William was a young king when his reign began. His father had died in a major battle, one to expand his kingdom. His wife, the beautiful Humility, was the envy of every girl in the west lands. Her long blonde hair shone in the sunlight, even though she regularly wore a veil.

Though the last battle of King Fredrick had weakened the kingdom of Plantlos, the land was large and plentiful. Everyone was happy for many years. Well, almost everyone. William was sad.

As the years progressed, he grew even sadder. He was a king, and though he had the most beautiful woman in the world as a wife, he had no children. There was no one he could leave the kingdom to when he died. He had no close relatives.

Then a glorious day came to the people. The queen was going to have a child. Everyone rejoiced. Only the queen's closest friends could see the strain that her body was undergoing. Her body was so slight; they feared that she might not be able to carry the child.

For months Humility was confined to her chambers. She was not allowed to leave her room, for fear that the baby would come early. She grew impatient with the care that was being forcibly imposed on her.

And then the day came that she gave birth to a baby girl, a princess. Not the most ideal heir, but better than nothing. Her mother loved her and named her Odette. William was overjoyed with the news of his daughter. There was nothing more celebrated than the birth of this princess.