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Hidden safely behind the bleachers, she squinted her eyes at her prey. Maybe prey was the wrong word to use in this case, but it was good enough. Either way, there she was – the unwilling hunter sizing up her unwitting... target. Yes, that would work, she thought. It had all started with that stupid bet...

"Rin!" She ignored the voice calling to her, feeling her eyes water as she stared at her poor grade on her math test. "Rin? What's wrong this time?"

Take note of the 'this time'.

She turned to Ayame, who was looking at her with a mix of concern and exasperation. "I just barely passed my test...!"

"It won't kill you to get a just passing grade sometimes, Rin," her friend chided gently. "Really, you're always crying over something!"

One might think these were harsh words, but she was right. Ever since Rin was a little girl, the smallest things would be able to make her cry. Paper cuts, a missing sock, burning her toast... you name it, and she'd probably cried over it.

"But... but-" Rin sniffled.

"Rin, you really need to get over this crying thing. People won't take you seriously. Especially when you're an adult, you know."

The words made Rin want to cry even more, but she settled for dabbing at her eyes with a tissue.

Let it be mentioned that the weepy girl kept so many tissues in stock in her desk, bag, and locker that she could probably supply tissues to all of Ikebukuro in flu season.

"I will! I swear it'll stop, I just... um..."

"You say you can stop? Okay, then. I bet that you can't go one school day without bawling like you usually do." Ayame fixed her with a look that pretty much said : 'Admit defeat, because it's not like you'll actually take this bet, anyways.'

It wasn't as if she wanted to be like this. If she could go a full school day without crying – why, that would probably inspire her enough to go a whole two days without sobbing! And who knew? Maybe that could turn into a week... then a month... a full year, perhaps?

Alright, maybe a year was pushing it, but even a month would have been incredibly liberating.

"I... I accept your bet!" Rin cried, crumpling her soggy tissue in her hand as she banged her fist on the top of her desk.

"Fine, then. If you can go without crying a full school day, I'll treat you to any kind of food you want for a week!" Rin almost drooled with all the possibilities; not only that, she would get the knowledge that it was possible for her to not be a simpering mess every day, over nothing.

With a determined look in her eye, Rin nodded. "I accept! Ah, wait... what if I lose?"

Ayame tapped her finger against her chin thoughtfully, staring out the window. A sparkle entered her eye as she snapped back around; immediately, Rin gets the feeling that there's a 99.9% chance that she won't like her next words.

"If you lose, which you will, you have to ask Heiwajima out on a date." Her finger pointed out the window, and Rin's eyes followed.

"H-Heiwajima-san? Isn't he..."

Rin knew who he was, of course; everyone at Raijin did. Still, she kind of hoped that if she looked outside to confirm it for herself, it would be a different Heiwajima-san out there. One that isn't blond and strong and big and-

There were tons of crumpled bodies on the field, some crawling and looking like they were trying to escape the frontlines of a ferocious battle. Amidst all of it stood the one and only (dang it) Heiwajima Shizuo, the strongest and most feared student at Raijin. Rin gaped as she made the connection between the stakes at hand and the young man currently demolishing the field and everything on it.

"Well, I mean, you don't have to accept." Ayame picked at her nails disinterestedly, then looked back to her with a mock surprised expression. "Oh, wait! You already did."

"Ahhh, Ayame! He's scary..."

Rin wondered why she was friends with such an evil girl before sighing, realizing it was because she was the only one who willingly put up with her tears...

Obviously, she'd lost the bet. Rin placed all the blame on the flowers that were planted around the school grounds for looking so pathetic and wilted that she couldn't help but cry. Their petals had been all dried up, the colors were starting to fade from the vibrant hues that they once were, and... okay, she really needed to stop thinking about the flowers, because the mere thought of them was enough to bring up a lump in her throat.

She edged out from behind the sanctuary of the bleachers, sidestepping a student who was dragging himself across the turf and shedding some not so manly tears. Just looking at him crying made her want to cry, and so she wiped her eyes, set her shoulders back, and focused on the blond head of Heiwajima Shizuo.

Gulping as she got closer and closer to the tall student (who was currently being applauded by a bespectacled student sitting safely on the sidelines across the field), she stared at his back with big eyes until she finally got close enough to reach out and tap his shoulder.

When she finally did gather the strength to tap him on the shoulder, he turned around and Rin nearly fell over. There was a fierce look in his eyes and a snarl on his face, and she completely forgot what she had even come there to do; all she could do was stare and stutter out, "H-Heiwajima-san..."

His face softened somewhat once he realized he was giving such a look to a trembling female student who looked very similar to a deer caught in headlights.

"Hey." He said uncertainly, blinking at her with brown eyes. Rin got the feeling he was a little surprised.

Finally remembering what she was going to say, she opened her mouth to try and get the words out. "I..."

… Until another rough and tumble student popped up from behind Heiwajima with a battle yell. Heiwajima didn't even spare him a glance, though the snarl returned to his face. Without even looking, he raised his fist as the other boy landed a little too perfectly onto it; the stupidly brave student flew over into the other bleachers where the bespectacled student was still clapping.

"What were you saying?"

Rin stared at him again, eyes wide with terror – and then promptly fainted.

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