pursed his lips together and shook his head. Embry began shaking with suppressed laughter and once it was controlled, all he said to that was, "When you're ready."

This caused Harry to become indignant.

"I'm ready! I'm more than ready! I've been ready for… Okay… I mean it's been a year! I should be though, shouldn't I? I mean, I'm nineteen; I should have already had sex!"

With that, laughter rolled off of Embry in small waves.

"I… thought… you were… going to keep silent?"

Once again, instead of replying, Harry just pursed his lips but the corners of his lips had lifted a bit, letting Embry know that he wasn't mad. They continued to walk.

They reached Harry's house and went inside to see Ari rushing to greet them and walking farther inside to find Blaise, Terry and Luna sitting in the front room with another in the armchair. The person stood up once Embry and Harry walked in. Harry's eyes brightened and he rushed to the other, putting his lips against Edward's with arms encircling the others waist. They broke apart with their arms still attached around each other. Harry looked at Edward and saw him glaring hatefully at the person that was behind him. Harry looked at Embry and saw that he was glaring right back. As the glare lengthened and strengthened, the temperature slowly grew colder and lightning and thunder was heard overhead. They all glanced at Terry and saw that his eyes were glowing. Once he had all their attention, the storm stopped.

"Sorry. Couldn't resist. The tension in here was smothering me."

They all laughed except Edward when he noticed Embry come closer to Harry.

"Harry, I better go. I'll see you on Friday. Do you want a ride tomorrow to your first day at university?"

Before Harry could answer, Edward spoke.

"I'm taking him." He said

"Okay… I'm see you Friday then."

Embry walked to the door with Harry following behind but also Edward. Hearing the other footsteps, Harry turned around and told Edward to stay in room with the others. Edward looked in his eyes and smiled before lightly pecking him on the lips and turning back to the door. Harry shook his head softly and turned around to find Embry looking at him.


"Nothing… I better go… See you Friday at the reservation? 6 o'clock?"

"For sure. I'll be bringing the popcorn."

Embry grinned before steeping outside

"See you later, Harry. Have a good day tomorrow."

"Thank you. See you."

When Embry stepped was on the sidewalk, Harry closed the door and turned around only to be shoved against it and his lips being claimed furiously.

"I thought you were over this rival thing with him." Inquired Harry once they broke apart.

Edward put his forehead against Harry's and pecked his nose.

"The smell gets to me. Also the fact that you two spend so much time together."

Harry rolled his eyes.

"He is one of my best friends. I like him."

"I know… I love you, you know that?"

Harry smiled and softly kissed him.

"Yeah, I know. I love you too."

On Monday, they arrived at the University ten minutes before the classes started, giving them enough time to find their first class. Harry and Edward separated from the others and even though the two had two different classes and in different directions, Edward walked Harry to the classroom before going to his own. Harry went inside and was awed by how big it was and went to take a seat in the middle row between two other people. When he put his bag on the ground beside the desk, the class started with introductions being given and rubrics and expectations being hand out.

Harry was seated beside an African-American guy named Jerry and a quiet Japanese girl named Akiko. He talked with the two and discovered that they would probably only study together from time to time. By the end of the class, Harry had a supply list and a notebook with two pages, front and back, filled with notes on the different types of dissociative, personality and mood disorders.

Harry walked out of the class and went to sit on the grass where the group said that they were going to meet. He was waiting for about ten minutes when he was Edward appear then the others. Harry smiled at his boyfriend before linking arms and walking to the car, where Edward opened the door for him and went to driver's side.

Once they were in and the doors were shut, Edward tore out of the parking lot and took off toward the highway. Harry gripped the handle on the roof and looked at Edward. He noticed that the others hands were clenched around the wheel and his eyes were completely black. They arrived at the house in record time and once Harry was out the door, Edward swiftly shut it and pressed Harry against it while claiming his mouth. Their bodies were pressed against each other's tightly and hands explored. When they broke apart, they were both breathless and Edward tugged Harry toward the front door. Harry fumbled with the keys with anticipation and opened the door. Edward went in before him and hauled Harry off to his bedroom. Once Harry's bedroom door was shut and locked, Harry went back into Edward's arms and softly tugged at his shirt, wanting it off. Edward put his arms up and Harry lifted it up while gazing at the perfect skin beneath. Edward did the same for Harry and once the skin was revealed, Edward automatically moved his mouth down to the skin, licking and sucking. He shifted Harry around and pushed him forward until the back of Harry's knees hit the edge of the bed causing them to fall onto it. They moved up to the middle and soon they were naked. Breathy moans and name calls floated into the other rooms and met the ears of the three others just entering the house causing them to leave with small smirks.

