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Chapter Seven

By twelve in the afternoon, on a breezy Saturday afternoon, Heiwajima Shizuo had pretty much torn his room apart so horribly that it looked like a tornado had hit. For once, nothing was broken; however, all the clothes he owned were strewn about on the floor, and curses were thrown about along with them.

He had no idea what to wear.

Honestly, he felt a bit like a girl. Guys - no, men - shouldn't take nearly this long to pick out something to wear. But today was not a normal day, at least to him. No, today was the day on which Heiwajima Shizuo was taking a girl out on a date. A date.

A date with a nice, normal... alright, so maybe she was a bit strange - but either way, it was a date with a nice, cute girl. A girl that he would have thought would never be interested in someone like him, seeing as she was weepy enough to be considered pathetic and had fainted after the first sentences they exchanged. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but he was nervous.

Maybe not even so much about the date itself, but more about him going into one of his rages. He highly doubted Rin herself would be the cause of it, but it didn't take much for something to set him off. Shizuo had already scared her before, and didn't exactly want to do so again. He had to wonder why she would even want to go on such a thing as a date with him.

During his inner mulling, Battler had snuck in through the cracked door and was now winding himself between his legs. Shizuo sighed before reaching down to pet the mangy looking animal. At least she trusted him enough to take care of the cat, he supposed. She wouldn't just let anybody take him, right? Battler finally grew tired of the petting and strutted off to a corner of the room, nestling down in one of the many piles of clothes.

He had to get back to the task at hand: clothes. He threw another shirt behind his shoulder and muttered another curse before there was a muffled voice behind him.

"... Aniki." The muffled sound was his brother, who currently had the shirt he had tossed lying on top of his head.

"Ah, Kasuka... sorry." He grabbed the shirt from his brother's head, chucking it into a different corner.

"Are you alright?" His expressionless brother questioned - though it sounded more like a statement - face blank.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Shizuo tried to convince him, but Kasuka simply gave the room one scan before staring at his light haired sibling. A moment of silence passed.

"... Maybe I'm not." He sighed and scratched his head. "I'm supposed to be going out... on a date."

Kasuka simply nodded, and before Shizuo could explain his dire situation further, he started sifting through the clothes. And where Shizuo had taken almost an hour to even begin to contemplate what to wear, Kasuka took all of three minutes. He handed him a pair of dark jeans, green tee shirt, and a simple brown jacket.

Shizuo barely glanced at the clothes. If there was one person he was sure he could trust with dressing him, it would be Kasuka. After all, he had plenty of admirers - and though Shizuo didn't know much about that, he assumed you wouldn't be able to get any by being unstylish.

"Thanks, Kasuka." The younger sibling nodded and headed for the door.

"Have fun, Aniki."

"Ayame! I can't wear that! It's so... it's so short!"

"Rin! Stop being such a baby! They're shorts, for crying out loud... our school skirt shows off more than this! Jeez!"

Rin was unconvinced. "Try telling that to my father, Ayame."

Ayame shivered, putting the shorts back. "...You have a good point."

"I hope it goes okay..." Rin mumbled to herself. "What if-"

"Shush! You've been going through 'what-ifs' this whole time and crying about it!" She glanced at Rin. "Unless you want Heiwajima-san to see your puffy eyes and runny nose, I'd be quiet and let me do what I'm here for!"

"Eep! Okay, okay!" A few minutes passed in silence, as Rin most definitely did not want Shizuo to see her in such a state.

"How about this? Should be conservative enough for your old man..." She held up a plain white sun dress that had some frills and a thin bow at the neckline. "Try it on, it's not like you have much time anyway. It's like, what, twelve thirty already?"

"Already?" Rin cried, hastily swiping it from her and running behind her screen to get changed.

"Hurry, you don't want Heiwajima-san to see you in your bra and underwear, do you?" Ayame laughed at her, and Rin let another squeak out before rushing out.

"I-is it okay?"

"Hmm, I don't know..."


"I'm just kidding, jeez! You look fine. Now take this, it might get cold out..." She shoved a light pink cardigan at her. "Oh, and something has to be done with your hair. Definitely. Too plain looking."

"Gee, thanks..." She sniffed, then stopped immediately as she remembered her friend's earlier words. "There's nothing wrong with being plain, anyway!" Ten minutes later, she was officially ready - at least, that's what Ayame said.

