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"Vivian… Vivian, you did this!" Olivia yelled as she tried to storm over to her, but her partner had wrapped his arms securely around her before she could do any serious damage to the blonde woman in front of her, desperately trying to hold back tears. "You talked to David! You're the one who's shipping him off to Vermont!"

"I'm doing it because it's the best thing for him."

Olivia was sorely tempted to shout out that she thought that trying to exchange him for her freedom was the best thing as well, but as much as she hated the woman in front of her, she wouldn't do that to Calvin. She couldn't tell him his mother had tried to trade him for freedom. No child should have to hear that.

Vivian continued after a brief pause. "Because I'm his mom."

Both Olivia and Calvin gasped at cruelty of her words. She hadn't acted like a mother for the past month or Calvin's entire life. She had no right to say she knew what was best because of something she claimed to be just to get back at Olivia.

Olivia felt the tears well in her eyes and Elliot did her no favors either by whispering in her ear that "it was always temporary."

Olivia watched helpless as they turned around and tried to drag him out of the room.

"No I don't want to go anywhere!" Calvin shouted before he ran back to Olivia.

She broke out of her partners hold and hugged the little boy she had fallen in love with as tight as she could and he doing the same to her. She desperately tried to stop her tears but it was no use.

"Olivia, don't let them take me!" he pleaded and Olivia closed her eyes in despair and rested her head on his. "I'll do anything, please!" he cried, his voice breaking.

Olivia saw Vivian and the social worker storm over to her and she held Calvin tighter.

"Its okay, Calvin," she whispered softly, praying that she was right.

The social worker went behind her and Vivian was in front of her. The social worker tried to pry Calvin's hands away while Vivian worked at separating Olivia's.

"Let him go!" Vivian shouted wrenching Olivia's hands apart. She tried to hold onto him again but Vivian yanked him away once more. "Let him go!"

The social worker unclosed Calvin's hands and they dragged him away from her and it was all Olivia could do to whisper those three words to him. "Its okay, Calvin."

"Olivia!" he screamed as he tried fighting against the two. "Olivia! Olivia!"

Olivia felt more hopeless, more lost, more dead then she had ever felt in her life as she watched him scream for her help and she could do nothing to provide it. She couldn't hold back the tears anymore as they finally took him around the corner, but that didn't cut off his screams.

"Please don't let them take me! Get off me! Olivia! Olivia!"

The moment he was out of ear shot she broke down.


She tried to run after them but Elliot was faster and grabbed her around the waist and prevented her from going anywhere.

"Let go of me!" she screamed, letting out a sob in the process. "Calvin!" she screamed out, hoping that he would hear her cries. "Calvin!"

"You're making it harder than it already is for him," Elliot whispered sternly in her ear.

Olivia let out a desperate sob and would have collapsed on the floor had it not been for Elliot supporting her, knowing he was right, that calling out for him would hurt him even more but she couldn't stop herself. "Vivian, don't do this! Vivian, please! Calvin! CALVIN..!"

Several hours and bottles of alcohol later Olivia stood shivering in the cold with only her coat wrapped around her for warmth as she stood on the roof of her tall building looking down at the ground below her, watching all of the happy families walk along the New York City streets on their way home to get ready for the upcoming holiday season.

A tear rolled down Olivia's face that dropped onto the concrete far below. She had just begun to go Christmas shopping for him. They had plans to go upstate this weekend and chop down their own tree even but now she didn't feel like celebrating the holidays at all much less take the time to drive for hours just to chop down some tree that would be dead in a few weeks.

Olivia closed her eyes as another tear fell down her face. She was going to be forty seven in a month and what on earth did she have to show for it? She had no husband, no child and she knew that her time was quickly running out if it hadn't already, Calvin was gone and she would probably never see him again, Elliot hardly talked to her anymore outside of work, Alex was in Africa prosecuting rapists who would get three weeks in jail before being their sentence was up, Simon barley spoke to her, and her mother was dead… she had no one.

Olivia opened her eyes and stared down at the ground below her and shuffled forward a tiny hair. Would anyone miss her? Sure the squad and Alex would, but they'd get over it in a few weeks. Simon was her brother, but her death wouldn't have some sort of lasting impact on him. He hadn't talked to her in months. She wasn't even sure if he knew she was still alive. And Calvin, the person who had actually brought some meaning into her life for a short time, was going to live up in Vermont with his grandparents and forget her in a matter of weeks as well.

