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The snow had begun falling again and Olivia could hear Bert walk through the door and walked over to her.

"Hey, Olivia!" he called as he approached her. She turned around and began backing away from "You all right? Hey, what's the matter?"

"Get outta here, Bert!" Olivia shouted as she raised her fists. "I'm not going to jail and I swear I'll hit you! Get outta here!

Bert looked beyond confused at her words. "What the sam hill you yellin' for, Olivia?"

"You..." She suddenly became stunned at his words. "'Olivia'... Bert? Do you know me?"

"Know you? You kiddin'? I've been your building manager for 12 years since you moved into your apartment. What's going on, Liv?"

Olivia let out a joyful laugh and clapped her hands together happily. "I have my apartment back! My apartment! Oh god Calvin's painting... Calvin..."

Without anther word she ran past the man to the door where she ran as fast as she could down the steps with Bert following right behind her.

When she reached her apartment she dug her hand in her pocket and let a squeal of happiness when her hand clasped around her keys.

She pulled it out and was shaking so hard that she had a tough time getting the tiny piece of brass metal to go into the key slot.

When it did, she pushed it open and rushed into the apartment looking around at all of her own candles, furniture, pictures, dishes… it was all there and all hers.

Bert went into the apartment as well just when Olivia looked towards the fridge and let out a loud scream of pure joy as she saw the panting that Calvin had painted her, the black signature saying that he had wanted to be hers was standing out against the white of the paper.

"There it is!" Olivia cried happily as she ran her fingers over the paper just to make sure it was real once more. "What do you know about that? Merry Christmas, Bert!"

With a hug and a kiss on his wrinkled cheek Olivia ran out of her apartment, Bert looking on absolutely speechless.

Olivia rushed down the steps with the biggest grin that she had ever smiled on her face until she reached the parking garage where she jumped up and down in sheer bliss as she saw her black 65 mustang in the same spot she had parked it.

"My baby!" she cooed as she ran over to it and unlocked it before getting in it and let a tear of happiness run down her face as she looked around the slightly small car she had saved up for months to buy.

Taking out her beloved set of keys, she put it in the ignition and turned it on, her smile growing even bigger as she heard the soft purr of the engine.

Olivia put it in the correct gear before she pulled out of her parking space and out of the parking garage and headed down the chilly NY streets to the precinct.

When she got to her destination a half hour later, she parked the car out front, locked it, and walked into the precinct.

She saw several people look over at her give a brief smile or a nod of the head and returned to their business.

A feeling of love swelled inside of Olivia as she walked over to the elevator, no longer being ignored like she had been when she went with Rob.

She got into the elevator and rode the lift up to the floor where her office was and stepped out, unable to hold back her tears of joy when she saw not only her desk with all of her artifacts on it but Elliot as well as Fin working like it had been any other normal day.

"You're alive!" she cried loudly, not caring who saw her or how embarrassing this was for her.

Elliot looked up at her just in time to see her flying at him and hugged him tightly around the neck.

He had to brace himself on his desk so that he didn't fall over while Olivia cried joyfully on his shoulder.

"Liv, you okay?" he asked as he looked past her to Munch and Fin who just shrugged in confusion.

"I'm fine! I'm better then fine! I'm alive! And so are you and so is Kathy! I don't know what I would do without you, Elliot! You're my best friend."

Elliot gingerly patted her on the back, a bit puzzled at her actions. "Um… thanks?"

Olivia held onto him tightly for several more seconds before she released the hug and turned towards Fin and did the same to him.

"Liv, what's going on?" Fin asked as he hugged her back. "Are you drunk?"

"I'm just so happy you're alive," she sniffed as she hugged him tighter. "And no, I'm completely sober… I just… I just had a very awakening experience earlier and it made me realize how much you two really mean to me."

Both Fin and Elliot's face softened as Olivia released Fin and turned to Munch and gave him an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry for hitting you, Munch, and for pushing you. You were just doing your job and I got angry."

"How come they got hugs and these big sad sentiments and all I get is 'I'm sorry I hit you'?"

"Because you didn't die and I hit you… isn't it obvious?"

The three men looked at one another in sheer bewilderment before they turned back to Olivia. Elliot cleared his throat and stood up. "I was just about to call you actually. Calvin's grandparents-."

"As long as he is away from Vivian I'm happy," she interrupted with a truthful smile. "I may miss him more than anything, but as long as Vivian never comes near him again and they treat him like he deserves to be treated and he never forgets me, I'll be happy for him."

