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"So pretty..."

Rin gawked at the lights as they sat on a bench in the park, eyes welling up with tears at the beauty of the light drenched city. She freed a hand from her hot chocolate to grab a tissue from her pocket and dab at her eyes.

"I w-wish these lights were up all year round... wouldn't that be nice?"

"If they were around all the time, you might stop appreciating them after awhile." Shizuo said, sipping at his own cup before fishing out his pack of cigarettes.

Rin cocked her head, her index finger on her lips. "I never thought of it that way..." She smiled, turning to him. "You're so smart, Shizuo-san!"

Shizuo merely looked away, a faint pink tint to his cheeks as he lit his cigarette. Had anyone besides his family ever said that to him? "It's just common sense."

"I guess I'm lacking in that, ha..."

You just might be right, considering you asked me out, Shizuo thought but didn't say.

The city was unusually peaceful. Snow was starting to fall, softly blanketing the ground. It was quiet aside from the normal hubbub of the city, even with other couples scattered throughout the park murmuring to themselves.

It was nice.

Too nice, maybe. The whole situation felt a bit surreal to him. Before arriving at the park, she had insisted on buying a few cans of cat food to bring to the obese stray that she'd been petting before ("It's Christmas, Shizuo-san!"). They'd then proceeded to stop at a coffee shop for something warm to drink before deciding to just sit in the park.

Sitting in the park with her, taking in the lights and the crowds that walked by, he felt... normal. He wondered if any minute now he might wake up, then realized that he would be disappointed if that were to actually happen. At the moment, he was just Heiwajima Shizuo; a typical high school student like any other, on a date with a girl, having inane conversations.

"Thanks for coming out with me, S-Shizuo-san." Rin mumbled.

"Mm," He grunted. "And just Shizuo is fine."

"O-oh, okay... Shizuo, then."

"Shizuo? And Rin-chan?" A familiar voice called out.

"Shinra-san? And... Celty-san?" The bespectacled student was accompanied by the woman with the bright yellow helmet.

"What a coincidence! To have run into you both while my honey and I are-" The silent woman delivered a sharp jab to Shinra's stomach, though he smiled through whatever pain he was feeling. "A-anyway... what are you two up to? And on one of the most romantic nights of the year!" Without waiting for an answer, Shinra gasped then pointed a finger at them.

"It happened, didn't it?! You two... you two are a couple now, aren't you?"

Shizuo thought about it for only a second before responding. "Yeah." Rin had asked him to go out with her, after all.

Next to him, Rin was trying to keep her soul from floating out of her body at Shizuo's bluntness (because that hadn't really been what she'd meant, but she wasn't going to complain).

"Ah! I knew it!" Shinra shouted before wiping an imaginary tear from his eye. "Celty, our little Shizuo is growing up... it happens so fast, doesn't it-"

Before Shizuo could get up and punch him a block over, Celty had shoved her PDA in their faces.

[Congratulations! That's good to hear.]

"Well? We should celebrate with some sushi! Only if Celty wants to, of course."

Celty didn't know what was more strange; the fact that she was on a... 'double date' with Shinra and another couple (at a restaurant, no less – she couldn't even eat anything – if the girl noticed anything peculiar, she didn't say anything about it...), or that the other couple consisted of Shizuo and another student she'd met briefly.

She'd known Shizuo since he and Shinra had started at Raijin, and had gotten to know him well over the years. Celty was unsure of why they had gotten along so well (though the fact that they were both outsiders of a sort probably had something to do with it), but she appreciated his friendship all the same.

That being said, she was still surprised to see Shizuo dating someone. Celty knew he was always wary his anger would accidentally pull in an innocent bystander – and the girl in front of her, Rin, definitely seemed to be the innocent sort.

With the girl sitting next to Shizuo, who had on his usual gruff looking expression, it was easy to see how Rin looked to be the polar opposite of the blond. She was obviously much more petite in stature, with big eyes and an easy smile. She'd also started crying about something or other twice on the way over here. Rin almost looked too... cute to be with someone as rough looking as Shizuo.

It was hard to miss the adoring way that she looked at Shizuo. With a faint blush on her cheeks, she would shyly look to Shizuo even as he was completely oblivious to the girl's gaze on him. It might not be an exaggeration to say there were stars in the girl's eyes.

Of course, Celty knew that Shizuo was actually quite a good person, even if he did have anger management issues. Perhaps the girl had seen that in Shizuo, despite his outbursts. Whatever the case, she hoped for his sake that things worked out in their favor.

"So, Celty-san, how long have you and Shinra-san been together?"

"Not nearly long enough!" Shinra bemoaned, draping an arm over Celty's shoulders dramatically. "Eternity wouldn't even be long enough!"