Harry and Edward's naked bodies were entwined on the bed with Harry's head propped on Edward's chest with his hand feathering through his hair. When Harry felt a soft tug on his head, he looked toward Edward and saw him smiling at him with bright eyes. He moved his hand Harry's face and softly kissed him, languishingly.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Harry shifted and felt a burning sensation in his backside and stickiness on his thighs. He was face scrunched up in disgust before he dragged Edward to take a shower with him that took longer than what people usually take. They stepped out of the shower thoroughly satisfied and went to put on their clothes. After saying goodbye and a kiss, Edward sped off toward his own home at three in the morning.

Harry went into the living room and slumped onto the couch beside Luna with a smile as he watched her read. She was completely into the book and her face was pressed into a frown. As her eyes flittered over the words, taking them all in, Harry leaned his head to the side and saw that she reading her book about vampires.

"What's so interesting?"

Luna jumped and looked at him then back at her book.

"Nothing. This book is just interesting, that's all."

Harry frowned at her sharpness.

"Luna, what's wrong?"

She sighed and shut the book with a snap.

"It's just… Were you doing it for the right reason? Did he just jump on you when you got here? Did he seem in a rush? Were his eyes black?"

Harry leaned back in surprise.

"What was she-?Oh."

"I love him, Luna… That's a good enough reason, right?"

Harry thought about her other questions. Yes, Edward did jump him. Yes, he did seem in a rush to get back here. Yes, his eyes were black.

He looked back at Luna and saw her looking at him with understanding. What he didn't notice though was the sadness underneath.

She sat back up with her book and began to read where she left off. Taking the hint, he went outside and transformed into his wolf form. He ran into the forest and sat, still in his wolf form, in the same spot where he had hung out with Embry in front of the ocean.

When morning came, he went back to the house and changed his clothes. Edward knocked at the door and he was greeted with a smile and a kiss. They went to his Volvo and got in. The drive to the university was quiet and the passenger and the driver had their free hands clasped together.

This time their classes were right next to each other and Edward told Harry that he would meet him right here. As they hugged, Harry felt the other stiffen. Edward pulled back from him and looked around him. His eyes fell on one spot before looking back at Harry. He smiled at him with a bit of trepidation surging through his body. He gave Harry a peck on the nose and walked into his class. Harry frowned and glanced around at the area where Edward had looked. His eyes fell on a girl with short brown hair that was the same shade as Edward's and blue eyes. He caught her eyes with his and she gave him a smile in greeting before going into the class that was the same as Edward. Harry shook his head and went into his sociology class, which was less interesting than his Psychology class.

Harry met with Edward after the dismissal from their professors and he looked at the other closely. He noticed that Edward was tense and his eyes were dark but not black like it was yesterday. They continued on toward his car.

The drive, this day, was long and without the extra speed, it took three hours to get back to Fork's. They walked up the driveway and Harry led the way to the couch. Edward sat down first and watched Harry as he put in a movie. The opening credits came on before a voice started singing a small, sad song,

"There was a boy.A very strange,enchanted boy.They say he wandered very far,very far,over land and sea. A little shy and sad of eye but very wise was he.And then one day,one magic day,he passed my way.While we spoke of many things, Fools and Kings,This he said to meThe greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

By the end of the movie, Blaise, Luna and Terry had already arrived and were watching it with them. At the end, Luna got up and went to get her book on vampires and brought it back with her. She gave Harry a look that he couldn't decipher before she walked to Edward.

"I need to talk to you."

Edward frowned but nodded as he got up and followed Luna out the screen doors. It was twenty minutes later, when Luna came back in with Edward following behind slowly looking at the book in his hand. Harry got up and looked at her with question before looking at Edward who wouldn't meet his gaze. He hugged him before mumbling,

"I'll see you tomorrow after my class, okay?"