Elliot opened his mouth in confusion before he shut it again. Just hours ago she was calling up every lawyer she knew trying to find some kind of loophole so that she could get him back, cursing out Vivian as well as the pair of grandparents he had never even met.

"Well… um, anyway, his grandparents called, they said that if you wouldn't mind they'd like to talk to you if you wouldn't mind. I wrote down the number if you wanted to call them," he finished as he picked up a sticky note with a cell phone on the table.

Olivia nodded and beamed at him for a moment before she hugged him tightly for a moment once more. She took the piece of paper from his hand and left the precinct, all three men staring strangely after her.

Six hours later Olivia pulled into the drive way of what she thought a home that would be featured on 'Country Living' would look like.

There were acres of land covered by a thick pile of white snow but the early morning light did little to brighten the powder on the ground. There were no other homes anywhere near them, and a large barn stood behind the house next to a field of what looked like wheat, and she could smell the hay and hear the faint calls of the various animals locked in the barn for the duration of the long winter.

Olivia took a deep breath as she walked up the long drive onto the wooden steps, her shoes crunching on the gavel and white snow.

She hadn't stopped smiling since she had gotten the call from Calvin's grandmother, Emily, asking her if she would be able to meet. Olivia agreed at once, saying she had the next day off and would drive over right then and Emily had promised Olivia that both she and she husband Henry would already be awake by the time they got there.

She knocked on the door several times and heard a small commotion come from inside before she saw an older woman in her seventies come to the window.

Her hair was a light gray and cut short and she had on a long floral night gown with a white robe over her dressing gown but even with her attire as well as the hair and the wrinkled, care worn face, she didn't look frail and hunched over. She seemed to walk with a certain swagger that someone who knew what a real hard day's work consisted of and her eyes looked sharp and alert.

She smiled at Olivia through the screen door and unlocked it and opened it for the detective.

"Are you Olivia Benson?"

Olivia had to struggle not to flinch at the harsh sharp voice this woman possessed even though she said it with a smile.

Olivia nodded. "Yes, mam."

"Call me Emily. Won't you come in?"

Olivia nodded and walked into the house and she looked around at the simple wooden house with various metal antique farming instruments on the wall. There were several black and white pictures on the wall as well along with a few colored pictures that looked like they were taken in the seventies and one recent picture of a newborn baby with familiar hazel eyes.

The scent of a home cooked breakfast still lingered and Olivia saw the clean dishes as well as two bright blue plates drying on the rack next to the sink, but another plate full of bacon, scrambled eggs, and French toast with syrup looked untouched next to the sink.

Emily led her into the dining room where a sturdy muscular man in his seventies sat in one of the clearly homemade wooden chairs, wearing brown winter boots, a bristly fur hat, an old worn car hart jacket, and a pair of dusty stained jeans with a black leather belt holding them up.

He too looked like he had never once stopped to take a break from working and he was clearly itching to tend to his farm instead of sit in here talking to this strange woman and his wife.

Olivia swallowed hard and sat down in one of the chairs and was surprised at how comfortable the plain wooden chair actually was.

"Can we hurry this up, Em?" Henry muttered as Emily sat down beside Olivia. "Clarice is due to give birth any hour now…"

Emily nodded before she turned to Olivia and took a deep breath. "Miss. Benson… we love Calvin."

Olivia nodded. "I know. And Emily, as long as you keep him away from Vivian, I'm glad you have him."

"I mean ever since David told us that Vivian was pregnant with him we were beyond ecstatic to be grandparents. Even when Vivian told David he couldn't see him or us, we still loved Calvin more than anything."

Olivia simply nodded, wondering what on earth they had to have a meeting with her to tell her this. But even that thought didn't push the growing smile away. They loved Calvin, they would treat him the way he deserved to be treated, and he wouldn't have to suffer at Vivian's hands anymore…

"That's great, Emily. I just really want a good home for him with people who love him taking care of him," Olivia told her with a kind smile.

"We do love him... more than anything. And knowing that our own son murdered that poor woman is just," tears appeared in the old woman's eyes but she hastily wiped them away. "Anyway… we wanted David to be his father and give us the experience to be his grandparents, not his parents. We raised a son already and we're too old and too busy with the farm to do it again."

Olivia looked positively baffled at her words. "Are… are you saying you don't want custody of Calvin?"

Emily nodded. "We love him, but we can't do this again. We want to be his grandparents, not raise him. But we know that Vivian would destroy his life if we didn't say we'd take him and give us custody of him and would send him to one of horrid orphanages or foster family and we'd never get to see him at all."

"So what do you want me to do?" Olivia asked as she looked between Emily and the so far silent Henry.