Afterwards, they stood outside of Russia Sushi saying their goodbyes as Simon shouted out Christmas specials. Shinra was chattering to Shizuo about something or other – most likely future doubles dates or something of the sort – while the latter looked like he might die of either boredom or irritation. Celty turned to the brown-haired girl, typing on her PDA.

[I'm a little curious... May I ask why you're interested in Shizuo?]

"Oh, um..." She blushed before speaking quietly. "I guess it just kind of happened. To be honest, I was a little scared of him at first. But... I think he is a good person, even if he can get a little angry sometimes."

That might be an understatement... Celty thought, now watching Shinra being dangled by the collar of his shirt by Shizuo. At this point, she didn't know if she should feel bad for her bespectacled roommate anymore, and probably would've sighed if she was physically able to.

"And he hates violence, you know?" To Celty's dismay, the girl's eyes started watering. "It seems like he can't get away from that. I think if I could help him forget about things like that, even a little bit... then I would be happy."

[I see. I think he would like that.]

"Also, he... treats me like a normal person, even though I cry a lot. Most people don't bother with me, since they don't want to have to deal with such nonsense. He doesn't tell me 'stop crying', or 'don't cry'... which is nice after hearing that all the time." Rin smiled. "Also..." Her voice grew even more quiet. "I f-find Shizuo v-very cute..."

Shizuo, cute? That might've been the first time she'd heard somebody say that.

[It's good to hear those things. He's a good person, don't worry.]

"Celty-san also knows, huh? I'm happy that he has people who know that!"

[It seems like you're one of those people too, right? I'm glad.]

"U-um... Shizuo-san?"


She had to ask.

The matter had been plaguing her all night, and she hadn't been able to look at him without feeling like she was going a bit crazy.

"What Shinra-san asked us earlier..." She looked anywhere but him as he raised a brow. "Are you... does this mean you're my... b-boyfriend?"


"So... so I'm your g-girlfriend?"


Though it was far from Shizuo declaring his eternal love to her, she'd gladly take it. Even though she had only meant to ask him out on a date, she supposed the way she had worded the question could've gone either way.

At her silence, he scratched the back of his head. "Is that okay?" Then, a bit more quietly, "I thought that's how these things work..."

"Y-yes! I'm sorry, I just..." She smiled, looking down to hide her wet eyes. "That makes me happy to hear that, that's all!"

After what seemed too short of a walk to Rin, they stood awkwardly at the gate to her house. What do I do now? I've never been dating anyone before! Do I just wave goodbye? No, that seems a bit impersonal...

"Would it be alright if ... if I... hug you? Maybe?" She squeaked, face glowing pink even in the dark. Maybe that's too personal!

"Don't ask me that." Shizuo grunted.

Definitely too personal! Rin was ready to just hide somewhere forever at his quick response, eyes watering, when he mumbled:

"Just go ahead and do it from now on. It's a little weird if you ask." Was that a blush she saw rising on his face?

Shizuo... so charming (of course, Rin thought pretty much everything he did was charming)! And you don't even know it, do you...!?

"Got it!" She exclaimed, before timidly wrapping her arms around him as best as she could, considering the height difference.

Rin hadn't really given it a second thought earlier in the day when Shizuo had chased off the thugs bothering her but now – with his hesitant arms slowly wrapping around her for more than a stiff pat on her back, his body slightly bent over to try reciprocating, it felt... different.

After bidding him a final goodbye, still feeling all mushy inside from the events of the day, she retreated to her room as quickly as possible. She had to call Ayame and tell her about the development between them – and if her parents started talking to her about staying out late into the night, it would take quite awhile.

So, collapsing on her bed with a small grin, she quickly called Ayame, legs kicking off the side of the bed.


"Ayame! You'll never believe it!"

"Try me."

"So... I asked out Shizuo!"

"Wait. You actually managed to do it?"

"Yes! I had only meant to go on a date, but he took it a bit differently, haha... so I'm... I'm..." Rin lowered a voice to a whisper lest her parents heard her. "Shizuo's girlfriend!"

"Wow, I didn't think you actually had it in you! That's great, Rin."

Rin's brow furrowed a bit and she sat up a bit straighter. Her friend sounded happy for her, but she knew Ayame well enough to know when something was bothering her. "Is everything alright, Ayame? I meant to ask earlier, but I... well, it's a long story." To be honest, Rin thought if she kept talking about Shizuo she'd get lost in the topic.

"Well..." There was a pause. "I'm alright, I just... let's talk about it tomorrow, okay?"

"You promise?"

"I promise. And then you can give me all the juicy details about you and Heiwajima!"

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