Olivia looked at the ground and it seemed to come up at her. It wouldn't hurt. A quick shot of pain before she would never move or breathe again.

"Why the hell shouldn't I?" she thought to herself as she took another step forward. "I have no one, no one would care if I die, I matter to no one."

Olivia closed her eyes and took a deep breath and took another step forward, now teetering on the edge of the building, the ice cold wind pounding against her face suddenly not so cold anymore. It would only take one more step. She moved her foot forward.


The loud cry came from the other side of the roof and Olivia's eyes shot open and she gasped loudly and nearly jumped back, scampering away from the edge, her breathing heavy and her eyes wide with fright, sobriety hitting her like a ton of bricks.

"Somebody help me please!" the voice shouted again.

Olivia took another deep breath before she ran towards the voice. "I'm coming!" she yelled back. "I'm coming, just hang on!"

Olivia got to the other edge of the building and gasped as she saw two hands clutching the side of the building.
"Hang on!" she cried as she ran towards them. She got down on her stomach and grasped the wrist of the unknown victim. She let out a small groan as she pulled on the wrists of the man who was using the building as leverage to push off against.

"I gotcha," Olivia assured him as she got him to the point where she could grab the waistband of his pants and with a small groan form both of them, he collapsed besides her on the roof.

Breathing heavily, Olivia looked over at the man who seemed surprisingly calm for almost falling off of a building.

He had long black hair with a slight wave running through it with a pale face and light blue eyes. He looked to be in his mid to late forties with a bit of scruff on his chin and a large metal stud went through his ear. Olivia would have been lying to herself if she said he wasn't handsome for his age.

He was wearing a long black trench coat over a black wife beater and a pair of tight black jeans and what looked like combat boots on his feet.

"Bloody hell, mate!" he yelled, a strong English accent shining through. "Couldn't you have hurried it up a bit?"

Olivia let out a scoff of annoyance. "Excuse me? I just saved your life."

The man shook his head and pushed some of his hair away from his face. "You're wrong. I just saved your arse. Plus I ain't got me wings yet so that would have been a pretty nasty fall."

Olivia opened her mouth to speak before she closed it again. "I'm… I'm sorry; did you just say you don't have your wings yet? She spoke after several moments of stunned silence.

"Yup. And I can't earn 'um 'till I make you see that you's actually worth something'. And I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce me self proper. Rob Chesney; ya' guardian angel in training'."

Olivia looked at him for a moment before she nodded and slowly stood up; reaching for her weapon as he stood up as well.

"Look, Rob, I'm going to go home now," she said slowly as she began to back away from the man she thought was completely insane. "You have a merry Christmas…"

Rob chuckled and pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his coat. "Ya think I'm off me trolley don't ya?" he asked as he took one of the sticks out and put it in his mouth.

"No," lied Olivia as she continued to back up away from him, eyeing his long coat with uncertainly. "No I don't at all. But-."

"So then ya weren't thinking of killing ya self because of wot happened with Calvin today?" he said with an all knowing smirk as he pulled a lighter out and lit the cigarette in his mouth.

Olivia stopped mid step and gaped at him for a moment before she stormed back over to him, getting out her gun and aiming it at him but he seemed unfazed at the sight of the weapon.

"Who are you? Tell me now!" she snapped fuming at the man.

"I told ya, love, I'm ya guardian angel. I've been watching over you since you was made."

Olivia glowered at him and aimed it directly at his head. "Tell me the truth, now!"

"I told ya the truth! Bloody Christ, do ya think I'm a liar?"

"How did you know about Calvin?" she asked, ignoring the question.

Rob groaned in annoyance and rolled his eyes to the heavens. "Christ on a cracker, I thought you was intelligent! My name is Rob Chesney, your guardian angel in training. I've been looking out for ya since March 31st, 1964. I knows everything 'bout ya, love! I know ya memories, ya thoughts, I've seen and walked in every foot step ya ever walked in and ever will walk in!"