Emily began ringing her hands together nervously. "We were wondering if you could… well… please don't think less of us."

"We were wondering if you could take him back," Henry told her with an air of annoyance and impatience.

"But… but we still want to be a part of his life," Emily told her swiftly, "we want to see him during vacations and holidays and we just want to be a part of our grandson's life as grandparents."

Olivia could hardly believe her ears. They were giving Calvin back to her…

"You're… you're giving him back to me?" she whispered softly, making sure that was the true intentions of the elderly couple.

"If you want him that is," said Emily hastily. "If not, I'm sure we could make-."

But Olivia didn't let her finish her words. She let out a joyful cry and nodded, not even trying to hide the joyful tears that fell down her face. "Yes! Yes, I'd love to take him back!"

"Good," Henry muttered. "Now if you excuse me I got a cow about to give birth."

"You ain't gonna say good bye to him?" Emily asked as Henry stood up from the table.

"I was asleep with he got here and he didn't come out of his room to eat. I didn't even meet him yet. Plus we're gonna see him in three weeks for Christmas anyway… you do celebrate Christmas right?"

Olivia nodded enthusiastically. Henry gave her am encouraging curt nod. "Well it was nice meeting you, Miss. Benson. I'm not all that keen about Calvin growing up in New York City seeing how well it turned out for my son but the way he was acting when he got here makes it seem he really missed you so good luck with him, Miss. Benson."

"Thank you," Olivia said with a kind smile.

He didn't return it and instead left the room and Olivia heard the screen door open and shut with a loud squeak.

"Well I'm not sure if he's awake or not anymore but we woke him up about two hours ago for breakfast."

Olivia stood up along with Emily and followed her out of the dining room and into the living room before they descended up a flight of wooden steps that creaked with every step.

They got to the top where they walked down the hall way until they reached the second door on the right that was firmly shut.

Emily tapped gently on the door and leaned near it. "Calvin, could you come out here please?"

"Leave me alone," they heard Calvin mutter. "I said I wasn't hungry."

"There's someone here who really wants to see you. Please come on out, Calvin."

Olivia heard a squeak of bed springs and a shuffling of feet across wooden floorboards before the door opened.

The moment he saw Olivia his face broke out into a large beam of a smile.

"Olivia!" he cried loudly as he hugged her tightly around the waist.

Olivia let out a cheerful sob as she hugged him back, resting her head on his. "I missed you so much," she whispered softly, the pain that came from his earlier words and actions completely gone as if Rob had never showed him to her.

They held onto one another for several more moments before Calvin pulled away from her. "Are you taking me home?"

"Yes she is," Emily told him before Olivia could open her mouth. "But, Calvin, please don't think we wanted to take you away from her. We just got a call from a social worker telling us about the situation. We know you didn't want to leave her but we'd still like to be a part of your life as your grandparents… if you'd let us."

Calvin smiled and nodded. "Yeah. Just… I just want to live with Olivia."

"You will, honey," Olivia promised. "Everything is gonna be okay."

Emily smiled at the sight in front of the. "So you two maybe want some breakfast before you head on back to New York?

"Yes, please," said Olivia with a nod.

"Calvin, do you want some breakfast or are you still not hungry?"

Calvin looked thoughtful for a moment before he spoke. "I'm kind of hungry, if you don't mind."

"Not at all," Emily said with a chuckle. "Just let me get the burners going again…"

With a smile towards the two of them Emily left them and descended back down the stairs leaving the two alone.

Olivia looked down at Calvin and stroked his soft brown hair as he looked up at her. "I love you, Calvin," she told him softly.

He smiled up at her. "I love you too, Olivia."

Olivia beamed as she hugged him tightly and he did the same to her.

After they released the embrace and Olivia wrapped her arm around his shoulders and turned towards him. "What do you say we go get some breakfast?"

Calvin nodded and the two walked away from the bedroom down the steps and back into the living room where they saw Emily bending down under a medium sized Christmas tree with a watering can.

"Emily, let me do that for you," Olivia offered but by the time the younger detective got over to the tree Emily had put the can down and stood up, gently jostling the tree making several of the bells on it ring.

Calvin chuckled and Olivia turned towards him with her brow raised in confusion. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Just something stupid my teacher said when I was younger."

"What was it?"

"She said, and you can't laugh, she said that every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings."

Olivia couldn't help but grin at his words and nodded. "That's right, Calvin. That's right."

She turned back to the tree and smiled as the tiny silver bells continued to ring from the simple motion. "Atta boy, Rob."

The End

A/N Well there you have it. A little past due but hopefully you liked it anyway. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and I hope you have a very happy New Years.