Authors Note: Hi there everybody, it's my first story! Alright! Well, just to give you a brief heads up, this is my FanFiction/interpretation of the Life of Marik Ishtar. This story starts from the birth of Yami Marik (aka. the killing of his father) and will carry through until the end of the Battle City arc. I've always had this idea in my head about how the plotholes of Marik's life would be filled; his journey from Egypt to Japan, his experiences with the Rare Hunters, his thoughts and basically how he changes. I'm an advocate of no "Mary-Sues" and if you're looking for a romantic fic, you've come to the wrong place. This is my interpretation of Marik Ishtar's life and progression through the plot of Yu-Gi-Oh; all OC's will exist strictly for plot structure. I don't own Marik (although deep down, I wish I did) and I give all credit to the original creator! Alright, if you've read this far... keep on reading!

LIGHTS - Chapter One

The Beginning

I never expected it to be like this.

It wasn't my fault though, it was never my fault.

I can still feel the cold, rough blade digging into the skin of my back as my father carved out the ancient tablet deep into my flesh. I can still taste the warm, salty sweat as it trickled down my face and grazed my lips. My ear-splitting shrieks filled those damp corridors with the first true sound I had heard in ages. Pain. However, I guess it's safe to say that a part of me had changed from that day forth. I was poisoned with the sheer malice and pain that had been thus inflicted upon me; I was drowning in it. The death of my father brought about new opportunities, new possibilities that I could undertake. I was able to go out into the world, but not as I had once hoped to. No… this time, my intentions had undertook a swift change of character. By obtaining all the Egyptian God cards and the Millennium items, I would be able to claim the title of Pharaoh and save my family from their pathetic position as tomb keepers. I had a plan; foolish, maybe… but deep down I knew that somehow it had to work. There was no turning back from that point on, I knew what I had to do.

I am Marik Ishtar, and this is my story.


There was so much blood.

"You must… leave, Marik… you cannot stay." Odion was looking through me, almost as if I was a pane of glass. He was absolutely terrified. I dropped the Millennium Rod in my hand to the ground, slowly looking back and forth between my fathers corpse and the slumped body of my sister against the far wall. Odion was struggling to get to his feet, to get to me. With each gasping breath I grew increasingly more terrified; who had done this? Who had tried to murder my family? What the hell was going on here?

"Odion, who did this?"

He looked up at me painfully, pushing back the words that struggled to surface. With a long and hard breath, he finally opened his lips. "It was-"

Suddenly, the world around me grew cold. I fell to my knees, grasping painfully at the dirt floor and wincing as the rocks cut deep into my hands. There was a loud buzzing sound, a sound that deafened me to every other noise around. As I felt my face come in contact with the dirt, everything went dark and silent. Everything except the buzzing. As it went on, it began to form a oddly coherent sentence; a repetition of buzzing that went on for what seemed like centuries.

"You, Marik. You. You. You."

A single lamp hung from a hook over-top my bed. It remained solitary for there was no wind where I lived, nor was there real light. The only sound the lamp ever made was when I touched it, pushing it to slowly rock back and forth. When I was younger, I wondered what it would have felt like to be cradled like that. If I had ever known my mother, I'm sure she would have done it. In fact, I was sure I could remember the feeling in the back of my mind. It didn't matter if my head was playing tricks on me; the memory was probably false, but I had already come to accept that. I forced myself into believing it was real. I know she died long before she was able to cradle me.

Through the dimly lit area around my bed, I could see and hear nothing. There were usually many lamps hung around on hooks, illuminating the chamber. Still, there was nothing. My head pounded as I tried to lift myself from my bed. Every breath was a huge effort, at times it felt like my chest was collapsing on itself. I only managed to sit up in bed and lean against the wall before I felt like I was out of energy. What had happened to me? Had I been attacked like the rest of my family-

My family.

The image of my sisters body flashed in my mind, broken and curled up against the wall like some sort of puppet. Fear spread through my entire body as my hands began to shake and I forced back a surplus of tears. "Ishizu… I-ISHIZU!" I finally cried out, arching my back against the wall and clenching my fists together. "Ishizu, where are y-you… Ishizu…" There was nothing. No Ishizu, no father, no Odion. Nothing. Somehow had to have lifted me to my bed, someone would have found them and taken care of them; yes, that had to be it. They weren't dead, they couldn't be. I forced back the tears that threatened to spill and tried to calm myself down. From the corridor above, there were footsteps. I blinked and looked at the ceiling, half terrified and half intrigued. Someone must have heard me screaming, I thought. Maybe it was all just a bad dream.

The sound of light footsteps making their way down the stairs comforted me a bit, allowing my body to relax if only for a moment. As I waited, my eyes wandered to my bedside table. The Millennium Rod. My fathers most prized possession. What was it doing at my bedside? With a young boys curiosity, I leaned over and reached out to grasp it. The surface barely grazed the tips of my fingers before the figure entered my room.

"Marik Ishtar."

I blinked, looking up at the hooded figure. My hand instantly snatched the rod, pulling it close to my form as I backed up against the cold stone wall. "Who are you? What do you want?"

"My name is Shadi." He pulled down his hood, his bright blue eyes piercing my own. "I come on behalf of the Pharaoh and for the protection of the Millennium Items." His eyes wandered down to the Millennium Rod, which I only gripped tighter.

"What business does the Pharaoh have with me?" I asked, obviously hesitant.

"You are walking a very dangerous path, Marik Ishtar. That item you are holding there has great powers, powers a mere child cannot handle. You are letting yourself fall into an early grave." He took a step forward, his face slowly being revealed in the light from the lamp. He stretched out a hand towards me, obviously trying his best to stay calm. "Now, give it to me. Give it to me and then you may come to see your family."

"What do you know of them! Where are they-" I jumped to the only conclusion that I could find. He had murdered them, all of them. He was acting on the Pharaohs behalf; he attacked them and now he was holding them hostage. Damn that Pharaoh, damn him to the lowest depths of hell! How dare he come into the one place that had devoted themselves to him entirely and destroy everything? The rage and anger bubbled in my chest as I jumped out of bed and backed away from Shadi. "You murdered them, didn't you… you and that damn Pharaoh, you…"

"Marik, I can assure you that is not the case. Now please. Put the rod down, it's alright." I watched as he began to show some sure signs of panic, his eyes fleeting and searching around the room for something. He was probably looking for something to defend himself with, but by the time he had spotted something it was already too late. I shot my hand outward, thrusting the eye of the rod towards his figure and sending him crashing into the wall. My hands shook with the sheer power that had radiated through my arm and throughout the rest of my body. It felt like I was unstoppable.

"Hah… hahaha…!" I grinned sheepishly. "I did it, I did it… he's gone…"

But so was my family, or so I thought.

I looked around, enjoying the silence for only a brief instance before I heard voices up above.

"Did you hear that crashing? Shadi is down there, we better go check it out." Damn those guards. I clenched my teeth angrily, shoving the rod underneath my shirt and searching frantically for another exit. The only other way out was to push through the stone walls, but I couldn't do that on my own. Yanking out the Millennium item once more, I pointed it at the wall and closed my eyes. I could hear the armour from the guards rattling as they came down the stairs. This was my only chance.

As I pushed it forward, the stone wall cracked and began to fall apart. I hid the rod once more, not bothering to look behind as I quickly ran through the opening in the wall. It lead to another corridor, which I knew would lead me up to the world of the sun. I remember running as fast as I ever could that day, weaving through the other guards and up, up, up into the night.

I was free.

And I would get my revenge, even if it killed me.