"I'm quite proud of myself! You'll definitely pass your old man's inspection." She placed a plain white headband on top of her wavy bob. "I'm sure it'll pass Heiwajima-san's, too."

"Eh? He's... going to be inspecting me?" She asked with wide eyes. "Are you absolutely sure I look-"

"... You make it too easy, Rin."

A few minutes and a good amount of pacing later, the doorbell rang. "Ah! I've got to get it before-" But as Rin dashed to the top of the steps, she already saw her father's rigid back and Shizuo's long legs.

Doom, she thought.

"... so you're the boy taking my precious daughter out on a date?" Rin cringed as she caught the tail end of the statement.

"... Yes, sir." Came the reply. Rin thanked whoever ruled the heavens above that he had addressed him as 'sir'. If there was one thing about her father, he demanded respect at all times.

"What's your name, boy?" As usual, her father sounded about as soft as a piece of steel.

"Heiwajima Shizuo. ... sir."

"Good. Because I'll need to know it if something happens to her." She hadn't yet emerged from the top of the stairs, but she could already imagine the scowl and the narrowed eyes her father surely had in place. "Because if something happens to her, I'll hunt you down and..." He paused, and Rin imagined it was for dramatic effect. "It won't be pretty."

"... Okay. Sir."

She felt tears coming to her eyes at the horrendous conversation unfolding before her, but quickly squashed them down. Rin was about to race down the stairs to drag Shizuo away and save herself embarrassment, when embarrassment itself beat her to it.

"Ah, such a handsome young man~!" Her mother's cooing voice joined in, and Rin slapped her forehead. "Oh, oh, so tall, too!" She squealed, and Rin finally came down the stairs to see her mother fawning over Shizuo as her father stood there, unamused and still glaring daggers at the blond.

"Oh, Rin!" All three pairs of eyes shot to her as her mother switched from her date to Rin and hugged her tightly, nearly knocking her off balance. "Don't worry, you're as cute as always, too~!" She flushed and tried to worm out of her grasp, but her mother just went on. At this point, she was too embarrassed to look at Shizuo. "Why didn't you tell me you were going out with such a cutie pie-"

"That dress should be longer-"

"Now, be careful-"

"There had better be shorts under there-"

"-horrible things happen in the city!-"

"If you're not back by-"

"-gangs out there!-"

"-will be consequences-"

"-good thing he's big and strong~"

Finally, Rin managed to wrench herself out of the hug. She grabbed Shizuo's hand, ignoring the slightly bewildered look on his face, and made a run for it as if there were angry bears after her.

"Heiwajima Shizuo! If you hurt my precious Rin, I'll hunt you down and torture you and gut you and feed it to the birds-"

"Have fun, you two~!"

Yes. She was absolutely sure of it.

Kitamura Rin wanted to shrivel away under a rock somewhere in a different country and die.

"Shinra~ I'm bored."

"I'm sure you can find some way to amuse yourself, Izaya-kun."

The two were in Shinra's apartment; the television hummed in the background, but Shinra was on the computer and Izaya had started clicking away at his phone.

"But my fanclub is surely having a meeting right now, and Shizu-chan is nowhere to be found!" He exclaimed dramatically, plummeting on the couch.

"...Hey, Shinra."


"Where is Shizu-chan right now? It's not like he has friends, right?"

Shinra blinked. "Maybe not that many, but I'm one of them. And besides, he's busy. He's out on a date, you know-" As soon as the words escaped his mouth, he sorely regretted them.

"A date, you say?" Immediately, Izaya sat up on the couch. "A date! Shizu-chan... a date!" He laughed to himself. "Maybe I should pay him a visit and give him a few pointers?"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Izaya-kun..."

He wasn't listening. "Now, where would a young high school couple go on a date? And obviously, Shizu-chan being a protozoan and all, he's not going to be creative about it."

"Izaya-kun, you know that if you go harass him, you'll just have to come back here and get patched up."

Still, Izaya was ignoring him. "Ah, I've got it!" He jumped up from the couch, giving Shinra a wave and a smirk. "Bye bye, Shinra~" And with that, he was out the door.

Shinra moaned piteously to himself and prayed to God that Shizuo didn't catch wind of the fact that he had let such information slip, because if he did - if he did!- There would only be one thing standing in between Shizuo and Shinra's near demise.

... Please come home soon, Celty!

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