"Prove it!" Olivia snarled as she clutched the gun tighter, ready to catch the man in the lie and arrest him for stalking. "What was I thinking when I was over on the-"

"Why the hell shouldn't I?" Rob repeated her earlier thoughts before the question even left her mouth. "I have no one, no one would care if I die, I matter to no one."

Olivia's eyes widened for a moment before she shook her head and continued her dead center aim on the man. "Lucky guess," she snarled. "What's the one deepest darkest secret I never told a single soul or even said out loud to myself?" she said with a smirk, knowing there would be no way that this complete loon would be able to guess.

"The one time in college when ya had a pregnancy scare but then found out ya weren't pregnant was, up until your mum died, the worst day of ya life because ya wanted a chance to prove that you could be a better mum then Serena and knew that she wasn't gonna last long enough for her to see you become a mum."

Olivia gasped softly and slowly lowered her gun. "How… how do you know that?"

Rob sighed heavily. "I told ya before, love, I know everything about you, including every thought and memory ya ever had or will have." He clapped his hands together and smiled at her. "On ta business now; you-."

But his words were cut off by Olivia raising her fist to slug him as hard as she could but in a tiny twinkle of lights he disappeared from in front of her.

Olivia's mouth fell open in astonishment as she quickly looked around for Rob who was nowhere to be seen.

Olivia took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "I'm losing my mind."

"Ya sure as bloody hell are if ya go and slug at the man whose been protecting ya all these years!" Rob snapped from behind her.

Olivia let out a tiny scream of surprise as she twisted herself around and saw him looking crossly at her, his lit cigarette still in his hand.

"How the hell did you do that?" Olivia whispered softly.

"I'm a guardian angel in training, love; I can do whatever the bleeding hell I want to, except get me wings."

Olivia shook her head once more. "This is a dream. This isn't real."

"Ya better believe it's real, love. Otherwise this night is about to get really weird… er."

"Hang on," Olivia snapped as she narrowed her eyes at the man. "If you're my guardian angel, where the hell were you when I was little and my mom was abusing me!" she snarled angrily. "Or why didn't you protect me at Sealview or why didn't you pop up and stop Calvin from being taken from me?"

"Did ya ever notice," Rob began, "that every single hit you took from your mum made you want to become a sex crimes detective that much more so you can find the man responsible for making your mum turn to the lager which led you to Simon and helping hundreds of people in the process? And Fin's set of keys didn't go to that part of the prison and when it got to the point where I realized he was too stupid to break down the door or at least slam on it to get Harris to stop I gave him the key. Plus would you have believed your own eyes if I had charged in or suddenly appeared, ripped Calvin away from the social worker and said he belonged to ya? And… I'm sorry about Calvin, but everything, bad or good, happens for a reason. You may see why in a few days, or on your death bed, but everything has to happen for a reason. I just protect you from anything that'll make you take a turn to the worse. Like if Harris had actually raped you in Sealview, you would have quit SVU, turned to alcohol, got pregnant from a one night stand, and treated your child the exact same way your mum treated you except you'd be on welfare so it would have been twice as bad."

Tears appeared in Olivia's eyes. "So… so you're telling me that it was fate that took my only chance at becoming a mother away from me?"

Rob nodded solemnly. "I'm sorry, love, but that's the way it goes. You losing him is for the best."

Olivia shook her head in disbelief and let out a sob. "I miss him more than I've ever missed anything in my entire life, and you're saying it's for the best?"

Once again he nodded at her words, as harsh as they were. "I'm-."

"Don't say you're sorry!" Olivia snapped bitterly as she wiped the tears away. "I wish I never would have met Calvin! Then I wouldn't know what it was like to lose him! Fate could have just never let me met him but it decides to make me feel like there's a huge gaping hole in my chest everything I even think about him! I wish I never met Calvin, I never worked at SVU, I wish my mother never had to suffer with me, I wish… Oh god, I wish I was never born!"

Rob let out a lout joyful laugh and clapped his hands together. "That's what I'm talking about, love!"

There was a tiny twinkling sound and a cold chill over took Olivia for a moment before she felt a sudden warmth spread throughout her as if the bitter wind and cold had no affect on her. "What… what just happened?" Olivia asked with a slight fear emigrated in her voice.

"I granted your wish," Rob said with a smirk. "You, Olivia Jayne Benson, was never born…"

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