Derek searched long and hard for something, anything, that would tell him about Odette. If Humility was right and Rothbart had really taken her... Darek didn't want to think about what might have happened. There were somethings that second cousins could do that first cousins were forbidden from even considering. Not that anyone could actually control thoughts though.

He sighed as he climbed up the lader for what felt like the fiftieth time that day. He had been through just about the entire library and was now just getting to the section on dark magic. Derek had rather hoped that what he was looking for would be somewhere else, but after what his mother had told him he could hardly think of looking anywhere else.

And then he saw it. The thing that would explain King William's cryptic mutterings that night. An entire chapter on the theory of shape-shifting. It had detailed notes on the physical changes that would happen and some of the possible side effects, some of the more common ones included insanity and a permanant change of features. It was rather startling to see.

Derek jumped off the ladder and hurried out the door to find Bromley. He knew that with a little luck they would be able to find her.

Odette swam around the lake again and again thinking. She felt like she just needed to get away. Get out. Fly away and find Derek.

Threre was just one little problem with that. She didn't know where she was, let alone where Derek would be. For all she knew he could have given her up for dead and be married and on his honeymoon right now.

Odette shuddered at that thought. She didn't want to think of the possibility that Derek might be married to anyone other than her. She might have not said it out loud, but she was in love with Derek.

"So what are you going to do?" Puffin asked.

"About what?" Odette shook out of her contemplative state.

"About that prince of yours."

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