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I stare at my prey, safely hidden behind the bleachers. Well, maybe prey is the wrong word to use here; I figure that if something is your prey, you'd want to catch it. Well, either way, here I am, the unwilling hunter eyeing her unwitting, soon-to-be victim. It all started with that stupid, stupid bet…

"Rin!" I ignore the voice calling to me, feeling my eyes water as I stare at my just barely passing grade on my math test. "Rin, what's wrong this time?" Note the 'this time'.

I turn to my friend Ayame, who's looking at me with a mix of concern and exasperation. "I just barely passed my test…!" Honestly, it isn't that big of a deal. Ayame knows this, and so do I.

"It won't kill you to get a just passing grade sometimes, Rin," she chides me gently, sighing and patting my back as tears start to fall down my cheeks. "Really, you're always crying over something…!"

You might think she's being mean, or vaguely calling me a crybaby, but she's right. Ever since I was little, the smallest things would be able to make me cry. Paper cuts, a missing sock, burning my toast… you name it, I've probably cried over it.

"But… but…!" I let loose a sniffle and Ayame rolls her eyes at me. It really is sad; I get scared over almost anything, sad over almost anything, even when I'm extremely happy over almost anything, I still cry.

"Rin, you need to get over this… this crying thing. People won't take you seriously, especially when you're an adult, you know." A tiny bit harsh, which makes me generate more tears; but again, I know she's right.

"I will! I really, really will! I'm… I'm just a growing teenage g-girl with crazy hormones!" I try to defend myself only to be rebuked with another roll of her eyes.

"How can you say that even though you've been doing this since before puberty?" Okay, so she's right… again. What else is new, I think to myself as I pout and wipe my eyes with a tissue I grab from my desk; yes, let me mention that I tend to keep so many tissues in stock that I could probably supply enough for all of Ikebukuro in flu season.

"I can! I swear I could, I just… um…"

"You say you can stop? Okay, then… I bet that you can't go one school day without bawling like you usually do." She has her arms crossed, which pretty much says 'admit defeat, because it's not like you'll actually take this bet, anyways.'

It's not like I want to be like this, I'll have you know. If I could go a full school day without crying, why, that would probably inspire me enough to go two days without crying! And who knows? Maybe that can turn into a week… then a month… maybe even a full year! Alright, maybe a year was pushing it, but even a month would be incredibly liberating.

"I… I bet that I can!" I protest, crumpling my soggy tissue in my hand as I bang it on the top of my desk.

"Fine, then. If you can go without crying a full school day, I'll treat you to any kind of food you want for a whole week!" It really isn't that much of a reward, but I did happen to be somewhat gluttonous, despite my small frame. Not only that, I'd get the knowledge that it was possible for me not to be a simpering mess every day, over nothing…

With a determined look in my eye, I nod, "And if I lose? …Which I won't!"

She taps her finger against her chin thoughtfully. "Hmmm…" She stares out the window, and a sparkle enters her eye; immediately, I know there's a 99.9 percent chance I won't like what she's about to say.

"If you lose, which you will, you have to ask Heiwajima-san out on a date." Her finger points out the window she was looking at, and I take a glance outside.

"H-Heiwajima-san? Isn't he…" I know who he is, of course, everyone at this school does. However, I kind of hope that if I look outside to confirm it for myself, it'll be a different Heiwajima-san standing there, one that isn't blond and strong and big and…

There's tons of crumpled bodies on the soccer field, some crawling and looking like they're trying to escape from the frontlines of a ferocious battle. Amidst all of it stood the one and only (damn it) Heiwajima Shizuo, the strongest and most feared student at Raijin, and I gape as I make the connection between Ayame's words and the thought of who exactly I'd have to ask out if I lost.

"Well, I mean, you don't have to accept." Ayame picks at her nails disinterestedly, then looks back to me with a mock surprised look on her face, "Oh, wait! You already did."

"Ahhh, Ayame! He's scary…"

Really, why was I friends with such an evil girl?

So, obviously, I lost the bet. I place all the blame on the flowers that were planted around the school grounds for looking so pathetic and wilted that I cried; their petals had been all dried up, the color was starting to fade from the vibrant hues that they at one point were, and… okay, I really need to stop thinking about the flowers, because the mere thought of them is making a lump come to my throat.

I edge out from behind my sanctuary of bleachers, sidestepping a student who's pretty much dragging himself across the turf with one hand, shedding some not so manly tears; but just looking at him crying makes me want to cry, and… oh boy, here I go again… I wipe my eyes and focus elsewhere; elsewhere being the blond head of Heiwajima Shizuo.

I gulp as I get closer and closer to the tall boy who is currently being applauded by a bespectacled student who's sitting on the bleachers opposite of the ones where I was lurking. He's turned around, and I stare with big eyes at his broad back as I finally reach about two feet away from him.

"Ah… H-Heiwajima-…san?" He turns to face me, but there's a fierce look in his eyes and a snarl on his face, and I immediately forget whatever I was going to say as I stare at him.

His face softens somewhat as he realizes he's giving that fearsome look to a trembling female student who probably looked like she was a deer caught in headlights – also known as 'me.'

"Hey?" He greets me uncertainly. He blinks at me with light brown eyes, and I get the feeling he's kind of surprised. I finally remember what I was going to say, and I'm mustering up my strength to spit it out - until another rough and tumble student pops up from behind Heiwajima with a battle yell.

Heiwajima doesn't even spare him a glance, except for the snarl reappearing on his face. Without looking, he simply raises his fist as the student practically lands on it, and he flies over into the bleachers where the other student that was cheering him on sits.

Watching him fight from a distance scared me badly enough, but watching that student fly all the way over yonder from two feet away proves to be a bit too much for me to handle.

"Sorry about that. What were you saying?"

I stare at him again, and I'm pretty sure my eyes are wide with terror - until they roll up into the back of my head as I faint.

Stupid bet.

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