Harry nodded and watched as Edward walked out the door. He sighed before sitting back down with the others. Feeling someone sit beside him he looked at Luna. She gave him a tight hug before going to her bedroom and shutting the door. The other three decided to watch Star Wars: The Revenge of the sith before dinner.

Wednesday had Harry cleaning the house and watching TV. Finally around three o'clock Edward arrived.

They went outside and sat on the patio. Edward handed him the book before telling him to read the bookmarked page.

With a frown, Harry turned to the page that said, "Chapter Eight- Mates, Singers and Enchanted Ones.

He began to read.

"When a vampire meets their mate,they automatically havefeelings of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality and compatibility. Meeting ones mate is a wonderful thing for a vampire but to meet them, they have to decipher their mate from their singer and their enchanted one. Most vampires only meet their Singer that is a being whose blood calls to the vampire in sexual and hungering ways. Most of the time, the vampire ends up killing their singer because of the continual bloodlust but it's still quite common for the vampire and the singer to fall in love with each other.

The other obstacle the vampire has in meeting their mate is their enchanted one, which most never end up meeting. To meet the enchanted, is such a rare occurrence that many do not know what it is. When they meet their enchanted one, they both feel a sense of belonging, an urge to be together. Like an enchantment is placed upon them. When they meet each other, they automatically assume their mates because they have a deep love for the other but there is no similarity or affinity or actual love only intimacy and sexuality. A vampire's mate smells irresistible to them but an enchanted ones smell is spicy and sweet.

When a dominant vampire comes across their mate but is with their enchanted, they get a sense of confusion and need sexual gratification from the enchanted one. As time continues on, they become more confused until they come across a reference differentiating between Enchanted ones and Mates. When submissive vampire meet their mate but is even a tiny bit with their enchanted one, they don't notice their mate. All they feel toward that one person is platonic emotions but once the dominant leaves the submissive EO, the submissive can sense their mate and slowly begins to feel the common mate traits and the irresistible smell. One cannot stay with the Enchanted one when they find their mate. No matter the pain that comes to them both."

Harry eyes snapped up from that sentence and stared at Edward who looked right back. Before he knew what was happening, tears were cascading down his cheeks. He gently put the book down before putting his head in his hands as he shook. He felt a hand on his shoulder but he moved away from the touch. When the tears stopped, Harry looked at Edward. Silence reigned until Edward broke it.

"I… I found my mate apparently. I'm sorry, Harry. I can't stay with you, knowing my mate is within my grasp. I've lived two hundred years to find them. I can't let her slip from me. Harry? Say something please."

"I… Know. If I were in your place, I would do the same thing… I'm extremely hurt but… I guess this is goodbye then…"

Harry picked up the book and stood up. Edward did the same. Harry stuck out his hand and spoke,

"Goodbye Edward."

"Goodbye Harry…"

Edward grasped his hand and a spark issued at the touch, signifying the end of their relationship. Harry sharply took his hand away and walked into his house without looking back. Once he was in, he walked to the couch and dropped the book in Luna's lap without looking at her and then walked straight into his room.

Harry sat on the bed, legs crossed, tears sliding down his face once again. He grabbed his pillow and stuffed his face inside as he let go of his emotions and let the sobs take over. He didn't hear the door open but did feel the dip in the bed as someone sat beside him. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder before arms wrapped around him. He knew at once it was Luna.

"Sh… Harry, It will be all right. You'll meet your mate and they will love you till the end of time. I know it. I'm sorry, but I had to show him that book. I couldn't let him lead you on like that. You have great friends to help you with your loss. Blaise, Terry, your godfather and me. Oh and don't forget Embry. He'll probably rip Edward in half for breaking your heart."

That caused a reluctant laugh from Harry as he thought what the other would do.

"See, I made you laugh. Harry, I really am sorry, you know that, right? We'll all be here for you."

He felt Luna slip away and heard the door softly shut behind her.

As time went on, Harry fell in sort of a daze that only a vampire can get into. He felt arms wrap around him in a loving manner and kisses against his neck. He smelt roses and vanilla. It was intoxicating. Harry's eyes were closed as he felt and smelled these sensations. He felt a breath in his ear before words came out.

"I love you, Harry. So much. You're my mate."

Harry felt the arms around him tighten before Harry opened his eyes and looked right at the mirror.

Nobody was holding him.

Nobody was there.

Is it the end?

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